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JavaOne'07 Wed (May 9)

Guest Author
I attended the following sessions/BOFs (in no specific order):
  • Building PhoneME project and applications on it. The speakers (Stuart Marks and Hinkmond Wong) demonstrated how to SVN checkout, build the platform - both Phone ME feature (CLDC) and Phone ME advanced (CDC). A sample protocol handler (called "upcase" protocol) was added to the platform and the platform was built. Also, the speakers showed how to build CLDC/CDC apps using NetBeans IDE. Stuart Marks made the IDE to use the Phone ME feature build rather than the bundled wireless toolkit version of CLDC [He didn't tell how to do so. You may want to watch out for Terrence Barr's blog.
  • Vincent Hardy's talk on using JSR 226, 287 and 290 (SVG/XHTML/CSS/ECMAScript) on phones. It was interesting talk. I knew a bit about SVG format - but I learned about how to use it on Java ME platform.
  • JavaFX talk by Chris Oliver. Seeing is believing -- you got to see the stuff - you may want to download and try it out!.
  • I attended the session on developing flashy graphics for Java ME platform -- it was mostly the "common sense" stuff ((like don't call System.gc() explicitly, use double-buffering etc). But, sometimes it is worthwhile reminding the "obvious".
  • I attended the Java SE performance BOF - it was an interactive Q & A session. The "performance gurus" of Sun answered the questions. Most questions were about GC - as one would expect in such sessions :-)

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