Friday May 01, 2009

Verizon uses OpenSSO in Very Large (Over 40M Users) Deployment

Dan reports on the use of OpenSSO, a Massive Verizon Wireless Deployment that has over 40,000,000 users, 1,000,000 logins per day, and peaks at 4,000 logins per minute. Additional details at the slides and recordings of the March 19th, Online Webinar, which is also available as a PodCast.

Note that this story is from February; we didn't cover it here at the time but I'm adding the note now for completeness as this is an important deployment story.

Monday Mar 23, 2009

Telefonica, Brazil tracking touble tickets for 50 million customers

Telefonica Brazil runs the backbone of Brazil by offering Internet, Voice, and Digital TV services to over 50 million customers. What do they rely upon to serve this huge customer base - yep, it's GlassFish!

The Field Technicians and Field Managers open and track resolution tickets using a system deployed on GlassFish. Other than using a variety of Sun hardware (M5000, T5220, and v480) they are also using Java Server Faces, EJBs and JMS.

They like the browser-based Administration Console and are also using JBoss Tools, Eclipse and Hibernate. No performance issues are seen after making an initial adjustment to the system.

The detailled GlassFish questionnaire provide additional details on all of the above.

Saturday Feb 14, 2009

Pretium Telecom - GlassFish ESB in Telco

One more important references from this week's GlassFish Portfolio Launch. From Sun's February 10, 2009 Press Release:

"Sun, as a leader in Java, web and open source technologies, has greatly reduced our concerns of vendor lock-in with GlassFish Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). As a component of Sun's new GlassFish Portfolio, which provides a complete platform for dynamic web applications development, production support,and a strong commitment to standards, Sun's GlassFish ESB has allowed us to create new revenue generating Internet products and better serve our customers -- all with a lower TCO and initial investment," said Ruud de Greef, CIO, Pretium Telecom.

Like with our T-Mobile, USA and Medavie Blue Cross stories; we hope to add a Questionnaire later on.

T-Mobile, High Availability and GlassFish

This week's GlassFish Portfolio Launch included several customer references that are important enough to merit a spotlight, even without our usual Questionnaire.

From Sun's February 10, 2009 Press Release:

"High availability allows us to meet our stringent uptime requirements and the Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server enables us to cost-effectively deploy new services while meeting our performance and availability requirements," said Erez Yarkoni, vice president, T-Mobile, USA.

Thursday Feb 12, 2009

SFR - Developer APIs, GlassFish-powered

If you're a Vodafone customer and have traveled to France, you've been using the SFR cellular network, the second largest in the country with 19 Million subscribers (almost 5 million 3G subscribers) and number one European non-historical telecom operator.

Project RED (Rich Enabler Distribution), the code name of the "SFR Developer Zone" Initiative (, offers developer APIs to access the SFR core network features such as sending SMS, MMS, geo-localizing mobile devices, ... and has chosen to deploy on GlassFish in clustered mode and MySQL. The services have been live since last November (2008) with good feedback from the developers community.

This experience started with a prototype developed on Tomcat which was then industrialized on top of GlassFish. The clustering feature of the application server has been a crucial point to scale to the demand of the developers. OpenMQ is also part of the technical solution. Read all the details in this questionnaire.

Thursday Dec 11, 2008

ACA IT-Solutions deploys OpenSSO at Telenet for fine-grained access control

Telenet is a leading supplier for media and telecom services in Belgium, providing broadband Internet, multi-media, fixed-line and mobile telephony and digital TV services to residential and professional clients in Flanders and Brussels. When they needed fine-grained control of employee access to internal applications, they turned to ACA IT-Solutions, probably the largest and most successful independent Java solution provider in Benelux.

ACA, having long experience with Sun Access Manager, selected OpenSSO to provide fine-grained access control, using it as a central policy administration point (PAP) and developing a distributed policy decision point (PDP) to allow massive scaling and fault tolerance.

Read the full questionnaire to learn exactly why ACA selected OpenSSO for this critical role, and how "being able to dive into the source code often proved to be very useful for documentation's sake or making very subtle customisations." As Serge Craeghs of ACA writes, "Hey, who doesn't want to be in control? :)". Who indeed?

Monday Apr 21, 2008

GlassFish v2 and JRuby powering WorldxChange Communications NZ's online billing system

Logo for WorldxChange Communications

WorldxChange Communications NZ have just won the NZ Telecommunications Carrier of the Year 2007. While looking at their competitors they decided to refocus their efforts towards an online system to actively view their call records and past history information for our customers verses making sure they grow their customer base, see Grant McLaren's comments from WorldxChange Communications NZ here.

The project started out as a Proof Of Concept, 8 weeks later, it went live, see ViewBill Portal Link. The ViewBill Portal Link project is based on JRuby, GlassFish v2 and NetBeans 6.1. One of the reasons they chose NetBeans, GlassFish and JRuby was, as Grant McLaren puts it, "I came across Glassfish. From my perspective, the main advantage was that I could deploy my JRuby project war file directly to GlassFish, allowing me to develop and test our online ViewBill portal using a production grade, scalable web server." Since then, WorldxChange Communications NZ have since started using GlassFish v3 with the JRuby gem for testing of new code features before going in to production.

To read through all of WorldxChange Communications NZ's reasons why they chose GlassFish and Jruby, see their full questionnaire here. Here's how WorldxChange Communications NZ summarizes their reasons for using GlassFish and JRuby; Grant McLaren writes, "I do not believe that I could have developed this project any faster using different toolsets or technologies and have been massively impressed with the combination of Glassfish and JRuby." and "I like the fact that it is a production grade web server that is reliable, scalable and packed full of features. As we traditionally use Apache web servers, Glassfish fulfilled the requirements of this project and it was easily incorporated into our existing network. Not too mention being backed by the reputable company Sun, it made Glassfish the perfect choice."

Make sure you visit and read :
- the Full Questionnaire for GlassFish adoption by WorldxChange Communications NZ
- the WorldxChange Communications NZ website


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