Thursday Sep 06, 2007

Announcing Planet OpenSSO

If you've been paying attention really closely, you might have noticed Tatsuo's entry concerning Planet OpenSSO. This is a new blog aggregation, running on Sun's new Roller Planet infrastructure, collecting together the OpenSSO-related posts from (currently) 10 Sun engineers. I'll add feeds as and when I notice them - please do leave a comment here if there is one that you'd like to see included. Note that, to keep things on-topic, I'm using Roller's tagging feature to filter only entries with the 'opensso' tag, so the signal-to-noise ratio should stay pretty high. Go check it out.

Friday Mar 09, 2007

Welcome, Mrudul!

A big shout down the corridor to Mrudul Uchil, lead engineer on Web services security and Java EE SDK/NetBeans Enterprise Pack integration in the Access Manager team. Mrudul just started blogging - anyone working with the new Web services security features in Access Manager 7.1 or looking forward to this technology appearing in OpenSSO needs to subscribe to Mrudul's blog.

Thursday Mar 01, 2007


"Another OpenSSO/Access Manager/Federation Manager Blogger"

Added Warren Strange, Senior IT Architect up in Calgary, Alberta, to the list. Warren has just written a fascinating entry on integrating OpenSSO with JBoss SEAM. Well worth a read, particularly if you are working with SEAM and wondering about authentication.

Welcome, Warren!

Monday Nov 13, 2006


"Yet another OpenSSO/Access Manager/Federation Manager Blogger"

Added David Goldsmith, training maestro, to the list. Welcome, David!

Saturday Oct 28, 2006

Welcome, Shesh!

Yet another star in the OpenSSO blogging firmament - Shesh Kondi is an Enterprise Architect in Sun's Software Practice, the product specialist for Access Manager and Federation Manager - a vital part of the extended AM/FM team.

Welcome, Shesh - I'm looking forward to reading more!

Friday Oct 20, 2006

Sun OpenSSO/AM Bloggers

I posted an entry yesterday listing the 5 (so far!) bloggers from Access Manager engineering. I realized that there are a load more folks in Sun, but outside AM engineering, blogging about AM and OpenSSO. Here is a list that I will update as and when. There is a fuzzy boundary here - if you are in the list and you don't think you should be, then let me know. Similarly, if someone is not in the list and they should be, then let me know. Comments or email are fine. I'm including folks' functional area so that readers have some idea of what to expect from the different blogs - for instance - the field folk tend to have a wider focus than AM engineering :-)

UPDATE - all of the below blogs are aggregated at Planet OpenSSO.


Product Management



CTO Office

'The Field'

Thursday Oct 19, 2006

Welcome Indira - Another Access Manager/OpenSSO Blogger

Indira Thangasamy has been blogging about Access Manager and OpenSSO for a few weeks now. Indira has some great tips on configuring and deploying AM and OpenSSO - essential reading if this is your thing.

This brings the current count of bloggers in the AM/OpenSSO engineering team to 5:

If you're working with AM and/or OpenSSO, you'll want to subscribe to all of these!

Thursday Sep 07, 2006

OpenSSO - the Brazilians are here!

Wow - I just received an email from Rodrigo Urubatan on the mailing list:

I have just wrote an step by step start up for OpenSSO in Portuguese. The link is here Do not know if I`ll use it yet, but I have loved this piece of software :D
I'm blown away - we already have a truly global OpenSSO community. I guess this is what James Gosling refers to as 'the Brazilian effect'. (Actually, Google tells me that Jonathan coined that phrase in this blog posting, but you get the jist.)

Welcome, Dennis!

Another day goes by, another Sun engineer joins the blogosphere. Actually, Dennis Seah has been quietly blogging away for a couple of weeks now. Dennis is a leading light on the OpenSSO project - definitely worth subscribing if you're interested in keeping up with our work there.

Thursday Aug 24, 2006

Welcome, Aravindan and Rajeev

If you've been watching carefully over the past few days, you'll have noticed new blogs popping up from Aravindan Ranganathan and Rajeev Angal. Aravindan and Rajeev are fellow architects on the Access Manager/Federation Manager team - you might have read this interview that Rajeev did for Sun's Inner Circle newsletter a little while ago.

Definitely blogs to watch if you are interested in Access Manager, Federation Manager and OpenSSO. I'm happy to admit that Aravindan and Rajeev know the inner workings of that code much better than I do!

Welcome, Aravindan and Rajeev!

Tuesday Apr 19, 2005

Welcome, Wizard of IdM

I've written here before about my good friend Don Bowen, product line manager for Sun Java System Directory Server. Well, Don is joining us in the blogosphere with Wizard of IdM, which promises to be required reading for anyone working in identity management.
Welcome, Don!



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