Friday Jun 05, 2009

CommunityOne & JavaOne 2009 - Moscone Center

Probably many of you heard about or visited these events and if not think about to go. This is a great event where thousands of people from all around the world meet to chat in person and to visit sessions where all new things around Java and now also around OpenSolaris and other community projects are presented. Conference is held in Moscone Center North. It's huge and great place for a big conference, located just in heart of San Francisco which allows you to go for lunch to such place like Yerba Buena Gardens.

So let's go in ;)
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Wednesday Mar 25, 2009

Acrobat Reader for OpenSolaris Released

Today, March 25, 2009 Adobe has announced an availability of Adobe Reader 9.1 for OpenSolaris (or Solaris) on x86 platform. After several months when a plan for releasing Adobe Reader for (Open)Solaris x86 was revealed at Adobe blog and different forums, wishes become reality and you can freely download the reader from their sites.

I personally downloaded and installed .pkg.bz2 version in English on my OpenSolaris box (b109) and it worked as expected. Perfect! And note that Reader is available for different languages for example Japanese, French or German.

Monday Jan 26, 2009

Survey follow up and T-shirt winners



In December we launched a survey to find out bit more about our users and identify what locales are important for them. During a month period we collected 213 answers with participants from all over the world.

To reward some of those who took their time and answered our questions we announced that 20 free T-shirts will be given out. The draw took place in the SUN office in Prague and lucky winners have been contacted and will receive their T-shirts soon.

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Wednesday Dec 10, 2008

OpenSolaris Seminar

Last Saturday (Dec, 6th), I had a chance to attend OpenSolaris seminar organized by Czech OpenSolaris User Group (CZOSUG). The seminar was focused on a new release of OpenSolaris 2008.11, its new features like Time Slider, Distribution Constructor (DC), latest versions of SW, updated Package Manager, etc.

One part of the event was an install-fest where everyone could install the latest version of OpenSolaris into his/her laptop and try cool features immediately. After the install-fest, presentations about the key features were introduced ...

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Wednesday Sep 17, 2008

Polish OpenSolaris Conference

There will be another OpenSolaris conference in Szczecin, Poland. According to the announcement, this is the first Polish OS.o community conference. The conference will be held in October 24 - 25th. A program has already been posted to the official pages

Our team is willing to introduce a translation process of OpenSolaris together with an experimental version of Community Translation Interface (CTI) for OpenSolaris. CTI is available at This interface enables a translation of different SW parts of OpenSolaris (e.g. Solaris ON messages, installer, OS.o Package GUI Manager, etc) as well as documentation.

Wednesday Jul 09, 2008

OpenSolaris Q&A in SecondLife

There is an OpenSolaris chat under way in SecondLife right now. Anybody can join the meeting to ask the key OpenSolaris engineers, such as Tim Cramer, executive director, Stephen Hahn, distinguished engineer, Glynn Foster, OpenSolaris product manager, David Comay, principal engineer, any question. You can either log in with your SecondLife avatar, or you can connect to the webstream and use the chat interface to speak. The show started on July 9 at 16.30 CET (Prague) and the main program is supposed to take 1 hour, so hurry up!

UPDATE: Angad Singh captured the whole chat transcript and posted it on his blog for all of you to read it should you have missed the event. Photo gallery is also available.

Friday Jul 04, 2008

OSDevCon 2008 Videos Available

Most of the OpenSolaris Developer Conference 2008 presentations were recorded by the organizers and now you can watch any presentation of your choice on-line on Google Videos. Just search for "osdevcon" keyword on Google or see the OSDevCon 2008 Program to see the full list of presentation slides and videos. The video recording of our Translation of OpenSolaris presentation is available as well. Please check it out, rate it, add comments. Any feedback is welcome.

Tuesday Jul 01, 2008

My Notes from OSDEVCON2008


I and several guys from our G11n team had a chance to visit OpenSolaris Developer Conference (OSDEVCON2008). This was the 2nd year of the conference and it was held from Jun 25 - Jun 27 in Prague. The first day (Wed) was focused on Tutorials, Thu and Fri on Presentations. Video and slides will be available at program page of OSDEVCON. The G11n Prague team introduced a presentation about 'Translation of OpenSolaris' - new pilot project focusing on end-to-end process about translation of SW messages and documentation in one place.

