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Lucky Thirteen vulnerability in Solaris OpenSSL

Ritwik Ghoshal
Principal Security Analyst
CVE DescriptionCVSSv2 Base ScoreComponentProduct and Resolution
CVE-2013-0166 Cryptographic Issues vulnerability 5.0 OpenSSL
Solaris 10 SPARC: 148071-12, 150383-02 X86: 148072-12
Solaris 11.1
Solaris 9 SPARC: 117123-11
CVE-2013-0169 Cryptographic Issues vulnerability 5.0

Please note: SPARC: 148071-12 X86: 148072-12 deliver the fix for OpenSSL (SUNWcry and SUNWopenssl-packages). SPARC: 150383-02 and 117123-11 deliver the fix for WAN Boot (SUNWwbsup and SUNWcakr-packages).

This notification describes vulnerabilities fixed in third-party components that are included in Oracle's product distributions.
Information about vulnerabilities affecting Oracle products can be found on Oracle Critical Patch Updates and Security Alerts page.

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Comments ( 2 )
  • Brian R. Friday, July 19, 2013

    This post previously indicated that 148071-11 addressed the vulnerabilities for Solaris 10, but it was changed so it now lists 148071-12. Does 148071-11 still address CVE-2013-0166 and CVE-2013-0169 for OpenSSL in Solaris 10?

  • Ritwik Ghoshal Friday, July 19, 2013

    Hi Brian,

    148071-11 addresses CVE-2013-0169, please install 148071-12 to fix both CVE-2013-0166 and CVE-2013-0169 for OpenSSL in Solaris 10.

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