Photo of Fabrice Aneche Full GlassFish adoption questionnaire responses from Fabrice Aneche of RTL.

Date : February 2008

Can you tell us about the application, site, or service in which you have adopted GlassFish?

RTL is the main radio broadcaster in France, our websites are an online continuation for our listeners, most applications are sounds and headlines centric.

How and when did you first find out about GlassFish?

We were already users of the Sun Application Server, and were happy to see Sun open source the code of this product.

Did you go through an evaluation process before selecting GlassFish? If so, can you tell us a little bit about the process and results?

We made some real case-studies comparing it to Tomcat (live in production), and realized that Tomcat is only great to deploy one application per instance, and that performance decreases with the number of applications deployed in it. We found the workaround (one app per instance) to be too administrator-consuming and not professional. Recent hardware can handle more than before and dedicating a service to one server is no longer needed, but managing many applications/instances on the same server can be a real mess.

GlassFish fixes the problem with the web console and the CLI, a good mix of these tools solves administration issues.

What specific version of GlassFish are you using?

Sun Application Server 9.1u1 aka GlassFish v2.

On what operating system do you run GlassFish? Do you use the same OS for both development and production deployment?

Solaris 10, and yes same OS for development and production.

On what hardware platform do you run GlassFish? Do you use the same platform for both development and production deployment?

Sun T2000 in production, Sun x4100 for development, Mac OS X developpers for early parts of the development.

Have you purchased support for GlassFish? If not, have you though about doing so?

Yes we have.

What specific features or modules of GlassFish are you using?

Sessions replication, JNDI ressoures clustering, JMS clustering, Grizzly Comet (soon in production), GlassFish JPA implementation (Toplink essentials).

What do you like most about GlassFish?

Simplicity, clustering built-in supervised with the console, really multiplatform, open source, supported by Sun.

What would you most like to see improved in GlassFish?

As a RAC Oracle user, we would to see the Oracle FaN failure notification mechanism (Oracle cluster notifies the JDBC driver to reconnect bogus pool's connections, notifies in the midst of transactions when a node dies) implemented in the GlassFish connection pools.

Improvement on the cluster implementation: we would like an official simple procedure to update an application inside the cluster without disturbing the service and a better cluster's status (we had difficulties to debug all the multicast synchronisations issues).

Are you using any open source or commercial frameworks or tools in your application?

Java: AspectJ, Spring framework, Groovy, Apache commons, Hibernate, Lucene, Velocity
Web: GWT, Stripes
XML: XStream, dom4j
HTML/JS: Dojo 0.4, Scriptaculous, Prototype, Mootools

Does your application use a database? If so, which one?

Yes, Oracle11g.

Are there any figures about the scale of your adoption which you would like to share?

We are using two well sized T2000 with hardware load-balancer for the dynamic parts, and 3 T1000 for the static contents.

How has GlassFish performed since your application went live? Have you run into any production issues which you would attribute to GlassFish?

We have started using GlassFish 6 months ago mostly for internal site, but a big rollout was one month ago when we changed our main home-page to a GlassFish-powered app (, we had some performances issues but mostly related to the T2000 architecture. GlassFish is rock-solid, there were no production outages. We plan to migrate some applications that requires a 99.99% SLA to GlassFish.

How would your describe your participation in the GlassFish project (e.g. user only, submitter of bug reports and RFEs, developer who has contributed code)?

We love to share informations with the glassfish team, we have the chance to meet some of them periodically, and submited some RFE/bugs.

Thanks Fabrice for sharing this with the rest of the GlassFish community!