Tuesday Aug 18, 2009

Suncorp: OpenSSO as the Foundation of an Insurance Portal

The Suncorp Group is one of Australia's leaders in banking, insurance, investment and pensions. When they evaluated a range of commercial and open source single sign-on solutions for their SunCentral portal, they selected OpenSSO due to its feature completeness, enterprise readiness, support options and because it is open source software.

Fast forward six months, and OpenSSO is live, providing single sign-on to both intranet and Internet-facing applications at Suncorp as well as federated access to an external service provider, with a population of 3000 external insurance brokers and other partners plus 15,000 internal staff members accessing the system daily. Suncorp's Damien Covey reports: OpenSSO has been stable in our production environment. In the 6 months since we've been live we've had one issue caused by OpenSSO. This issue has now been patched in OpenSSO (after our issue report) [...].

Read the full questionnaire response for the full scoop.

Friday May 01, 2009

Verizon uses OpenSSO in Very Large (Over 40M Users) Deployment

Dan reports on the use of OpenSSO, a Massive Verizon Wireless Deployment that has over 40,000,000 users, 1,000,000 logins per day, and peaks at 4,000 logins per minute. Additional details at the slides and recordings of the March 19th, Online Webinar, which is also available as a PodCast.

Note that this story is from February; we didn't cover it here at the time but I'm adding the note now for completeness as this is an important deployment story.

Thursday Dec 11, 2008

ACA IT-Solutions deploys OpenSSO at Telenet for fine-grained access control

Telenet is a leading supplier for media and telecom services in Belgium, providing broadband Internet, multi-media, fixed-line and mobile telephony and digital TV services to residential and professional clients in Flanders and Brussels. When they needed fine-grained control of employee access to internal applications, they turned to ACA IT-Solutions, probably the largest and most successful independent Java solution provider in Benelux.

ACA, having long experience with Sun Access Manager, selected OpenSSO to provide fine-grained access control, using it as a central policy administration point (PAP) and developing a distributed policy decision point (PDP) to allow massive scaling and fault tolerance.

Read the full questionnaire to learn exactly why ACA selected OpenSSO for this critical role, and how "being able to dive into the source code often proved to be very useful for documentation's sake or making very subtle customisations." As Serge Craeghs of ACA writes, "Hey, who doesn't want to be in control? :)". Who indeed?

Sunday Oct 26, 2008

SSOCircle Uses OpenSSO to Provide an Open Identity Provider Service

SSOCircle is an open identity provider that supports multiple protocols for federated single sign-on. One of the first production deployments of OpenSSO, SSOCircle went live in February 2007 with support for SAML 2.0, adding OpenID a couple of months later (see SSOCircle-related posts at Superpatterns).

If you're working with federation technologies, SSOCircle is an incredibly useful resource - in the case of SAML 2.0, you can register your service provider metadata with SSOCircle and test single sign-on from SSOCircle to your site. With OpenID, of course, this isn't necessary - just type your OpenID URL (something like http://myname.ssocircle.com/) at an OpenID relying party and you're in business.

One particularly nice feature of the site is that they have configured OpenSSO's client certificate login, so you can use a browser or smartcard certificate to authenticate, rather than username/password. Convenience!

SSOCircle's latest offering is IDPee - a white label hosted identity provider service. Currently in beta (apply here), this looks like an interesting option if you don't want to be running an identity provider in your own infrastructure.

Read the full questionnaire and Liberty Alliance case study [PDF] for much more detail on SSOCircle.

Wednesday Oct 15, 2008

Advantech's not-so-secret toolbox: GlassFish, OpenESB, OpenSSO, Metro, etc...

Israel-based Advantech has agreed to share their success stories working with the GlassFish application, OpenESB and other Sun-sponsored open source technologies. Both stories discussed in the detailed questionnaire use GlassFish as a foundation for either OpenESB 2.0 or the large Java CAPS SOA product from Sun.

Business issues solved with those technologies range from a human workflow system to integration between legacy billing system and front-end CRM and customer portal. More technical uses of the GlassFish/OpenESB duo by Advantech include a throttling proxy. The deployment operating systems and back-end databases constitue a pretty good representation of the "usual suspects".

Beyond the list of just about all the GlassFish features used (yet another OpenMQ user by the way), Advantech's Dror Yaffe, Chief Architect of their Java Division goes on to list the various integration challenges faced and the sophisticated set of frameworks and libraries used. They range from OpenSSO, the Spring framework, AS400 integration with jt400, or project Metro. Make sure you read the details here. Finally, beyond a nice "Java EE by the book" comment, Dror mentions GlassFish's "High Availability Architecture" as the thing he likes best about GlassFish. Very nice.


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