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    March 24, 2006

Scripting for the Java Platform

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I've just read Language wars are so boring and from there went to read Scripting flamewar. Some thoughts on scripting in Java "context"....

For scripting languages for the Java platform - assuming the language allows access to Java classes, then in effect the "primitives" space of the language becomes the entire JDK - the endless primitive extension problem is left to the JDK. For example, JavaScript engine in JRE (included in Mustang) lives in the "context" of Java - Java classes can be accessed and Java interfaces can be implemented in script.

Some of the performance issues around scripting may possibly be addressed by "compiling" scripts to bytecode on-the-fly (a sort of first level "hotspot" for scripts?). That is where invokedynamic
or any other possible improvements from JSR 292 could help. The typing/non-typing "dichotomy" may possibly be addressed by pluggable types.

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