Thursday Aug 13, 2009

A Dedication to Don Bowen at LIVESTRONG Action

Reformatted from the 'tell-a-friend' email provided by the LIVESTRONG website:

I just joined Don Bowen's dedication page at LIVESTRONG Action. Don Bowen inspired someone close to me to commit to end cancer, and now I've joined with them.

This page is a part of the world's largest dedication book that LIVESTRONG Action will use to pressure world leaders to do more to fight cancer. If we can collect enough names in the book, it will have a real impact when Lance Armstrong delivers it - but we need more signatures.

Can you take a moment to add your name to the dedication page?

Lance Armstrong recently dedicated his ride in the Tour de France to the fight against cancer. Now that the race is over, he'll send this dedication book - with your signature - to world leaders and pressure them to make cancer a priority in their own countries. It's our best chance to push for better treatment, more funding for cancer research and access to care for everyone around the world.

But if people like us don't stand up, these leaders won't pay attention.

Will you check out the dedication page? Don Bowen inspired me to take action - hopefully they'll inspire you to do the same:

Great idea, Melanie!!!

Tuesday Jul 14, 2009

Coming Up - Burton Catalyst Conference 2009 - and Don Bowen - in San Diego!

There's DIDW, IIW and even the SSO Summit, but, for me, the premier identity conference of the year is still Burton Catalyst. I've been going since (if I remember correctly) Burton Catalyst Europe, 2002, in Munich, and it's always a great industry gathering, with thought provoking sessions and fun hospitality suites (so much better than an expo floor!).

This year, from July 27th-31st, Catalyst returns to San Diego, at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront Hotel, and Sun's identity team, as usual, is hosting it's very own hospitality suite, on the evening of Wednesday July 29th. The theme for 2009 is Hip Hop - East Coast vs West Coast.

We'll have a break-dancing crew, 'signature East Coast/West Coast munchies', a whole bunch of demos, one-to-ones with Sun's identity domain experts (and me), and much, much more. It promises to be a VERY fun night. If you haven't yet registered for Catalyst, here's some good news, Burton are offering discounts on registration for 'Sun friends' - register at the Burton site with super-secret priority code sunFriend and we'll see you on the night!

Switching gears slightly, it was at my very first Catalyst, at Munich, back in 2002, that I first met Don Bowen, then (again, if my memory serves me) technical product manager for Sun Directory Server. We worked together in product management for a couple of years, and remained very close friends when I returned to engineering in early 2005.

If you know Don at all, you'll be aware that he's been fighting brain cancer since late 2007. In characteristic Don style, he's not taking it lying down, but battling away in great spirit, documenting the journey in regular blog entries. It's inspiring stuff, and puts most people's day to day travails into pretty sharp perspective. Anyway, the good news... make that GREAT news, is that Don will be at Catalyst this year, and a few of us have organized a post-hospitality suite get together to share a few beers and (if past experience is anything to go by) a lot of laughs with Don. It's on Wednesday July 29th, the same night as the Sun hospitality suite, at Henry's Pub, 614 5th Ave (between G St and Market St), about 15 minutes walk north of the Hilton. Full details are at the Meetup page we created for the event. Please RSVP if you're planning on joining us!

UPDATE Eve also covers the Project Concordia workshop being held on the Monday: Use Cases Driving Identity in Enterprise 2.0: The Consumerization of IT and the Cloud SSO Interop Demo, in which Sun is participating with OpenSSO. Two more reasons to be in San Diego the last week of July!

UPDATE 2 Get into the Sun hospitality suite FREE!

Friday Jun 22, 2007

Web 2.0 Meets Directory

Friday lunchtime is my slot for catching up with podcasts. Today I listened to Trey, Don and Brandon discussing the OpenDS project and its Atom/LDAP offshoot - 'Web 2.0 Meets Directory'. Good stuff and quite funny as they rib Trey a little over James Governor's assessment of the Atom/LDAP mashup as "the coolest work at Sun Microsystems right now". Of course, I would submit that OpenDS and Atom/LDAP are actually just a little way off being the coolest project at Sun. But then, I would, wouldn't I?

Monday May 07, 2007

Identity and Web Services: A Marriage Made in Heaven?

Don Bowen, Wizard of IdM

Although I don't have a technical session this year, I will be up at JavaOne tomorrow, presenting "Identity and Web Services: A Marriage Made in Heaven?" with my good friend, the Wizard of IdM, Don Bowen, at 1:05pm in the Pavilion Theater. We'll spend about 20 minutes exploring the different ways that identity and web services impact each other. If you've heard Don on the Sun IdM podcasts, you know this'll be fun

UPDATE - here are the slides [PDF].

Friday Mar 23, 2007

New Podcast Posted - OpenSSO: Bridging the Gap

Catching up on the blogging - it's amazing how time flies by when you're doing 'real work'!

Last Friday, Brandon Whichard, Don Bowen and I recorded a podcast in Sun's Identity Management Buzz series. There was no agenda - Brandon, Don and I just chatted about what's new, including OpenSSO, its Extensions sub-project and OpenID. As the podcast was recorded on St Patrick's Eve, we even get to the subject of leprechauns and their gold...

Listen Now [MP3] or Subscribe via iTunes

Thursday Jul 21, 2005

Don Bowen - Directory Fan(atic), Human Rolodex, Change Agent

We have a hallway poster campaign at Sun, highlighting Sun employees for their unique contributions to the company. The latest set of posters include one featuring Wizard of IdM, Don Bowen:

As you can see, there have been some, ah, customizations, to the poster on the right.
Here is Don's quote from the poster:
Three things motivate me at Sun: the people I work with, the technology and opportunity in the Identity Management market, and the customers our products really do help. In my 26 year career, this is by far the best and most fun group of people I've ever worked with. One of the most exciting areas in all of technology today is Identity Management. It's like living in Hawaii - someone's got to do it. What makes it all meaningful is that what I do really matters. Our customers derive real business value because of what I do at Sun.
Way to go Don!!!

Tuesday Apr 19, 2005

Welcome, Wizard of IdM

I've written here before about my good friend Don Bowen, product line manager for Sun Java System Directory Server. Well, Don is joining us in the blogosphere with Wizard of IdM, which promises to be required reading for anyone working in identity management.
Welcome, Don!

Wednesday Mar 23, 2005

Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition - Net Talk

Remember I was blogging about the great people you get to work with here at Sun? Well, one of the best is Don Bowen, Product Line Manager for Directory Server. I first met Don in Munich at the Burton Catalyst Conference in 2002 - gosh, was it really only 2½ years ago? Don knows everybody in the industry - he was working in identity management before it was even called identity management. If you're on LinkedIn, his profile is here. If you're not on LinkedIn, and you work in tech, sign up, RIGHT NOW! It's the single most efficient mode of networking I know, and a great way to get back in touch with people you used to work with.
Anyway - back to the point. Don has recorded a 'Take 10' - a < 10 minute presentation on Directory Server Enterprise Edition ('DSEE'), explaining why we now talk about the directory service rather than a directory server and the huge functionality included as standard in DSEE. There is also a white paper explaining in more detail just what we mean by a 'directory service'.
Go take a look, and feel free to leave a comment here with feedback - I'll make sure it gets to Don.



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