Monday Mar 09, 2009

Automated Installer - Example I

  • How to easy jumpstart Solaris and OpenSolaris
  • Just one DHCP server in our subnet
  • Run our post install automated tests without manual reboot (AI didn't reboot automatically after installation)
  • What if the boot from net option is set as a permanent in GRUB  
  • Possibility to install both language supports (slim and global CD)

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Saturday Mar 07, 2009

Building Caiman gate

The instructions on how to build Caiman gate and get these packages: SUNWauto-install, SUNWgui-install, SUNWinstall-libs, SUNWstosreg, SUNWbeadm, SUNWinstall, SUNWinstall-test, SUNWdistro-const, SUNWinstalladm-tools and SUNWslim-utils

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Thursday Feb 26, 2009

Merging SPARC and x86 packages

I was looking for information about how to publish just one package which will contain information for both architecture (SPARC and x86).
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Monday Jan 26, 2009

IPS repository - Part I

How to clone and start IPS repository on local disk. The access to SWAN is necessary for this How to.[Read More]

Thursday Jan 08, 2009

Usability matters

Have you ever worked with an application which was so badly designed, that you could hardly use it? Well, maybe it was not that bad, but i'm sure everyone ran into some piece of software that had chaotic menus, illegible fonts or something like that. Luckily, the internet is full of software that covers the same functions so the user has always a variety of choices. If one application does not satisfy his needs, he can most of the time easily switch to another. Clearly, usability plays a key role when choosing what software people will use. Still it is very underestimated and many designers pay limited attention to it. And this should be changed as soon as possible...
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Tuesday Jan 06, 2009

Migration from Debian to OpenSolaris

Taking the advantage of the Christmas break, I took the time and migrated my system from well-known Debian Linux to OpenSolaris. My goal was to make the new environment match my Linux setup as close as possible. Among other things, this meant moving from KDE 3.5.x to GNOME, which I was avoiding as much as possible until now, and Nimbus (the look&feel is great!). Maybe some of the remarks obtained during this process can be interesting for others.

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Tuesday Dec 16, 2008

Participate in our Survey and win a free SUN T-shirt

As a part of a process of extending language/locale support in OpenSolaris we started to prioritize locales that are missing in OpenSolaris but are available on other systems. We already collected decent amount of data and now we would like to get input from you!

We also want to use this opportunity to find out what other globalization features (localization, translations, available encodings...) are important for you.


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Wednesday Dec 10, 2008

Command Line BitTorrent on Solaris

As some users are preferring command line utilities or simply need them for working remotely I was looking for some CLI bittorrent client for Solaris and found one which works pretty well. You can get the client from Blastwave:

Use "pkg-get -i bittorrent" to get CSWbittorrent package or if you have OpenSolaris binary distro there is also IPS package at

Once you have it installed the usage is quite simple. I like to monitor download status so for that I'm using "--spew" parameter to display diagnostic info to stdout:

$ btdownloadcurses --spew 1 --url <url>

And here's how it looks:

CLI bittorent

Wednesday Dec 03, 2008

How to compress/decompress SVR4 package

Last time we needed to edit SVR4 package, we hit a couple problems with compressing the cpio archive.

Here is our how to

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Friday Nov 28, 2008

Creating and publishing SVR4 and IPS packages

There are different types of IPS packages that can be created. A package is a collection of files, directories, drivers, and dependencies in a defined format. This task shows how to create a package that consists of a directory, a file, a dependency, and a name attribute. The package is then published to the repository using the pkgsend command.

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Thursday Nov 27, 2008

How to create OpenSolaris distribution from your local repository

The Distribution Constructor uses your local repository to create OpenSolaris

  • How to build the OpenSolaris release from any build of Nevada
  • How to build the OpenSolaris release faster
  • How to make identical local repository to the official repository
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Wednesday Nov 26, 2008

Hebrew OpenSolaris 2008.11

We needed to create modified OpenSolaris 2008.11 release for our Hebrew customer.

Our Hebrew customer had these requirements:

  • Keyboard layout should be automatically set to English, without prompting a user (during the boot from the Live CD)
  • Desktop language should be automatically set to Hebrew, without prompting a user (during the boot from the Live CD)
  • All desktop icons should be localized into Hebrew
  • Change default terminal font

And we fulfilled with pleasure his wishes. Here is our how to.

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Distribution Constructor

This guide provides instructions for installing the Distribution Constructor and using this application to build ISO and USB images.

Overview of the Distribution Constructor

The Distribution Constructor is a command-line tool for building preconfigured, bootable OpenSolaris images. In the OpenSolaris 2008.11 release, this tool takes an XML manifest file as input, and builds an ISO image that is based on the parameters specified in the manifest file. Optionally, a USB image can be created, based on the generated ISO image.

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Wednesday Nov 05, 2008

OpenSolaris installer automation using Dogtail

This article is about using Dogtail technology in automation of OpenSolaris installer. You can find out here how to start work with Dogtail and what services should be online before run automation scenario.

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Wednesday Oct 29, 2008

Dual-booting Nevada and OpenSolaris

Ever considered having a dual-boot system with Solaris Nevada and OpenSolaris? This guide might help you with setting that up. It's a bit specific for my configuration, but some of the tips can be useful.  
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Solaris l10n & i18n, locales, keyboards, fonts and related topics.


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