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    September 5, 2006

Bex script

Guest Author

Came across this: http://bexscript.sourceforge.net/.
From the author of the Bex script:

Bex script is a (yet another) scripting language for the Java platform. It is heavily based on another great scripting language BeanShell.

Bex script comes with a JSR-223 script engine for the language (Bex script engine is written in Bex itself!). I did a quick test with a jrunscript session:

jrunscript -cp bex-1.0.jar -l bex
bex> x = 10
bex> y = 12
bex> x + y
bex> square = |x| { x \* x}
bex> square(10)
bex> System.exit(0)

BTW, I came across this from:


This blog is well compiled and I refer to it regularly for scripting on Java platform news! (Japanese site?)

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