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Installed Ubuntu 8.10 on my PS3

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Ubuntu on PS3

I wanted to install Ubuntu on my PlayStation 3.

My Setup

  • PS3 is NTSC 60 GB hard disk version - updated with firmware version 2.42.
  • PS3 is connected to 32 inch 720p Sony LCD TV via HDMI.
  • PS3 is connected to wireless network.

Stuff needed in addition to the above

  1. USB keyboard.
  2. USB mouse.
  3. CD burned with Ubuntu powerpc iso (ubuntu-8.10-alternate-powerpc+ps3.iso).

Preparing PS3

  1. Backup your PS3 hard disk using [Settings] -> [System Settings] -> [Backup Utility] menu.
    I didn't bother to backup the hard disk.
  2. Go to [Settings] -> [System Settings] > [Format Utility] menu.
  3. Select [Format Hard Disk] and click [Yes].
  4. Choose [Custom] and [Allot 10GB to the Other OS].
  5. Select [Quick Format] and confirm with [Yes].

Installing Ubuntu

  1. Connect USB keyboard and mouse to PS3.
  2. Insert the disk with Ubuntu iso image into PS3.
  3. Go to [Settings] -> [System Settings] > [Install Other OS]. PS3 will detect the install CD and copy files
    and instruct you to ..
  4. Select [Settings] -> [System Settings] -> [Default System] -> [Other OS].
    This will boot PS3 with other OS. From then onwards, follow the Ubuntu installation instructions.

Small hiccup

The installation was smooth except for one small issue - the installation seemed to hang in "Select and install software" step. After 6% the progress bar did not increase at all! Fortunately, this seems to be a known issue with text mode installer. Please refer to Ubuntu 8.10 release notes and bug 290234. I pressed Alt-F4 and Alt-F1 to toggle between logging console and main screen to check the progress. Eventually, the installation completed! While installing I configured network as well -- i.e., giving WEP password etc. -- not sure if this is mandatory, but in my case I have wireless connectivity and so I supplied the configuration values for the same.

Switching between Operating Systems

  • From Ubuntu to Game OS, use the command

    sudo boot-game-os
  • From Game OS to Ubuntu, use the menu

    [Settings] -> [System Settings] -> [Default System] -> [Other OS]

Few Screenshots

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Comments ( 4 )
  • Rob Tuesday, December 23, 2008

    Ok yes you can do it, but of what use is a ps3 with linux installed?

  • A. Sundararajan Tuesday, December 23, 2008

    Rob: for now, it is not more than just curiosity.

  • Ollie Tuesday, January 6, 2009

    I find the browser on the ps3 a load of shite so that's why I'm installing linux.

  • Tsuba Thursday, January 8, 2009

    The use?????

    all that your mind can imagine...

    ps3 became a pc with the ability of surfing internet...

    seriously not with the pad :-P with firefox see email with thunderbird watch and modify photos with gimp play tons of emulators... watch 720p or 1080p movies downloaded by azureus orrr what you want :-D

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