Photo of Volker Burch Full GlassFish adoption questionnaire responses from Volker Burch of iTAC Software Inc..

Date : April 2008

Can you tell us about the application, site, or service in which you have adopted GlassFish?

The name of the product is iTAC.MES.Suite. It is a Manufacturing Execution System (MES). Typically MES systems are used in manufacturing plants to integrate disparate shop floor systems and ERP providing visibility and control over production processes.The iTAC system is specifically designed for discrete manufacturing processes in a variety of industries such as automotive, electronics and medical devices. A unique feature is the ability to directly connect to shop floor devices, providing high level process interlocking features in high volume production environments. See for more details.

How and when did you first find out about GlassFish?

In Q3 2007 while doing internet research.

Did you go through an evaluation process before selecting GlassFish? If so, can you tell us a little bit about the process and results?

Yes. The following criteria were mandatory for the application server of our choice:

Open source is important for two reasons: first, because iTAC.MES.Suite is a product which needs to be deployed as a package including the application server, we need to keep the additional license cost at a minimum. Some of our customers (smaller companies) are not willing to pay money for a specific technology layer. Also, open source allows us to find and correct potential problems faster.

What specific version of GlassFish are you using?

We're using GlassFish version 2.

On what operating system do you run GlassFish? Do you use the same OS for both development and production deployment?

We presently use Windows and Linux, both for development and production.

On what hardware platform do you run GlassFish? Do you use the same platform for both development and production deployment?

Intel based server systems (PC server), both for production and development.

Have you purchased support for GlassFish? If not, have you though about doing so and do you know that support includes access to patches and sustaining releases?

This is an option for the future, especially for an installation at larger companies. Larger companies are usually accustomed to paying for third party licenses and services.

What specific features or modules of GlassFish are you using?

Stateless Session Beans, Servlets, Rich-WebStart-Clients connected via IIOP, JCA. We are not using GlassFish specific technologies to be portable over different application server vendors. For these features, we have built our own (portable) layer for clustering, failover and client container.

What do you like most about GlassFish?

Open Source, Speed, supported by Sun.

What would you most like to see improved in GlassFish?

Cluster-Support should be more dynamic when re-deploying JCA-Connectors bundled inside EAR files (we reported this recently to the engineerin team). Also the IIOP rich clients should failover more gracefuly in the case of a restart of an instance (we have filed Bug ID: 3935).

Are you using any open source or commercial frameworks or tools in your application?

We use a few:

Does your application use a database? If so, which one?

We use Oracle 10g / 11g.

Are there any figures about the scale of your adoption which you would like to share?

A typical customer installation of our product consists of 2-4 servers. 200-400 rich clients (UIs plus machine interfaces) making 2-3 Million remote calls per day.

How would your describe your participation in the GlassFish project?

We submitted bug reports.

Thanks Volker for sharing this with the rest of the GlassFish community!