Friday Jun 09, 2006

Getting to NetBeans Software Day in San Francisco and JavaOne

Feared about crowd :o)[Read More]

Friday Jun 02, 2006

From Sarasota to Bay Area

Getting closer to JavaOne[Read More]

Thursday Jun 01, 2006

Orange Partner Camp in Sarasota

Hot time at Florida.[Read More]

Wednesday Apr 26, 2006

I am not blogging too much

and I'd like more. Well, it is not easy, busy time before JavaOne, people are asking if I am involved in things mentioned on JavaOne conference welcome page Java One. Well, you never know with Suchys. But if you want to be the first who knows the answer, I'd like to give you a hint - register and come to NetBeans Day - it's a day before JavaOne. There is going to be a lot of to see.

You're gonna be suprised, you're gonna be happy you didn't miss it, no doubt, I am sure everyone! :o)

Yes, SDN!

We have Mobility month on SDN: If you are not registered already, do it. You can get a lot of useful information there - I am subscribed since 1997 or 1998? - was it called SDN that time? I can not remember details, I was not with Sun, but it was the best starter for me to learn Java, young programming language that time.

And back to Mobility - see us at SDN and enjoy the maximum from the everyday incredible effort to make Java developers happy and important.

Thursday Apr 13, 2006

NetBeans Day and Sun Tech Days - A great time in Brazil!

It was a busy time here, but it was nice and successful time. I hold three major presentations with NetBeans Mobility, showing all the best features and hottest technologies.

NetBeans Day in Sao Paulo, showing NetBeans Mobility CDC - Matisse designer, UIQ emulator and live Sony Ericsson P990i. All together :o).

People was really interested in CDC, just showing the Xlets programming using NetBeans Mobility Pack for CDC. Cafeteria at Politec company where the event took place.

Sunday Apr 09, 2006

Yes, it was NetBeans day @ CTIA in Sin City

where I showed for the very first time Sony Ericsson P990i live. It was good time, I was able to meet people from Nokia, UIQ (if you do not know, Sony Ericsson CDC emulator is based on), Siemens WM (they are the one who makes the TC65) and many others.
The other side of moon, while the event itself is smaller than 3GSM, it was quite crazy there. To get a taxi took about one hour, if I tried to register on Wednesday, it was for forewer. Network down, really wireless at some moment in Las Vegas. On the other hand, Thursday and Friday worked very well.
Will try to post some pictures when I get to resize them, now I got to Sao Paulo for NetBeans Day and Sun Tech Days.

Tuesday Apr 04, 2006

Back to Nevada

Right, not any ghost towns this time, we are having NetBeans Day @ CTIA. Las Vegas seems to be a different kind of adventure, unfortunately I can not joint much. Yes, tomorrow should be a real first opportunity for me to show live CDC on Sony Ericsson P990i, looking forward to it that I can not sleep.

Thursday Mar 30, 2006

NetBeans Mobility for CDC and Sony Ericsson P990 live!

Look at the picture: NetBeans Mobility for CDC, Matisse, and Sony Ericsson P990 live!

P990 CDC live!

Are going to use NetBeans for developing CDC applications as well? Look at and get it here:
You can also join bug hunting contest, win t-shirt and more!

Wednesday Mar 29, 2006

Do not miss NetBeans day @ CTIA!

Make sure you are registered at NetBeans Day @ CTIA! We are also going to show new NetBeans Mobility Pack for CDC with newest Sony Ericsson phones.
Register here:

Monday Mar 27, 2006

Clearance to take off. It is Monday..!

NetBeans Mobility Pack for CDC 5.0 is ready. Younger brother of famous NetBeans Mobility Pack is knocking the door. No, it is not knocking, it is already here :o) It is Monday today ....

Saturday Mar 25, 2006

On Monday?

People keep asking when we are going to have some kind of support for CDC in NetBeans. Interesting thread on bellow:
On Monday.


Michael Andreasen wrote:

> Been using netbeans for years now.
> However, been pushed into using Eclipse (websphere) for some PDA/Mobile stuff that uses CDC. Not happy.
> Any news when CDC (even a beta) will be in NB Mobility, so I can go back to netbeans?
> Thanks.
Is it joke or is it serious?

Friday Mar 03, 2006

NetBeans Mobility Day @ CTIA

We have one more NetBeans Mobility day in Las Vegas @ CTIA conference. If you want to learn more about and gamble a bit as well, do not forget to register: NetBeans Mobility Day @ CTIA registration.

Thursday Mar 02, 2006

Deeper in NetBeans Mobility Pack

If you are interested in something you might not know before, look at the article we finished recently: On-Device Debugging with the Siemens TC65 and the NetBeans Mobility Pack 5.0. Many interesting topics are there: On-Device Debugging, flash demo and also introduction for IMP and IMP-NG profiles.

Wednesday Feb 15, 2006

What one should not forget

On Saturday I was flying to Barcelona for 3GSM show. You know, it is sometimes hard to put down all the things one need, but some of the most needed things are for me credit card and secure token card. This could be enough to survive and also stay in touch. To make sure, those necessary things are with me, I put the secure token card to my wallet, leaving it for next day morning. That's OK.
My friend took me in the morning to airport while he needed something. I am living at about 5 miles, that is not far and also he is living on half way to there. Got there, checked in, sat down, took my notebook, looked for my card ..... Noooo, [censored here]. I was checking my email in the morning for some latest news, took my card from wallet and ... You know the story.
Believe or not, I managed it. Called my friend again, better not to talk in details, but I got my card and caught flight in time. Uff, it was a hard start.



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