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reference monthly calendar of postings

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This is a posting in the Security Community 'Reference' Category ; the function of postings that are placed in this category is to aggregate links to other, useful postings in a single meta-posting which can be referenced via a link in the Security Community Blog sidebar, and which will be re-posted on the blog each time it is refreshed by a member of the security community.

This posting is a list of monthly postings to the security community blog; this is posted here as a move towards a simpler method of navigating past blog postings without necessarily resorting to the sidebar calendar. Dates in the future are included as a convenience to the administrators.


jan 2007, feb 2007, mar 2007, apr 2007, may 2007, jun 2007, jul 2007, aug 2007, sep 2007, oct 2007, nov 2007, dec 2007.


jan 2006, feb 2006, mar 2006, apr 2006, may 2006, jun 2006, jul 2006, aug 2006, sep 2006, oct 2006, nov 2006, dec 2006.


jan 2005, feb 2005, mar 2005, apr 2005, may 2005, jun 2005, jul 2005, aug 2005, sep 2005, oct 2005, nov 2005, dec 2005.

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  • Sun Help Monday, January 4, 2010


    We need recommendation for the attached list of vulnerability found by our IT Security team

    1. The remote server is running with WebDAV enabled.

    2. Some directories on the remote web server are browsable

    Use access restrictions or disable directory indexing

    3.The remote web server is affected by an information disclosure vulnerability.It is possible to obtain the listing of the content of the remote web server root by sending the request 'GET // HTTP/1.0.

    Create an index file for each directory instead of default welcome pages.

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