Your assets DO look fat in that data center!

Privacy Enhancing Launch-o-mania.  Your Turkey may not be safe, but your data stands a chance.

Apparently while the US is getting fat on Thanksgiving feasting, the whole world can fulfill its data strategy appetite with two very exciting things of note from Sun.  Neither is particular to data protection, but both can make all the difference as part of a good governance strategy.

The first is a thing (more precisely a family of things) called the Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage System. You can go to the link & hear about cost savings and speed and eco stuff because you have a lowered physical footprint. 

HOWEVER the way \*I\* read it, this Sun Storage 7000 Unified Systems  thing
is just another way of saying,

"Sun has stuff that can turn piles of
crap data that may be sitting around stuck in systems or on storage
devices doing nothing but creating risk into actual information
assets that you can govern, create compliance to data sensitive
regulatory schema while leveraging audit & control features that
give the ability to provide proof that you are actually governing data
to your employee, customer or regulator."

It's the Big Friggin'
Information Control Switchl!!!  To do this, we use open technologies
like Solaris & ZFS-- both of which have specific data controls and,
most important to governance & government folks, audit capabilities.

We also contemplate using heterogeneous systems & provide for the
inevitable push to virtualization using container technology in the OS
and our  virtualization software coupled with nice control features in
Solaris like DTrace.

It's flexibility is also a benefit to governance.  Where regulatory
schema differ, appropriate data silos can be created, tracked &

I'm pretty excited.

All of these features must be configured & governed appropriately
within any environment-- which is never a given-- but it's an
open platform that \*can\* do what we \*want\* to do which is turn an
overwhelming avalanche of data into something of value for our
customers & our communities. 

That's why the message of 'fast',
'efficient' 'easy to configure' & all that may be thrilling to the
technical community but doesn't actually mean much to me as a
governance officer with head in noose when things go wrong in the
information assets department. 

High quality, verifyable, stable,
visible, auditable, reliable & known are words that make me break
down & cry.  Many \*say\* these words, but this combination of
innovations in the storage arena where the data resides actually makes it POSSIBLE. 

The CIO's might be happy but, if we can make them understand what this
means, the CFO's, Risk, Privacy Officers& information governance
folks should be peeing themselves.  I think I may have done.

SO after all that could there be MORE????? 

Another privacy enhancing technology brought to you by S U N.

We've heard what our customers have been telling us regarding getting data centers under control and eliminating old data or hot new data stored on equipment being relocated from one location to another.  The data erasure service recognizes the need to erase data from storage arrays and
other equipment before they are serviced, physically
relocated, end of lifed or redeployed.  Sending millions of
data records containing IP, confidential data, and personally
identifiable data stashed on the back of a truck or in the hands of a
repair person who has no awareness of the sensitivity of the data
stored within is unconscionable.  It's an economic imperative for every
one of us to lower our risk of loss.  Here's some more chat & actual information about this stuff.


\*Sun Product Intro\*

\*Blog talk radio\*


Privacy, intellectual property and other data assets are NOT dead.  We
still must breathe life into this system & get it in place &
govern it well, but, dammit, we have POSSIBILITY.  Check this stuff out
& see if you can resist how big this is.  Betcha can't.


Michelle Dear, it is obvious that you are beyond excited about the new SUN services being made available. Without understanding much of what it is all about, I am jazzed that you are bouncy! Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Posted by Beth Taylor on November 26, 2008 at 05:20 AM PST #

Dear Michelle,
that maniac "data destruction" perspective presented on Sun Inner Circle reminds me of Adam Smith's "invisible hand" concept. A malformed illusion.
Despite all the numbers pointed out by Frank Cillufo, Paul Kurtz and David Rice, this "data destruction" approach constitutes no solution, reflecting only the fears that assemble one of those neglecting policies.
It is undoubtedly an utopia to think sensitive information (NOT data) has no redundant sources spread through medias of all sorts, third-party servers and/or laptops.
Moreover, as a DLP policy "add-on", you simply "kill" the broad archiving concept, shirking the protection role.
Merry Christmas.

Posted by Marcio Barbado, Jr. on December 25, 2008 at 01:15 AM PST #

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