Wednesday Jan 20, 2010

One Locale per Language in OpenSolaris LiveCD

One Locale per Language approach is one of the changes expected in the incoming release of OpenSolaris (OS 2010.03). This change is driven primarily by reducing the content delivered into LiveCD, so OpenSolaris can fit into CD space. Our goal was to reduce the stuff required by global users without any significant impact to such users.

There are 2 significant changes connected with this project:

  • Reducing the number of locales delivered with LiveCD
  • Reducing the number of languages for desktop (JDS)
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Wednesday Jan 13, 2010

Monaco, Urdu and Switzerland ISO8859-15 locales

In the previous blogs ([1], [2]) I wrote about our locale workspace and how to work with the workspace.

This blog is lab how to add Monaco locale, Urdu (India) locale and one Switzerland locale with ISO8859-15 encoding to OpenSolaris 2009.06.

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Monday May 25, 2009

Re-starting with Team Meetings & SCRUM

After having a short pause caused by a team reduction, we re-started our team meetings again. The major difference is that we have changed a meeting format from every week 2 hours long team meetings to a SCRUM methodology approach.

Solaris G11n EMEA Team SPRINT backlog Solaris G11n EMEA Team

There are a lot of articles about SCRUM, so I'm not going to describe this methodology in detail again. Anyone interested in such methodology can find a lot of articles and books on Internet. I also put some of my learning resources at the end of this article.

What I'm going to write here is what I expect from this change and what is a practical impact to the team.

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Saturday Feb 21, 2009

Who We Are? The Team!

Prague Solaris Global Team

Would you like to know who is behind this blog? I was asked several times about the name of our team blog - SUNWg11nprg, or in other words, what the hell SUNWg11nprg is and why it is so complicated? OK, I'd like to take this opportunity and describe who we are and why we have such name.

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Wednesday Feb 18, 2009

How the setlocale() works in OpenSolaris

Programs should respect locale specific way how to format date, time, numbers, how to sort strings, etc. People in different regions use different ways how to write such things and it is very confusing for them if you for example want write a date and write day, month and year in wrong order. Near all programs use for this functions from libc like strftime(3C), strcoll(3C), ...

The article is short overview how it works.

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Wednesday Sep 17, 2008

Polish OpenSolaris Conference

There will be another OpenSolaris conference in Szczecin, Poland. According to the announcement, this is the first Polish OS.o community conference. The conference will be held in October 24 - 25th. A program has already been posted to the official pages

Our team is willing to introduce a translation process of OpenSolaris together with an experimental version of Community Translation Interface (CTI) for OpenSolaris. CTI is available at This interface enables a translation of different SW parts of OpenSolaris (e.g. Solaris ON messages, installer, OS.o Package GUI Manager, etc) as well as documentation.

Tuesday Jul 15, 2008

Locale support in OpenSolaris 2008.05

For those who have tried OpenSolaris 2008.05, you probably see there are only UTF-8 locales available in GDM login manager. You might ask, where is C/POSIX or where are ISO locales. I want it, I need it, how can I get it?

  C,ISO and other non UTF-8 locales are still available. All non utf-8 locales are placed in SUNWlang-\*-extra packages. The reason is that in OpenSolaris UTF-8 locales are ...

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Tuesday Jul 01, 2008

My Notes from OSDEVCON2008


I and several guys from our G11n team had a chance to visit OpenSolaris Developer Conference (OSDEVCON2008). This was the 2nd year of the conference and it was held from Jun 25 - Jun 27 in Prague. The first day (Wed) was focused on Tutorials, Thu and Fri on Presentations. Video and slides will be available at program page of OSDEVCON. The G11n Prague team introduced a presentation about 'Translation of OpenSolaris' - new pilot project focusing on end-to-end process about translation of SW messages and documentation in one place.

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Thursday May 15, 2008

Translating your Roller blog (2)

This is a continuation of my previous entry about roller blogs and their internationalization - Translating your Roller blog. I'll go into more detail about the select box code for switching languages and the associated javascript.language select box (1)

The select box I've shown in my last article displays the text "Select language:" by default. We may prefer it to display the currently selected language.

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Friday May 02, 2008

Translating your Roller blog

Recently I was dealing with a solution for translating one of the blogs on This article covers some of the ways to enable multiple languages on roller blogs and can be used as a guide for setting up a translated blog. The solution we're aiming for will be similar to Jonathan's blog.

Blogs at are powered by Apache Roller. There are multiple ways how to deal with translated content, but first we need to enable internationalization support.

Step 1. - Adjusting the blog preferences

  • log in to your roller account and select the right blog
  • navigate to Preferences
  • locate the Internationalization Settings
  • adjust the settings as shown on the following image
  •  Internationalization settings

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