Julien-Pierre Rousseau's photo Full GlassFish adoption questionnaire responses from Julien-Pierre Rousseau of Carrefour.

Date : February 2007

Can you tell us about the application, site, or service in which you have adopted GlassFish?

The application running on our Glassfish Application Server is used to expose SAP HR through a Web Service. The operations of that Web Service are called by Microsoft Identity Integration Server (MIIS), a synchronizer of user accounts between several applications (LDAP, Active Directory, ...) inside Carrefour Belgium.

MIIS calls Glassfish's web service to either export or import user details for all of Carrefour Belgium's employees. It is interesting to note that even though MIIS has a plugin for SAP, it was easier and faster to expose SAP as a Web Service and use the SOAP plugin from MIIS. This is a good example where introducing a layer between 2 applications offers more advantage than inconvenience.

How and when did you first find out about GlassFish?

From java.sun.com when Glassfish was first announced.

Did you go through an evaluation process before selecting GlassFish? If so, can you tell us a little bit about the process and results?

Carrefour Belgium is a large EAI customer of the SeeBeyond products e*Gate and ICAN, which have been purchased by Sun Microsystems. Carrefour Belgium is about to start a large-scale project with Java CAPS Release 6 in 2008. Since Java CAPS runs on Glassfish, its presence inside Carrefour Belgium was obvious.

By the time the MIIS project started (mid-2007), the idea was to use Java CAPS' eInsight module to expose SAP HR as a Web Service. But the Java CAPS adoption was not yet ready at Carrefour Belgium, so the decision to use Glassfish to encapsulate the SAP BAPI calls into a Web Service was taken.

What specific version of GlassFish are you using?

Application Server 9 UR1

On what operating system do you run GlassFish? Do you use the same OS for both development and production deployment?

Windows Server 2003 Entreprise Edition for production and Windows XP Professional for development.

On what hardware platform do you run GlassFish? Do you use the same platform for both development and production deployment?

IBM Blade Server LS21 8Gb (797161G)

Have you purchased support for GlassFish? If not, have you though about doing so?

No, this will be done when Java CAPS Release 6 will englobe this project.

What specific features or modules of GlassFish are you using?

EJB container with Web Service exposure.

What do you like most about GlassFish?

Easy to use. Offers a short time-to-market, which is good for the business. The NetBeans IDE is really powerful. The visibility about what the future versions of Glassfish will be is also a good insurance for using this product.

What would you most like to see improved in GlassFish?

Lightweight (reduced footprint) version (foreseen in v3).

Are you using any open source or commercial frameworks or tools in your application?


Are there any figures about the scale of your adoption which you would like to share?

16000 web service calls done in 90 minutes for a weekly full load (~3 calls/second). The client application MIIS works in a single thread. The development took about 5 men-days, once the specifications of the wsdl and BAPI functions were available.

How has GlassFish performed since your application went live? Have you run into any production issues which you would attribute to GlassFish?

Glassfish did not cause any production problems since its activation in January 2008.

How would your describe your participation in the GlassFish project (e.g. user only, submitter of bug reports and RFEs, developer who has contributed code)?

As a user only.

Thanks Julien-Pierre for sharing this with the rest of the GlassFish community!