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JavaOne'07 -- my summay.

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After 19 hours of flight, I finally reached Chennai from SFO (on Sunday morning). I'm still going through the timezone change. I wish for a "Star Trek" like transport :-)

This JavaOne turned to be a "device" JavaOne for me -- I attended talks on SunSPOT, Java ME, Blu-ray, OCAP etc. In some sense, it is device JavaOne anyway -- after all one of the big announcements is about JavaFX mobile. I wanted to attend, but missed the talk on "x86 (JPC?) Java emulator".

Random bits from this year's JavaOne:

  • Our troubleshooting BOF went well. As usual there were many questions to the point that they would hardly let me finish jhat demo :-).
  • I was at the performance and diagnostics POD for some time - mostly demonstrating jconsole, jhat to few folks.
  • I felt that there was more crowd this time. JavaOne is getting bigger and bigger. Long queues everywhere ...
  • On Friday, I had a chat with Fat Cat Air. The chat was mostly about the flight that he is building and not about "tiered compilation" :-)
  • I had to travel to L.A for a day. I stayed with my friend Gurumoorthy over the week end. Now, I've a new friend "Akhilan" (Gurumoorthy's son).
  • I had to explain quite a few folks how I work at Chennai when there is no Sun office at Chennai. Yes, I work from home. If you are curious, you may want to check out OpenWork.

That's all....

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  • Danny Coward Monday, May 14, 2007
    if anyone can create a teleport in Java it would be you Sundar
  • Sivakanth Mundru Tuesday, May 15, 2007
    Even though it takes 19 hrs from SFO to Chennai, the world is becoming a smaller place because of programs like openwork. Lucky you!
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