When will you have enough performance?

For someone who never had a web-page, this blog business is really frightening so bear with me if I seem like a novice. I wonder if someone actually reads these pages or its just the robots, crawlers and zombies generating the hits ;\^) Anyway since Carol (our PM) thinks this is useful medium to tell people outside Sun what I am thinking instead of them finding out when the product actually ships, here goes.

My name is Sunay Tripathi and I am a Sr. staff Eng. in Solaris Networking and security technologies. Yes, we are the people who make the 'Net' work in 'Network is the computer'. I also go by as the architect of FireEngine, the new TCP/IP stack in Solaris 10 for people who have tried Solaris 10 already and are pretty happy with the performance (which is most).

So what am I working on these days - well I hear 10Gb is happening. And I also hear that 10Gb is not enough. People are wanting 20-30Gbps bandwidth coming into 4 CPU opteron blades and still have meaningful processing power left!! Well, you do that and watch the interrupts go up like crazy and the system behave in more twisted ways than you can imagine and trust me, its not nice. But FireEngine comes to the rescue. We can tame the interrupts and do exactly what people want. I'll tell you the details some other day unless John Fowler can beat me to it by blogging soon.

Fairness and security is something that keeps me awake these days. A large section of customers tell me that they see 'http' literally disappearing in next 3-5 years and everything will be 'https' (SSL) and they don't want to sacrifice CPU just doing crypto and they don't want crypto to overwhelm rest of the traffic. Well, OK, they said QOS but what they actually meant was fairness without any guarantees. I am hard pressed to see why CNN will go 'https' but they do have a point - Yahoo mail should really be SSL protected by default!! So I am building fairness as part of the architecture instead of another add-on layer.

So let me tell you what else do I do other than designing and writing code. I like to hang out with my old stanford and IIT buddies who keep telling me that how we can combine forces to build the next big thing for internet (some day). I also love watching my 11 months old learn to walk. He is already hooked on to my workstation and has his own desktop now. Not surprising given that he sees his Mom and Dad spend 80% of their waking hours on these things. But what he really wants is my Acer Ferrari laptop running 64bit Solaris and I tell him dream on buddy :) My other passion is fast cars (after fast code) and Taekwando. I am a black belt and used to practice with Stanford Taekwando. Had a string of injuries last year which has kept me away but I have started training again and will be back soon.

Well, thats who I am. But let me tell you the real reason why I am doing this (apart from the fact even Sin-yaw and the rest of the perf team has a blog) - I actually want to hear back from you guys. Tell me what latest and greatest thing you are working on or dreaming off and how Solaris can make it happen for you. Not sure how the feedback thing works on this blog but you can always drop me a direct email. The address is pretty simple - sunay at sun dot com. I would also love to hear your opinions if you already tried Solaris 10.

And as for when will you have enough performance? The answer is never!


I think the coolest idea that I have had is software Raid0 or what ever raid level USB sticks or drives. Why has this not happend? maybe it is a hardware limitation? I dont know. This would increase the size of usb sticks and you could improve performance. limited security since the drive is usless without the other. (phisical)

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Sunay Tripathi, Sun Distinguished Engineer, Solaris Core OS, writes a weblog on architecture for Solaris Networking Stack, GLDv3 (Nemo) framework, Crossbow Network Virtualization and related things


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