Monday May 04, 2009

Enable Shutdown in OpenSolaris login screen

Currently OpenSolaris doesn't allow system reboot nor shutdown directly from the login screen (gdm). This short article will show you how to enable the System Menu in gdm and make it look like the following image.

GDM System Menu with Shutdown

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Thursday Apr 30, 2009

Start with OpenSolaris Translation in a Minute!

Have you thought about translation of OpenSolaris project? So you are at the right pages. And moreover: a translation process has never been easier than now.


There are a lot of ways how to translate any piece of code or online help for OpenSolaris. However I recommend to use CTI tool (Community Translation Interface) developed by G11n Engineering team in Prague. With this tool, the translation process is very easy and fast. In addition to that you can focus only to the content you are going to translate and you do not have to deal with different file formats, different message workspaces and different rules required for integration to a product.[Read More]

Wednesday Apr 29, 2009

Top Contributors for OpenSolaris 2009.06 SW Translation

OpenSolaris 2009.06 is coming soon. Therefore we took the translated content for projects contributed by the community and integrated it to OpenSolaris. At the same time I was able to obtain some interesting data about translations I would like to share with you.

Data was obtained for contributions done via CTI tool - the tool that is preferred for translation of SW messages and Online help. Check the list of top contributors now!

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Tuesday Mar 31, 2009

OpenSolaris 2009.06 Test Campaign Has Been Launched

 As Sun's G11n QA group would like to work publicly we have decided to open our testing to wider audience. It covers sharing the test results, test infrastructure as well as to enable everyone interested to help with the OpenSolaris testing.

 Our first major initiative was to establish OpenSolaris G11n Test Group. Now we would like to start test execution and thus test group has launched test campaign for OpenSolaris 2009.06 Binary Distro. You can see more (test plan, test areas and matrices etc ..) at: ...[Read More]

Wednesday Mar 25, 2009

Acrobat Reader for OpenSolaris Released

Today, March 25, 2009 Adobe has announced an availability of Adobe Reader 9.1 for OpenSolaris (or Solaris) on x86 platform. After several months when a plan for releasing Adobe Reader for (Open)Solaris x86 was revealed at Adobe blog and different forums, wishes become reality and you can freely download the reader from their sites.

I personally downloaded and installed .pkg.bz2 version in English on my OpenSolaris box (b109) and it worked as expected. Perfect! And note that Reader is available for different languages for example Japanese, French or German.

Monday Mar 09, 2009

Automated Installer - Example I

  • How to easy jumpstart Solaris and OpenSolaris
  • Just one DHCP server in our subnet
  • Run our post install automated tests without manual reboot (AI didn't reboot automatically after installation)
  • What if the boot from net option is set as a permanent in GRUB  
  • Possibility to install both language supports (slim and global CD)

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Saturday Mar 07, 2009

Building Caiman gate

The instructions on how to build Caiman gate and get these packages: SUNWauto-install, SUNWgui-install, SUNWinstall-libs, SUNWstosreg, SUNWbeadm, SUNWinstall, SUNWinstall-test, SUNWdistro-const, SUNWinstalladm-tools and SUNWslim-utils

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Thursday Feb 26, 2009

Merging SPARC and x86 packages

I was looking for information about how to publish just one package which will contain information for both architecture (SPARC and x86).
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Tuesday Feb 24, 2009

Using Mercurial Queues Extension

Trying to describe some basic and some interesting facts about using Mercurial Patch Queues.

Mq schema

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Saturday Feb 21, 2009

Who We Are? The Team!

Prague Solaris Global Team

Would you like to know who is behind this blog? I was asked several times about the name of our team blog - SUNWg11nprg, or in other words, what the hell SUNWg11nprg is and why it is so complicated? OK, I'd like to take this opportunity and describe who we are and why we have such name.

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Wednesday Feb 18, 2009

How the setlocale() works in OpenSolaris

Programs should respect locale specific way how to format date, time, numbers, how to sort strings, etc. People in different regions use different ways how to write such things and it is very confusing for them if you for example want write a date and write day, month and year in wrong order. Near all programs use for this functions from libc like strftime(3C), strcoll(3C), ...

The article is short overview how it works.

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Monday Jan 26, 2009

Survey follow up and T-shirt winners



In December we launched a survey to find out bit more about our users and identify what locales are important for them. During a month period we collected 213 answers with participants from all over the world.

To reward some of those who took their time and answered our questions we announced that 20 free T-shirts will be given out. The draw took place in the SUN office in Prague and lucky winners have been contacted and will receive their T-shirts soon.

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IPS repository - Part I

How to clone and start IPS repository on local disk. The access to SWAN is necessary for this How to.[Read More]

Thursday Jan 08, 2009

Usability matters

Have you ever worked with an application which was so badly designed, that you could hardly use it? Well, maybe it was not that bad, but i'm sure everyone ran into some piece of software that had chaotic menus, illegible fonts or something like that. Luckily, the internet is full of software that covers the same functions so the user has always a variety of choices. If one application does not satisfy his needs, he can most of the time easily switch to another. Clearly, usability plays a key role when choosing what software people will use. Still it is very underestimated and many designers pay limited attention to it. And this should be changed as soon as possible...
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Wednesday Jan 07, 2009

Switching keyboards in OpenSolaris using setxkbmap and keyboard shorcuts

As current OpenSolaris 2008.11 binary distro have several options how to change keyboard layouts, there are still some issues reported by users which are a bit confused about Input Method Switcher GUI, which is default tool to switch between various input methods and keyboard layouts. From any reason if you not satisfied with the tool or keyboard layout there is not the one you need there is still option which can bring all the comfort of switching between keyboard layouts using your preferred shortcut.

The solution is based on setxkbmap utility and desktop shortcuts. OpenSolaris is using GNOME by default by almost all other window managers provide possibility to create custom keyboard shortcut, which is all what is needed.

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