Friday Dec 18, 2009

JDK 6 Performance Features and Update

I presented the topic on Java SE 6 Performance Features and Update at Austin Java Users Group in December 2009. The slides are available here.

Monday Dec 14, 2009

JDK 6 Performance Update, WAS v7, Fix Pack 7, and the G1 Collector

The Fix Pack 7 release for WebSphere Application Server v7 includes the JDK 6 SR6 update. It will update Java to Java SE 6 Update 16.

If you have not upgraded your WebSphere application environment to JDK 6, here are the reasons that you should upgrade to the latest. You will see many improvements with performance, stability and scaleability. In addition to these benefits, Fix Pack 7 with SR6 includes the new garbage collector known as the Garbage First or G1 Collector. It is concurrent and parallel with more predictability and better useability. It splits the heap into regions and young and old generational spaces are organized in sets of regions. This eliminates the need to fine tune "NewSize/MaxNewSize". G1 also provides incremental compaction in those regions by "evacuating" the regions that are full and fragmented...

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Monday Mar 23, 2009

March 24 Invitation to Global WebSphere Community Jam

My colleague Dileep Kumar and I will be hosting the "Ask the Experts" Jam Session at the Global WebSphere Community site on March 24, 2009. Bring your questions about WebSphere on Solaris. We will be available to discsuss during...


  • Americas: March 24/11:00 am EDT to 3:00 pm EDT
  • UK: March 24/3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. GMT
  • Asia Pacific: March 25/2:00 am to 6:00 am Sydney EDT

Friday Feb 13, 2009

Typical data needed for WebSphere performance analysis on Solaris

To analyze the performance of WebSphere applications on Solaris ...[Read More]

Thursday Feb 12, 2009

Are you aware of JVM Ergonomics?

In JDK 5, a new performance feature for self tuning of the JVM known as JVM Ergonomics was added. .... [Read More]

WebSphere Tuning Tip: Scalability on Solaris

If you see scalability issue with WebSphere Application Server on Solaris systems (especially on the CMT based servers), you should consider using an alternate memory allocator. The white paper titled "Improving Application Efficiency Through Chip Multi-Threading", has excellent explanation about the CMT and SPARC architecture overview and how to improve application performance and CMT system efficiency.[Read More]

Tuesday Feb 10, 2009

Updating WebSphere, Java and Solaris for Better Performance and Reliability

Keeping your WebSphere application environment on Solaris updated with the recommended Fix Packs and Service Releases from IBM and Solaris update releases and patches is a key to better performance and reliability. For example, if you have WebSphere Application Server v6.1 with Fix Pack 5, you may find slowness in the garbage collection process using the throughput collector (ParallelGC).[Read More]

Monday Oct 06, 2008

WebSphere Application Server and JVM Options

For WebSphere Application Server (WAS) on Solaris, IBM bundles it with the Sun JVM that contains IBM's modifications (e.g. IBM ORB, XML and Security libraries) as explained in this blog entry by my colleague Dileep Kumar of Sun.

More specifically, you can find the summary of WAS and its Java versions in the table below. Additional details can be located at this IBM site.

WAS v7.0Java EE 5JDK/JRE 6
WAS v6.1J2EE 1.4JDK/JRE 5
WAS v6.0.2J2EE 1.4JDK/JRE 1.4.2
WAS v5.1.1J2EE 1.3JDK/JRE 1.4.2
WAS v5.1J2EE 1.3JDK/JRE 1.3.x

In order to tune WAS JVM on Solaris, it is greatly helpful if you understand the performance tuning aspects of Sun JVM such as Java memory management, Garbage Collectors, etc. You can get performance whitepapers for respective JVM versions here and Java Memory Management Whitepaper. Dileep also has blogged about specific recommended JVM options for WAS on Solaris here.

Finally, there are numerous Sun JVM options and one of the references that I strongly recommend is the collection compiled by Joseph D. Mocker of Sun Microsystem. Of course, we have much more specific information about WAS v6.1 on Solaris 10 in this IBM Redbook (e.g. Chapter 9).


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