Nemo based e1000g on T2000

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Derek Morr points out that T2000
uses e1000g controllers, which are still dlpi based, so they wouldn't
(yet) get the advantages of Nemo (GLDv3). Very good observation. The
T1000 already uses a broadcom chip which comes up as bge which is fully
Nemo based. The T2000 indeed uses a DLPI
based driver in Solaris 10 update currently. Without going
into the why (its not very pretty), the Nevada and OpenSolaris version
of e1000g is already Nemo based (BTW, the DLPI driver comes up as ipge
on T2000 which tell you that its not Nemo based). The Nemo based
patches for e1000g (for S10) should be available soon if not avialable
already. Pretty soon
the machine will ship with the patches already installed and future
updates will obviously have the Nemo version.

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