Tuesday Feb 23, 2010

OpenSolaris 2010.03 Community Translations - Top Contributors & Awards

Recently, we finished with translation activities for the incoming release of OpenSolaris (OS2010.03). The translation was done via Community Translation Tools - CTI and new OpenCTI. I am pleased to announce top contributors and the most active l10n groups for this release. The list is available at the i18n/l10n Top Contrib page. Congrats to all who helped with this work.

As an appreciation, we created several presents for community. The design of the gifts was created by our group - so this is about non-professional but! original design. I hope you will like it.

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Thursday Apr 30, 2009

Start with OpenSolaris Translation in a Minute!

Have you thought about translation of OpenSolaris project? So you are at the right pages. And moreover: a translation process has never been easier than now.


There are a lot of ways how to translate any piece of code or online help for OpenSolaris. However I recommend to use CTI tool (Community Translation Interface) developed by G11n Engineering team in Prague. With this tool, the translation process is very easy and fast. In addition to that you can focus only to the content you are going to translate and you do not have to deal with different file formats, different message workspaces and different rules required for integration to a product.[Read More]

Wednesday Apr 29, 2009

Top Contributors for OpenSolaris 2009.06 SW Translation

OpenSolaris 2009.06 is coming soon. Therefore we took the translated content for projects contributed by the community and integrated it to OpenSolaris. At the same time I was able to obtain some interesting data about translations I would like to share with you.

Data was obtained for contributions done via CTI tool - the tool that is preferred for translation of SW messages and Online help. Check the list of top contributors now!

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Monday Jun 30, 2008

Community Translation Interface Pilot Unleashed

Sun's EMEA Globalization Centre unleashed an experimental project aiming to provide the OpenSolaris community with an ultimate translation solution. The Community Translation Interface (CTI) is a simple web application with a translation editor connected to the internal globalization management system powered by Idiom WorldServer.

Petr Tomasek and Robert Malovec speaking at OSDevCon 2008. Photo courtesy of Jim Grisanzio.

Petr Tomášek and Róbert Malovec speaking at OSDevCon 2008

Petr Tomášek, Róbert Malovec and Aleš Černošek presented the proposed translation model on Friday, June 27, 2008 in Prague's Hotel Masarykova kolej, which hosted the OpenSolaris Developer Conference 2008 (OSDevCon). The presentation slides are now available at the OSDevCon website and a video recording of all presentations will be available soon, according to the conference facilitators.

Even though the CTI web is already available on-line, it is still under construction and not considered stable. The presenters also demonstrated an immediate translation of a command-line application, which was then integrated into OpenSolaris via the IPS package manager. Such a successful proof of concept raised many questions regarding the future of CTI, its availability and acceptance by the community.

Bookmark this page (or the news feed) and stay tuned for more news related to the translation of OpenSolaris.

See also the blog of Jim Grisanzio or his Flickr photostream for OSDevCon 2008 Pictures.

Update: more pictures from OSDevCon 2008 to be found on Wolfgang Stief's photostream

Update #2: the CTI has now its own blog at http://blogs.sun.com/cti.

Thursday May 15, 2008

Translating your Roller blog (2)

This is a continuation of my previous entry about roller blogs and their internationalization - Translating your Roller blog. I'll go into more detail about the select box code for switching languages and the associated javascript.language select box (1)

The select box I've shown in my last article displays the text "Select language:" by default. We may prefer it to display the currently selected language.

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Friday May 02, 2008

Translating your Roller blog

Recently I was dealing with a solution for translating one of the blogs on blogs.sun.com. This article covers some of the ways to enable multiple languages on roller blogs and can be used as a guide for setting up a translated blog. The solution we're aiming for will be similar to Jonathan's blog.

Blogs at blogs.sun.com are powered by Apache Roller. There are multiple ways how to deal with translated content, but first we need to enable internationalization support.

Step 1. - Adjusting the blog preferences

  • log in to your roller account and select the right blog
  • navigate to Preferences
  • locate the Internationalization Settings
  • adjust the settings as shown on the following image
  •  Internationalization settings

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