Project Crossbow: Network Virtualization and Resource Control going live

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Project Crossbow - going live on OpenSolaris

Project Crossbow going live on OpenSolaris

Hello and Welcome to project Crossbow!! We are going to
add Network Virtualization and Resource Control to Solaris without degrading

At this time, we are seeking members from open solaris community to become
part of Crossbow i-team. Its the charter of i-team to gather requirements
and deliver the project including design, docs and testing. We would love
to have members of the community get involved from day one. The participation
opportunities include (but are not limited to):

  • helping define the project
  • gathering requirements
  • designing the project
  • writing code
  • creating demos
  • doing talks and evangalizing the project

Please send an email to me if you are interested. we can promise you
that this will be a thrilling adventure and you will be living on the
bleeding edge of technology! Project Crossbow is brought to you by
same people who created project FireEngine (new stack architecture),
project Nemo (GLDv3 - new high performance device driver framework),
project Yosemite (UDP performance), etc to name a few.

Apart from active participation, you can also participate via the
mailing lists and discussion groups where we will be posting various
documents for review and comments apart from day to day discussion.

The project Crossbow page is visible here

You can sign up for the discussion group here

Join the discussion

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  • Raymund Augustine Tuesday, April 4, 2006
    Dear Mr. Tripathi,
    i would like to get involved in the Crossbow Project. Could you tell me how? I am new to this and would like your guidance. An email from you in reply would be fully appreciated.
    Thank you.
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