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    April 10, 2007

SML subset for TEDI?

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I came across "Do we need a new kind of schema language?" from Tim Bray's blog. After reading it, I can't resist this: why not use a subset of Standard ML for this purpose?

  • Basic types - SML has int, real, bool, char, string
  • Tuples - SML has t1\*t2\*t3... (for example, int\*bool, int\*string\*real and so on)
  • Lists - 'a list - int list, string list and so on
  • Records - {name1:t1, name2:t2 } (for example, {name:string, age:int})
  • type for type abbreviations - useful when defining "bigger" schema.
  • datatype for algebraic data types
  • For larger schemas, we could use parameterized data types.
  • For larger schemas, we could also use SML structures to group related types.

In the above, we have every type expression except for function types! (IMO, it is not a big list!). Annotations for bindings may be specified in SML comments [this needs more thought].

The example in James Clark's page

{ url: String, width: Integer?, height: Integer?, title: String }

would become the following in SML:

{ url: string, width: Maybe int, height: Maybe int, title: string }

where Maybe is

datatype 'a Maybe = Just of 'a | Nothing

  • We can have parametric types and module system - may be useful, for defining larger, generic schema.
  • Tuples, Lists, Records could be mapped to parametrized classes (like in Scala, Java etc.) or native data types in scripting languages.
  • sum-of-product types can be translated as classes (like case classes in Scala)
  • Type expressions are proper set of one particular language - at least few people would feel at home :-) JSON is proper subset of JavaScript object literals, functional folks could have their turn :-). BTW, I am okay with Haskell as well. Personally, I've played with SML little bit more :-)
  • If we want to have schema specified default values of various elements of data, we can include proper subset of value definitions in SML.

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