Thursday Jun 11, 2009

OpenSSO enables 30,000 new Google Apps business users at Valeo

Among the OpenSSO-related news items that popped up while I had my head down over the past few weeks, I noticed the Google Blog entry and Valeo press release concerning the global industrial group's Google Apps deployment - 30,000 Valeo employees now have access to a new communication and collaborative working platform based on Google Apps Premier Edition and supported by Capgemini, one of the largest enterprise deployments of Google Apps to date.

It's not mentioned in either story, but, if you a regular reader of Superpatterns, you'll already know that Capgemini deployed OpenSSO at Valeo to handle single sign-on, allowing Valeo employees to access their email at Google via their Valeo credentials, without having to manage a separate Google username/password.

If you're looking at Google Apps, click here to download the 'starter kit' we recently produced, which explains exactly how to set up single sign-on to Google Apps using OpenSSO.

Wednesday Apr 29, 2009

Federating to Google Apps with OpenSSO - Open Source Starter Kit

It's been possible to configure OpenSSO for single sign-on (SSO) to Google Apps ever since Google implemented the SAML 2.0 protocol for federated SSO back in 2006. Last year, I covered Wajih Ahmed and Marina Sum's article on implementing SSO between OpenSSO and Google Apps, which described precisely how to quickly get it up and running. The process took about 10 or 15 minutes, but involved editing an XML configuration file, which does introduce some, uh, opportunity for user error.

So, we looked at how we could streamline the process, making it as foolproof as possible, and, in OpenSSO Express Build 7, built a task flow specifically for federating with Google Apps. The new task flow is described in one of the first open source starter kits for Sun's identity products - Federating to Google Apps with OpenSSO (the other starter kit covers setting up OpenDS as a Naming Service for OpenSolaris). We now have the process down to less than four minutes, and it's so easy, even a smoking monkey can do it

Thursday Feb 12, 2009

OpenSSO Deployments Around Europe

News from Europe of some interesting OpenSSO deployments... First, in France, Capgemini has been working with Valeo, a major manufacturer of automotive components, to replace a Lotus collaborative platform with Google Apps (plus a set of custom web applications) for over 30,000 employees. If you've been keeping up with Superpatterns, you'll have guessed what they're using to provide Valeo employees with single sign-on across the whole set of web apps... Yep, OpenSSO. This French story gives some more detail [PDF].

A couple of stories came out of Norway last year on their government-to-citizen and government-to-business systems, MinID (My ID) and Altinn respectively. In April, the Norwegian Ministry of Government Administration and Reform published 'Clearing the PIN Code Chaos on Public Web Sites', describing how citizens had to manage a large number of usernames, passwords and PIN's to access Norway's various government department websites. Then in July, Accenture won the contract to implement the next generation of Altinn. The 'eID-interoperability hub' and 'advanced security solution' mentioned in the articles? You guessed it... OpenSSO.

OpenSSO - powering single sign-on and federation all around the world...

Friday Dec 12, 2008

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Wednesday Nov 12, 2008

Federated Single Sign-On for Google Apps in OpenSSO

Hot on the heels of the OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 release comes Wajih Ahmed and Marina Sum's article on configuring Federated Single Sign-On for Google Apps in OpenSSO. With just a few minutes of work, you can be authenticating users in OpenSSO and giving them access to their accounts in Google Apps, including Google Mail, Google Documents and Google Calendar. Take a look at the demo we recorded with Michael Coté a few weeks ago to see the end result.

While this integration has been possible ever since we introduced SAML 2.0 support in Access Manager, it used to require a small amount of custom code to copy the user id into the SAML 2.0 NameID element. With OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0, it's now a simple matter of configuration in the administration console.

To illustrate the article, Wajih has captured the configuration process on video - settle back and enjoy the show.

Thursday Oct 16, 2008

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Tuesday May 27, 2008

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Friday Mar 07, 2008

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Tuesday Jul 31, 2007

Open Source builds communities, not software

James Governor of Redmonk (I might jeopardize our ranking in the next magic quadrant if I say that he's the best software analyst on the planet. D'oh!) reckons that Open Source Software is Social Media. I agree wholeheartedly - this is exactly what we're experiencing in OpenSSO. We would be building the next version of Sun Java System Access Manager (sorry - I have to appease the branding gods, and that string gets this blog entry listed on the Access Manager blogs page) regardless. OpenSSO is building a community (btw - we're up to 432 members now) around the product. Random folks get to use it for cool stuff, we can make that cool stuff available for others, system integrators get to see inside the product and do a better job for our mutual customers, and we get feedback from the community at the earliest possible opportunity - from the design docs or code itself. Not to mention contributions from the wider community - the building software bit. It's a win all round. Except for our competitors. Shame, that.

I'll leave it to James and the other analysts to figure out where Open Source makes sense and where it doesn't, but, I have to say, it's working for us!

UPDATE - bonus customer quote from a Software Engineer at Google: "I like the fact that I can look at your source and give it to my security guys and get the blessing. That's the main reason I'm looking at Sun's stuff and not some closed source vendor"




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