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ZFS zpool and file system version numbers and features

Often enough I have had to check the version of a ZFS pool or file system version. Sometimes, I am curious where a specific feature was delivered. So I imagine this could be useful for others. (Updated 21 Feb 2012 for Solaris 10 8/11 and Solaris 11.)

One note is that ZFS versions are backward compatible, which means that a kernel with a newer version can import an older version. The reverse is not true. So it is important to know what the oldest kernel version you might want to attach a pool to is, and make sure you don't upgrade your pool or file system to something newer. This table may help with that as well.

Note: This table is sorted by pool version, then file system version. The availability dates of the releases are not chronological, as a feature delivered in a version of Solaris 11 may be delivered in later Solaris 10 update.

delivered inzpool versionzfs versionfeaturescomments
Solaris 11 11/11335
  • Encryption
  • Label support for Trusted Extensions

Solaris 11 Express 2010.11315
  • deduplication
  • diff for snapshots
  • read-only pool import
  • pool import with missing log device

Solaris 10 8/11295
  • ZFS installation with Flash Archives (not really a ZFS feature)
  • ZFS send will include file system properties
  • ZFS diff
  • Pool import with missing log device
  • Pool import as read-only
  • Synchronous writes
  • ACL improvements
  • Improvements in pool messages

Solaris 10 9/10224
  • triple parity RAID-Z (raidz3)
  • logbias property
  • pool recovery
  • mirror splitting
  • device replacement enhancements
  • ZFS system process

Solaris 10 10/09103
  • ZFS with flash installation
  • user and group quotas
  • ZFS cache devices (L2ARC)
  • set ZFS properties at file system creation
  • primarycache and secondarycache properties
  • log device recovery

Solaris 10 5/09103
  • zone clone creates ZFS clone

Solaris 10 10/08103
  • separate ZIL log devices
  • ZFS boot/root file system
  • zone on ZFS
  • recursive snapshot renaming
  • snapshot rollback improvements
  • snapshot send improvements
  • gzip compression
  • multiple user data copies

  • quotas and reservations can exclude snapshots/clones
  • failure mode options
  • ZFS upgrade option
  • delegated administration

In Solaris 10 10/08 and later, zpool and zfs have the version option. It shows the version of the pool or file system, even if it is an older ZFS pool.
Solaris 10 5/0841
Pool version determined using zdb(1M) on Solaris 10 5/08
Solaris 10 8/0741
  • iSCSI support
  • zpool history
  • ability to set properties when creating file system

Pool version determined using zdb(1M) on Solaris 10 8/07
Solaris 10 11/0631
  • recursive snapshots
  • double parity RAID-Z (raidz2)
  • clone promotion

Pool version determined using zdb(1M) on Solaris 10 11/06
Solaris 10 6/0621
  • pool upgrade
  • restore of destroyed pool
  • integration into Solaris FMA
  • file system monitoring (fsstat)

Initial release of ZFS in Solaris 10

Pool version determined using zdb(1M) on Solaris 10 6/06

The details of all the ZFS features introduced in the Solaris 10 updates are listed in Chapter 1 of the ZFS Administration Guide and for Solaris 11 Express in its ZFS Administration Guide.

Hope this helps!


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