Thursday Aug 30, 2007

N1 SPS Modeler with NetBeans 6.0

With N1 Service Provisioning System 6.0, we shipped a set of NetBeans plugins called the SPS Modeler for modeling SPS artifacts like plans and components. The SPS Modeler which you can download from here, needs NetBeans 5.5.1 and Enterprise Pack 5.5.1
beta. But, if you want to try out the SPS Modeler on the upcoming Netbeans 6.0, here's what you can do.

Note: Netbeans 6.0 is not a supported platform for the SPS Modeler.

To start off, download and install NetBeans 6.0 Milestone 10 from the NetBeans site. For the SPS Modeler, the basic version of NetBeans (23 MB) is good enough. I am assuming here that you have a JDK 5 installed on your system. This is a significant reduction in download time, since NetBeans 5.5.1 and the Enterprise Pack 5.5.1 Beta collectively take more than 150 MB of download.

Grab the SPS Modeler bits from here. It's free (as is N1 SPS).

Fire up your Netbeans 6.0 M10 and open Tools -> Plugins

Tools Menu 

This will open up the Plugin Manager. Select the Downloaded tab and click on the Add Plugins... button to start installation of the SPS Modeler.

NetBeans Plugin Manager 

Clicking on the Add Plugins... button will bring up a file chooser. Navigate to the directory where you have unzipped the SPS Modeler zip file that you downloaded earlier. Select all the nbm files as shown below and click on the Open button.


The modules are now queued for installation. Click on the Install button to start off the installation.


The NetBeans module installation wizard will start. Accept the relevant options (use the following screen shots as reference).


Ignore the validation warning by clicking on the Continue button.


The SPS Modeler is now installed.

The SPS Modeler causes exceptions to be thrown in Netbeans
6.0 due to API differences between Netbeans 5.5.1 and 6.0. To get rid
of these, you will need to deactivate the Netbeans Profiler which comes
along with NetBeans 6.0. Go to the Installed tab of the Plugin Manager, select the Netbeans
module, right click and click on Deactivate Module option in the context
menu. Follow the steps of the wizard which pops up, to deactivate the


Close the Plugin Manager. You are now all set to start using the SPS Modeler. You can start off by creating a new Basic Project (go to File -> New Project... -> Provisioning -> Basic Project) or if you are totally new to SPS, you can read the online help to get started.

Tuesday Aug 07, 2007

N1 SPS 6.0 Goes Live

The N1 SPS 6.0 release is now available for download. This new release includes several features that a few of you have been waiting for, including:

  • User Interface Enhancements, including integrated task flows and wizards for creating plans, components, and containers
  • N1 SPS Modeler, a NetBeans module that enables you to create N1 SPS components, plans, and plug-ins in your NetBeans IDE
  • Plan Variable Sets, enabling you to capture plan execution information, as well as other common plan parameters, as a complete variable set
  • UNIX <reboot> Step, allowing you to include reboot instructions in your execution plans
  • User Name and Password Constraints, giving you the option to specify the minimum character length, maximum character length, and acceptable character set for you N1 SPS user names and passwords
  • Linux RPM Installers, allowing you to install the Master Server and Command Line Interface client as Linux RPM packages
  • Native Call Cancel on Timeout, enabling you to use the <execNative> and <execJava> elements to perform a remote procedure call (RPC) and terminate code that is running on a remote agent
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Workstation 3 Update 5 Support
  • JDK Upgrade to include version 1.5
  • PostgreSQL Upgrade to include version 8.1

This new release also includes the new features first introduced in the N1 SPS 5.2 Update 2 release:

  • Import/Export Bundles, enabling you to copy N1 SPS artifacts (plans, components, etc.) between master servers as bundles
  • Dynamic Targetting, allowing you to use variable substitution on a component targeter.
  • Installed Components Display Commands, enabling you to list installed components and their dependencies with the cdb.ic family of commands
  • Unrestrictive Host Locking, enabling you to customize the locking behavior for your hosts while executing plans

Get Started With N1 SPS 6.0

  1. Download the software here
  2. Download the N1 SPS Modeler here.
  3. Install the software by following the instructions.
  4. Learn more about N1 SPS.





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