Saturday Jun 27, 2009

Paparazzo Pic of Presidente Lula

Presidente Lula visited FISL yesterday and received a rockstar reception. This is a crop of a picture I got by holding my camera in the air and snapping away:

Ludo got a much better one, but he cheated by standing on a chair

Friday Jun 26, 2009

Slides from Javali and FISL 2009

As I blogged the other day, I'm in Brazil this week, speaking at the Javali and FISL conferences in Porto Alegre. I'm all done with my sessions now, and, as promised, here are the slides:

The Javali presentation is a fairly deep dive into OpenSSO's brand new OAuth implementation, while the FISL slides are a higher level overview of identity services in OpenSSO. Grab one or both and mix yourself a caipirinha for the full Brazilian experience

Thursday Jun 18, 2009 - Javali and FISL 10.0 next week

I just got confirmation that I'm on the bill at the Javali event next Tuesday, June 23, in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Javali, organized by SouJava and RSJUG, focuses on Java and free software, and is held immediately prior to FISL (on which more below). I'll be doing quite a deep dive on the secure RESTful web services (via OAuth) work we have going on right now, which was first seen in public a few weeks ago at CommunityOne West and JavaOne. Javali will be at the Porto Alegre Serpro offices, Av. Augusto de Carvalho, 1133, from 09:00 to 20:00. I'm on at 18:30 in the Bill Joy Room, just before the pizza, assuming I make my 1 hour layover in Buenos Aires!

As I mentioned above, Javali precedes FISL, now in its 10th year, South America's biggest open source conference with, according to the FISL home page, over 6000 attendees registered. I spoke at FISL 9.0 last April, and, I have to say, had a GREAT time. I saw an incredible display of energy and enthusiasm for all things open source, from kernel hacking to Ruby on Rails via every application of Java, although I think our evening expeditions in search of churrasco and caipirinhas probably also contributed to my positive recollections

My session this year, 'Open Source Identity Services with OpenSSO', on Friday June 26 at 09:00 in room 40T, looks at the three different approaches we take to identity services in OpenSSO - insulating applications from identity via container plugins, support for standards such as SAML, and lightweight SOAP and REST for interacting directly with OpenSSO. I'll be covering the secure RESTful web services demo again, but it will be a much higher level view than the Javali presentation.

So - probably not enough notice for anyone to book a trip to Brazil, but, if you're going to be there anyway, drop in one one or both sessions and say "Hi"! And bring the cachaça!

UPDATE - slides posted.

Monday Apr 28, 2008

OpenSSO @ FISL 9.0

Nice pic of me kicking off my OpenSSO preso at FISL - thanks, boaglio!

Monday Apr 21, 2008

FISL 9.0 Pictures from Ken D

Fellow blogger and Glassfish marketeer Ken Drachnik took this appealing (appalling?) photo of me doing a Steve Ballmer impression at a post-FISL dinner... More FISL photos from Ken.

Saturday Apr 19, 2008

Slides from OpenSSO Presentation at FISL 9.0 - April 19 2008

As promised, here are the slides to my presentation this evening at FISL 9.0. I've had a great time here in Brazil - wonderful people, fabulous food and kicking cachaça. I'll definitely be back sometime in the future.

Friday Apr 18, 2008

Sala Radia Perlman

Had to get a shot of this - Radia was my SEED mentor a little while ago - now she's been commemorated in the naming of the press room here at FISL. Kind of appropriate for a pioneer in communications

OLPC Brasil

Wandering around FISL, I keep seeing gaggles of schoolkids with XO Laptops. Then I stumbled on the LEC booth:

Some very satisfied customers there!

Wednesday Apr 16, 2008

Spring/Summer 2008 Event Calendar

A packed schedule over the next few months - I'll be spreading the OpenSSO gospel on three continents:

April 19 (this coming Saturday!) Porto Alegre, Brazil Open Source Identity Integration with OpenSSO
May 5 San Francisco, CA OpenSSO Workshop: Creating Federated Relationships with Software as a Service, Social Networking, and Web 2.0 Applications.
I'll also be attending JavaOne 2008, May 6-9 at the same location.
IIW2008a May 12-14 Mountain View, CA I'll probably do a session on the Fedlet.
June 25 Zurich, Switzerland Who's On The Other End of the Wire? Identity-Enabling Java Web Applications with OpenSSO
July 4 Mont-de-Marsan, France Open Source Identity Integration with OpenSSO

I'll also be at the Liberty Alliance plenary meeting in Stockholm, Sweden from July 8-10. Then I'll be taking a much-needed vacation!




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