November, Numbers & Thanksgiving on its way

So,  every year I torture my work teams with a gooey, but sincere
public airing of thankfulness.  I always copy my entire virtual team,
supporters & the big bosses including Scott McNealy & Jonathan
Schwartz who, after all, give me the freedom & the finances to do
what we do.

I have to admit that I am a person typically so filled with
hope and idealism that it has, in the past, become something of an
Achilles heel for me.  I want to believe that motives are pure-- if
misguided-- and that good will prevail despite the sometimes obvious

 Anyway, if you know anything about Sun, you know that
this was a really dark week for us.  The folks who love Sun are the
folks who care about secure data.  Banks & governments are our
bread.  The dot com boom for Sun was largely driven by investors'
recommendation that start ups move with scale, reliability & data

So, this week, the formula wasn't hard to read.  No financial institution spend in IT =  rotten quarter for Sun. 

What's an optimist to do?  Be thankful.

haven't written this years' message, but I shall post here, my internal
to Sun message of thanks (with just a few confidential program cut
outs) from last November.  It still holds true today & this
thinking keeps me focused. 

Stay hopeful & strong out there.  If you can, please buy something large from Sun. Thanks for reading.

Here it is:

Dear Privacy Nation & Big Bosses who support us,
Annual Warning: The following is a heartfelt thank you in the spirit of Thanksgiving.
If you are too cranky to read admittedly gooey sentiment, extirpate this message, read
your other email & move on. A grateful Privacy Nation loves you anyway.

This is my 7th year at Sun. To say that I have learned a great deal during my years at Sun
would be an understatement. To say that I am thankful for the opportunities I have enjoyed
would be an even greater understatement. To say that I have partnered with, learned from
and observed some of the finest human beings on the planet doing great things would be the truth.

So, of the many many things for which I am deeply Thankful this year here are but a few
(in no particular order):

-Our partners in Public Policy. I had a little out of body experience in XXXXXXX this past
summer. [My partner in public policy] & I were drinking tea, discussing authentication, data
transfer & data driven economic development with one of the senior party officials who will
have a hand in determining the course of privacy legislation & enforcement [in his country].
It was an incredible discussion that I will remember for a very long time. Many many lives
will be impacted by our work.

-Partners & public help for the privacy cause. WOW. What a year it was for connections with
a vibrant & growing data asset management & privacy community! Internal & external
supporters have started to view data privacy as a place for leveraging information as well
as managing risk. Let the \*real\* discussion begin.  Can't wait.

-The Privacy Crisis Management team. Although I was sorry we had to kick it into turbo
drive a few times this year -- thankfully all false but credible alarms! -- we did & this team
delivered better than we imagined. We learned a lot & are stronger than ever. I am so very
grateful for this horizontal team, the pace at which you all came together and the absolute
politic & BS free zone. I hope I don't have to talk shop with you, but I sleep better knowing
you're out there.

The Customer Data Protection Team. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX The push from the field
itself to get this done to help them do business better was a pure treat. This was a big win
for Sun & we've only just gotten started!!

There is so much more, but it's late & I haven't even scratched the surface.

This was a very difficult & painful year for many members of our team. We had deaths in
our families, illness, war casualties, accidents and other life cropping up everywhere. We
never have enough time or resources to do the things we want to do on our wish list.

Nonetheless, in good times & in bad, the many folks who care about privacy & security at
Sun deliver with grace & style, humor & wisdom, passion & relentlessness. I am so very
grateful to know you & to work side by side with you.

If you're still hanging in for the rest of my holiday ramble, I'll end with a personal story.

My family was not passed over by challenging times this year. We lost both of my remaining
grandparents in rapid succession. At my grandfather's burial, my grandmother smiled at me
& then reached out to hold my 6 year old daughter's face gently in her hands. She said, "I've
seen so many wondrous things. Keep your eyes open."

She died 5 days later peacefully in her bed to be with her husband of 65 years. She was 94 years old.

My eyes are wide open & I can indeed see many wondrous things. Thank you all for being part
of those things.

Have a happy, healthy & peaceful Thanksgiving!

I feel better now.  I'll work on pithiness this year but I felt the need to expel some bad mojo.

Buy from Sun because our products are actually fantastic.  They can enhance and protect your
information strategy & privacy program.

Be optimistic.


Just few more thoughts...


Thank you Michelle.

Posted by John on November 03, 2008 at 05:42 AM PST #

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