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JavaOne'07 Tuesday (May 8)

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Here is what I did on the first day of JavaOne 2007.
  • I attended the keynote session - main messages are:
    • "JavaFX script" language - a dynamic, statically typed language for GUI/Java2D/Swing type applications (can be used for general purpose as well). It was formerly called F3. In future, there will be an authoring tool that emits JavaFX script.
    • JavaFX/Mobile - complete software platform for mobible - sort of like "Java OS" for mobile phones. You have Java SE, yes - you read it right, Java SE for mobile phones! And JavaFX script wil run on this platform too.
    • OpenJDK
    • NetBeans 6.0

    I attended the following talks:
    • Language oriented programming - this was very nice presentation on DSLs (Domain Specific Languages). Very nice examples for internal DSLs (where you stay within the general purpose language) in Groovy, Java and JRuby - then followed by brief description of external DSLs (do it in the hard way - create your own lexer, parser) and tools for the same. Interesting talk!
    • Then, I attended the talk on SunSPOT. The talk was around constructing virtual reality/game/3D stuff using SunSPOT devices and desktop. SunSPOT runs Squawk - VM that runs on the bare ARM-9 hardware and provides low-level operating system support, as well as application isolation (isolates). Over the week end, I played on Wii console [which my friend bought recently]. After attending this session on SunSPOT, I appreciate how difficult it is to create such a system! Cool stuff!

    At 8.00 PM, Alan, Mandy and I presented the usual JDK troubleshooting tools BOF. There were lots of questions. We wanted it to be interactive - it was so interactive that I could barely complete the demo on jhat tool :-) If you are keen on improving heap dumps, you may want to join and contribute http://heap-snapshot.dev.java.net project. One important suggestion was to create a web page of tools and products that import hprof heap dump format files. After the talk, we discussed on importing the heap dump to a database and allowing SQL queries -- so that we can handle very large heap dumps. We will have to revisit this. But, now that we have Open JDK, you can contribute with new ideas and implementations/improvements!

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  • Claudio Miranda Wednesday, May 16, 2007
    Is it possible to make the PDF slides available ? I am very insterested on how to use jhat. I found it too hard, to use without proper documentations. For example, I am interested to see the cause of memory leaks.
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