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    October 7, 2005

jhat throws OOM!

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Mustang's jhat has been reported to throw OutOfMemoryError (OOM) on large heap dump files. This is a known issue and we are making some improvements to reduce memory requirement. Having said that jhat requires larger memory because it reads entire heap dump and forms in-memory object model. Hence, please use -J-Xmx512MB (or even -J-Xmx1G!) with jhat.

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  • Gili Friday, December 2, 2005
    JHAT's memory usage in Mustang b61 is still way too big. I needed to use a heap size of 1.4 gig (!!) to open up a 150MB heap dump. Then, once the file was loaded I couldn't run any operations on it because I'd run out of memory. Any more fixes on the way?
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