Logo for Reino InternationalFull GlassFish adoption questionnaire responses from Noel O'Connor of Reino International.

Date : March 2008

* Can you tell us about the application, site, or service in which you have adopted GlassFish?

Reino has adopted Glassfish as the application server for hosting our web-based reporting applications and web services.
Reino designs and manufactures parking meters, enforcement technologies and the management systems used to manage and enforce on-street and off-street parking for cities.
The web reporting application is a ajax-based web application implemented using JSF, jmaki, facelets and the dojo javascript library. The web services are implemented using JAX-WS and secured using SSL. All database interaction is done using JPA.

* How and when did you first find out about GlassFish?

I found out about Glassfish about 3 years ago and we have been using it for about 18-24 months.

* Did you go through an evaluation process before selecting GlassFish? If so, can you tell us a little bit about the process and results?

We had specific ideas about what technologies we wanted to use in implementing our web/WS applications. We decided to use JEE5 based technologies - JSF, JAX-WS and JPA - and the only complete application server which was capable of supporting these technologies at the time was Glassfish.

* What specific version of GlassFish are you using?

We initially started using V1 but soon migrated to V2. V2 is now fully running in production.

* On what operating system do you run GlassFish? Do you use the same OS for both development and production deployment?

We developed using a combination of Linux, Windows XP/2000. The production servers run on Windows 2003 server.

* On what hardware platform do you run GlassFish? Do you use the same platform for both development and production deployment?

We use X86 based hardware in both development and production.

* Have you purchased support for GlassFish? If not, have you though about doing so?

No yet but I'd suspect we will be investigating it soon.

* What specific features or modules of GlassFish are you using?

JSF, JAX-WS, EJB3 SLSB & JPA, resource pooling and container base security

* What do you like most about GlassFish?

The admin console is very powerful and it is constantly improving. The web service test feature is exceptionally useful.

* What would you most like to see improved in GlassFish?

There is still a few issues when it comes to configuring resources but these are minor issues which are easily overcome.
A windows based service installer would be useful, there are alternatives available but I could see this being a minor improvement to the installation process.
Initially the log4j integration was a bit complex I don't know if this has improved.

* Are you using any open source or commercial frameworks or tools in your application?

Yes Spring V2.0, Hibernate, Dojo, Facelets, JMaki

* Does your application use a database? If so, which one?

Yes, MSSQL 2000/2005

* Are there any figures about the scale of your adoption which you would like to share?

At last count we have about 4 servers running in production and a few more in test

* How has GlassFish performed since your application went live? Have you run into any production issues which you would attribute to GlassFish?

No issues so far.

* How would your describe your participation in the GlassFish project?

Unfortunately we are users only, time pressures limit our participation.

* Is there anything else you think would be of interest in a story about your GlassFish adoption?

We are very impressed with the amount of time and effort Sun has put into Glassfish and the progress that has been made.
We are looking forward to testing with the V3 release with its improved startup times