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Monday Jun 30, 2008

Community Translation Interface Pilot Unleashed

Sun's EMEA Globalization Centre unleashed an experimental project aiming to provide the OpenSolaris community with an ultimate translation solution. The Community Translation Interface (CTI) is a simple web application with a translation editor connected to the internal globalization management system powered by Idiom WorldServer.

Petr Tomasek and Robert Malovec speaking at OSDevCon 2008. Photo courtesy of Jim Grisanzio.

Petr Tomášek and Róbert Malovec speaking at OSDevCon 2008

Petr Tomášek, Róbert Malovec and Aleš Černošek presented the proposed translation model on Friday, June 27, 2008 in Prague's Hotel Masarykova kolej, which hosted the OpenSolaris Developer Conference 2008 (OSDevCon). The presentation slides are now available at the OSDevCon website and a video recording of all presentations will be available soon, according to the conference facilitators.

Even though the CTI web is already available on-line, it is still under construction and not considered stable. The presenters also demonstrated an immediate translation of a command-line application, which was then integrated into OpenSolaris via the IPS package manager. Such a successful proof of concept raised many questions regarding the future of CTI, its availability and acceptance by the community.

Bookmark this page (or the news feed) and stay tuned for more news related to the translation of OpenSolaris.

See also the blog of Jim Grisanzio or his Flickr photostream for OSDevCon 2008 Pictures.

Update: more pictures from OSDevCon 2008 to be found on Wolfgang Stief's photostream

Update #2: the CTI has now its own blog at

Monday May 26, 2008

Contribute to Sun's Documentation

Sun Invites You to Join OpenSolaris Documentation Community

OpenSolaris Logo

New Sun Documentation Center has been launched on May 20, 2008 to provide a single page for easy access to documentation across the various Sun's products. On the Documentation Communities page, Sun invites you to join any of the documentation communities, such as Documentation Community. Part of the Documentation Community work is translation and you are welcome to help us translate the documentation. If you have the skills, don't hesitate to join now.

Monday May 05, 2008

OpenSolaris 2008.05 Released!

The first binary release of OpenSolaris, the open-source operating system, has been released today as OpenSolaris® 2008.05. It comes in a LiveCD version, which you can download, burn as a CD and boot into without touching your current OS by installation. You can play around and install the OpenSolaris to your computer easily then. As the CD contains only the most important software packages, such as OpenOffice, Java, Firefox or Thunderbird, you can run IPS, the new Image Packaging System, which connects to OpenSolaris Package Repository to quickly download and install up-to-date software of your choice. You even don't need to install OpenSolaris to your real computer, you can run a virtual computer with VirtualBox for free and see how OpenSolaris works on your Windows Vista desktop for example. Visit to download or request a free media.

Wednesday Apr 30, 2008

Jobfair at CVUT - survey results

The OpenSolaris seminar that Robert wrote a post about wasn't the only interesting event that took place on the 12th of March.

This day was dedicated to the Jobfair, where companies from different areas (IT, telecommunications, engineering, ...) present themselves to the students, providing them information about possible job and career opportunities.

Sun was also there, informing students about open job positions for graduates and especially for students that are still studying and are looking for a job position where they could work during their studies.

We brought a bunch of t-shirts, pens and stickers with OpenSolaris and NetBeans logo to give them to the students. But since we knew that the number of students coming to our stand would be much higher than the number of gifts we have for them, we needed to make it a bit harder to get the gifts. So we prepared a quiz and a survey. And it's what this post is about.

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Tuesday Apr 08, 2008

OpenSolaris presentation at CVuT Campus

On 3/12/08 there was an OpenSolaris seminar inside of CVuT Campus organized by our college, CVuT Campus ambasador, Miroslav Kopecky. He spoke about advantages of OpenSolaris, metioned its interesting features such as ZFS, virtualization and Solaris Zones. Our team was also invited to tell couple of words about globalization site of OpenSolaris.[Read More]

Solaris l10n & i18n, locales, keyboards, fonts and related topics.


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