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    November 30, 2015

Writing a pluggable dynalink linker and using it with Nashorn

JEP-276 (JEP 276: Dynamic Linking of Language-Defined Object Models) adds a facility for linking high-level operations on objects such as "read a property", "write a property", "invoke a callable object", etc., expressed as names in INVOKEDYNAMIC call sites. Nashorn JavaScript engine in OpenJDK uses dynalink for linking script and other objects.

JEP 276 allows user written ("pluggable") linkers to be loaded via service loader mechanism. Because of Dynalink, Nashorn also allows user-written dynalink linkers to be used along from nashorn scripts! You can write your own linker(s) and drop it as a "jar" in jjs -classpath. Your scripts can make use of those pluggable linkers to handle "special linkages".

If this sounds little abstract, you may want to look at the sample dynalink linker in nashorn OpenJDK repository - http://hg.openjdk.java.net/jdk9/dev/nashorn/rev/e9c4c02337cc. This sample adds a simple DOM Element linker DOMLinkerExporter.java. This linker allows scripts to access DOM child elements by child element tag name - rather than having to use DOM Java API to get child Node list and iterate to get the matching Element(s). dom_linker_gutenberg.js script uses "DOM linker". The script accesses child DOM elements by samply "_" followed by child element tag name.

You can imagine many other such useful dynalink linkers for your own Java classes or even JDK platform classes.How about a dynalink linker that supports easier access for SQL ResultSet objects - perhaps column names as properties? How about a dynalink linker that handles your domain object model complexity and exposes a simpler script access model -- without having to write any Java or script wrappers around it! All complexity is hidden in the linker code! No Java or script wrapper implies that easy script access does not result in reduced performance - because linking is just (mostly!) one time activity per callsite.

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