Friday Dec 12, 2008

OpenSSO Tab Sweep - Dec 12 2008

It's been a while since the last tab sweep - lots of news since then, such as the OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 release, that's kept me busy both here on the blog and 'in real life' (if there is such a thing any more!). Anyway, here are some of the titbits I've been saving for a tab sweep blog post:

Well - that wraps things up for this week. Don't forget to vote for OpenSSO in the SOA World Readers' Choice Awards!!!

Sunday Nov 09, 2008

GlassFish v3 Prelude - Out Now!

So, GlassFish V3 Prelude was announced last week, just as I was wrapping up my week in Tokyo (Liberty Alliance plenary meeting and Liberty Alliance Day 2008 - more on the latter in another blog entry), so I missed the blog fest. Oh well. Here's my contribution anyway...

You'll know by now that GlassFish v3 features a modular architecture based on OSGi, Rails/Grails support, RESTful web services and much, much more. Well, here in OpenSSO-land we particularly like v3's embeddability and the fact that, as far as we've observed, OpenSSO 'just works' with no changes for v3. GlassFish v3 isn't yet on the supported platform list for OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0, but we'll be adding it in the near future.

Monday Oct 27, 2008

Script to Reset Fedlet Demo

If you find yourself demonstrating the Fedlet (and, let's face it, who doesn't?), you should find this script useful. Assuming you've deployed OpenSSO to Glassfish via the autodeploy directory and created and deployed the Fedlet, it undeploys both, restarts Glassfish (not that you should really need to, but it's good to start from a safe, known base) and removes the OpenSSO and Fedlet configuration directories. Now you'll be ready to go round the loop again, without any JavaOne 2008-style hiccups

Anyone working with OpenSSO and/or Glassfish might find some aspects of the script useful; particularly the way it waits until the apps are undeployed before restarting Glassfish. Autodeploy is one of my favorite Glassfish features. Here's the output from the script:

pat-pattersons-computer:~ pat$ ./
Undeploying the fedlet..Done
Undeploying OpenSSO........Done
Domain domain1 stopped.
Removing Fedlet config directory
Removing OpenSSO config directory
Starting Domain domain1, please wait.
Log redirected to /Applications/NetBeans/glassfish-v2ur2/domains/domain1/logs/server.log.
Redirecting output to /Applications/NetBeans/glassfish-v2ur2/domains/domain1/logs/server.log
Domain domain1 is ready to receive client requests. Additional services are being started in background. 
Domain [domain1] is running [Sun Java System Application Server 9.1_02 (build b04-fcs)] with its configuration and logs at: [/Applications/NetBeans/glassfish-v2ur2/domains].
Admin Console is available at [http://localhost:4848].
Use the same port [4848] for "asadmin" commands.
User web applications are available at these URLs:
[http://localhost:8080 https://localhost:8181 ].
Following web-contexts are available:
[/web1  /__wstx-services ].
Standard JMX Clients (like JConsole) can connect to JMXServiceURL:
[service:jmx:rmi:///jndi/rmi://pat-pattersons-computer.local:8686/jmxrmi] for domain management purposes.
Domain listens on at least following ports for connections:
[8080 8181 4848 3700 3820 3920 8686 ].
Domain does not support application server clusters and other standalone instances.

Wednesday Oct 01, 2008

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Tuesday Apr 01, 2008

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Monday Sep 17, 2007

Glassfish v2 / Sun Java System Application Server 9.1 - it's here!

As you've almost certainly already noticed, Glassfish turned v2 today, with commercial support available from Sun in the form of Sun Java System Application Server 9.1. New features target the enterprise, with clustering support, improved performance and, arguably most interesting, web services support from Metro. We're building OpenSSO's WS-Trust security token service (STS) on Metro.

OpenSSO and Sun Java System Access Manager have supported GFv2 and AS 9.1 for some time now both as a deployment container (recall, OpenSSO/Access Manager is a standard J2EE web application) and via a Java EE policy agent - available here in source form and here as a supported policy agent for Access Manager. It's also worth pointing out that Access Manager ships with the NetBeans Enterprise Pack - NetBeans, Glassfish, Access Manager and much, much more in one hit. Heady stuff!

Saturday Mar 24, 2007

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Monday Nov 13, 2006

Open All The Way Up

It's just one of those days - the bloggable thoughts are coming thick and fast...

For some time now, Sun has been unusual in providing the entire stack of hardware and software, from the metal right on up to the product on which I work, Sun Java System Access Manager:

Web SSO Sun Java System Access Manager
Web Container Sun Java System Application Server
Computing Platform Java
Operating System Solaris
Processor Architecture UltraSPARC

Well, now there is an open analogue to every one of those layers:

Web Container GlassFish
Computing Platform Java (now open sourced!)
Operating System OpenSolaris
Processor Architecture OpenSPARC

Open all the way up the stack - now that is cool!




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