Monday Jun 08, 2009

Center for Democracy & Technology & TrustE event June 3, 2009

Last week was a bit of a marathon of data control in the clouds.  One of the many events was a thought provoking panel held by CDT & TrustE.  If you are particularly dedicated-- it's an hour-- check out this web video regarding Cloud De-mystification with Jim Dempsey, CDT, Lindsey Finch, Salesforce & Steven Levy, Wired. 

You'll see that, although I really am trying to behave myself, the Larry Loves the Cloud quote did come up right off the bat.  If you hang in there for the whole thing, you'll hear that I've not given up on long as we have people, we'll have some form of privacy.

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Here's the link to the website where you can find the video if this embedded link thingy doesn't work:

I also ran into the wonderful & talented Linda Skrocki last week (@ JavaOne)who has shown me how to embed videos & links many times.  One day I'll actually remember these things & make my blog a more beautiful & linked up place.  One day...

On a final note, Miss Thang's last day of school is this week.  Next week it's theater camp.  My money's on Ms. T for maximum drama & perhaps a bloggable story or two.

A thought AND a video tonight...

Wednesday Dec 12, 2007

SuperWeb? Web 2.0? The Network of YOU? It's got me thinkin'

So, today was one of those days that seemed like it lasted about 30 minutes but was jam packed full of activities. My thought for the day is a peek into one of my typically untypical days...

Before the crack of dawn, our US based team was on a call with our EU team, discussing our own internal systems' virtualization work and the project plan to build in governance to that new way of global business.

At 10am, I sat down for the pre-show warm up with my fellow privacy tribal members, Joanne McNabb from the CA State Office of Privacy Protection, Dierdre Mulligan, Law Professor extraordinaire from Berkeley Law School, Jim Allen, CPO of Agilent, Barb Lawler, CPO of Intuit &, Dr. Moira Gunn of NPR's Tech Nation (she was our moderator).

(This event was also graciously and generously attended by some of the very best of the local industry & government policy makers and practitioners who were not otherwise engaged in Globe trotting.)

WOW. Now, if you're not a full fledged privacy geek like me, you may not realize how very cool that particular group of brains are. You'll have to trust me here. This is Woo-eee time.

Check out for the full video & some other stuff relating to the open door panel discussion of The Network of YOU & how empowered data is changing the people, process and technology equation. To cut to the end of the story-- there is a lot of data flowing all around us. It's up to us to decide as a planet where & how we wish to maintain some control or fall victim. You do have privacy for as long as we have anything to say about it. Join The Movement!

After the media palooza, I crunched my head back into the Sun governance world again to participate in the latest internal Mash Up to discuss the Web2.0 expanded view of where the boundaries of the greater Sun Microsystems communities have yet to be explored, much less governed or measured. To cut to the end of this particular tale-- we're only at the beginning. (Ironic, no?). The expanding enterprise is something to discuss in much greater detail on another day.

5pm & time for an even more intimate meeting with team, budget & vendor. Interesting how much good help is worth & costs in this Network of YOU. Sometimes I feel like its the world wide purchase order.

7pm & time for books, jammies, diaper change, bath, diaper change, more books and about 1,000 sloppy kisses from my beautiful little ladies & even a few from my sweetie who was kind enough to bring himself and even a few of his data sensitive portfolio company CEO's to our public event today.

It's 9:30 now & the perfect time to reach out to the good folks in Asia before passing out to do something totally different, yet equally exciting tomorrow.

A good day.




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