Tuesday Mar 24, 2009

N1 SPS TIP : Using Public API to get information from N1SPS

This blog post tries to highlight the power of the N1SPS Public API functionality...
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Monday Mar 23, 2009

N1 SPS TIP : Customizing the server name on login page of SPS 6.0

A very useful customization tip to identify your SPS Master Server UI clearly to your users...[Read More]

Wednesday Jan 21, 2009

McNealy to prepare Open Source paper for Obama govt.

Read this article "Calls for open source government" on BBC's website

Thursday Oct 09, 2008

N1 Service Provisioning System Patch version 6.0.3 released

A newer release of Service Provisioning System (version 6.0.3) is now available. A key aspect of this fix is to bring about some performance improvement to the transport layer of SPS, corrected database encoding and some GUI fixes
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Thursday Feb 28, 2008

xVM & VirtualBox at Sun Tech Days Hyderabad - 2008

It has been ages since I posted a blog entry and I wanted to shrug off the laziness and write about the great experiences I have had during these first two days at Sun Tech Days, Hyderabad.

I was not terribly surprised to see the turnout we had at Sun Tech Days, 2008 at Hyderabad. We saw this huge interest last year, we will see it next year as well. Engineers, SysAdmins, DB Admins, and Students flocked the Hyderabad International Convention Center showing their loyalty to Sun and inclination to understand Sun Technologies. It's a very good sign of adoption.

During his Keynote address Rich Green, Executive Vice-President of Software at Sun Microsystems, covered topics ranging from Solaris, Java, xVM, NetBeans, Glassfish, MySQL and VirtualBox. He rightly pointed out the key role played by the Indian developer community in changing the shape of what happens around the world.

For the VirtualBox Demo, Rich called me on stage to demonstrate the virtualizer software. We demoed a setup where we had VirtualBox installed on a host running Vista. On VirtualBox I had installed SXDE, Ubuntu and Indiana. We demonstrated the Java Petstore application on SXDE and how it can be accessed from Windows. We also showed Ubuntu running a netbeans app and used Ubuntu to demonstrate VirtualBox shared foldering.

Demoing VirtualBox during Rich's Keynote 

There was tremendous interest in VirtualBox. Thanks to JG Kannan and Shantanu Gudihal, we might have given at least 50 demos of virtualbox at the booth over the past two days. Everyone is ready to go home, download and install VirtualBox and install OpenSolaris on it !

I also gave a talk on Sun's System Management solutions comprising of xVM Ops Center, Sun MC, SCM and N1 SPS during a Hands On Lab Session for SysAdmins. JG Kannan demonstrated xVM Ops Center to the audience and we had a healthy Q & A session that followed. At the booth, we also showed the demo of xVM Ops Center to dozens of Sys-Admins.

xVM Session 

VirtualBox was sure enough the highlight, and there was an install fest going on at the booths to install VirtualBox and OpenSolaris on laptops of interested attendees.

Lots of them went home with the happiness of knowing all about a cool new toy in the market called 'VirtualBox', and wanted to play with it as soon as they got home.

Beware, Download Servers of VirtualBox !!

Friday Aug 24, 2007

N1 Service Provisioning System v.6.0

N1 SPS 6.0 has been released with new some valuable feature additions, a cool new look 'n feel and with powerful editing support for SPS plan and component XML.

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Tuesday Feb 27, 2007

N1 SPS and T2000 at Sun Tech Days

Want to know more on what was there in store for N1 SPS and Sun Fire T2000 at Sun Tech Days at Hyderabad ?

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Sunday Feb 25, 2007

Success at Sun Tech Days, Hyderabad

The 3-day developer conference organised by Sun Microsystems was a grand, grand, success and turned out to be a superb platform to introduce the company and their technologies at broader levels. [Read More]

Wednesday Feb 07, 2007

Sun Tech Days 2007 - Hyderabad

Sun Tech Days is a worldwide developer conference. The event is coming to India and its happening in Hyderabad between 21-23 Feb, 2007. [Read More]

Sun's BigAdmin Portal and BigAdmin Bucks...

If you are using Sun Hardware and Management software, or deploying Java applications big time, or you are just one of our Solaris fans you should be checking out BigAdmin, a very large System Administrator and Resource Community.[Read More]

Saturday Feb 03, 2007

Free T-Shirt Promotion

Freebies for Solaris 10 Registration[Read More]

Thursday Feb 01, 2007

N1 SPS 5.2 Update 2 Released

Jan 2007 - N1 SPS 5.2 Update 2 Released[Read More]

Sunday Jan 14, 2007

Accelerating Application Deployments using N1 SPS

Managing complex application environments to meet the needs of rapidly evolving business conditions is an overwhelming challenge for today’s IT operators. While there are many tools for developing, testing, and monitoring applications, automated solutions are scarce for efficiently and consistently provisioning applications and managing the application life cycle. Currently, IT operators rely on custom scripts to manually configure and deploy applications a time-consuming process that fosters inconsistent policies. N1 Service Provisioning System from Sun Microsystems offers a comprehensive feature-set to accelerate application deployments in a complex environment.[Read More]

Wednesday Aug 16, 2006

Vibe 2.0

Web 2.0 - Is it strictly a marketing term? Is it Google? Is it AJAX? Or is it a wild-card to represent anything supposedly fancied as being "COOL"? Or is it O'Reilly's way of ingratiating "We coined and hence we are the 'O' in the Web 2.0"? Or is it someone's innovative way of bucketing innovative technologies?

Where did this term come from ? Was there a Web 1.0, so prominent as 2.0. I did a Google Suggest for "Web 2.0" and it came back with 21 million results. Web 1.0 gave me 0 result. Going by the popular belief of "If you don't find something on Google, it does not exist". Web 1.0 never existed and the "Web 2.0" jargon was sprinkled around, similar to the term "Next Generation". By the way, I love this term - "Next Generation". You want to market skunk repellents ? Don't forget to label them as "Next Generation Skunk Repellents"

From what I gather, Web 2.0 has several connotations:

Ways of expressing your democratic self, so that even crappy blogs, such as this one, is able to reach you.
Ways of enabling sharing of services and hence revenue (Google Adsense)
Ways of mixing and matching tangentially disparate services and packaging them (Mashups) to attain a win-win. (http://www.mywikimap.com)

Ways of collaborating and freely contributing knowledge from across the globe (http://www.wikipedia.com)

Whatever it is, I'm just loving this great new vibe in the Web. I relish the fact that the WWW has opened up enormously and provides equal opportunity to all.  Everyone has the rights and means to participate and contribute in their own way. Everyone can be watched, heard or read. Everyone is empowered to have fun !



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