Sunday Mar 08, 2009 GlassFish and MQ

Glen Smith has been kicking the tires of GlassFish to run his Groovyblogs portal for a while now. This Grails-powered application was developed in record time and has proven to run smoothly for over two years now.

Groovyblogs was recently enhanced to use OpenMQ and a message-oriented architecture with "significantly greater uptime, and much more scalable and pluggable deployment opportunities" as an immediate result. Earlier updates included the use of GlassFish v2's HTTP compression support (Glen started with GlassFish v1 back in 2007).

Glen didn't wait for GlassFish v3's optimized experience for scripting environment such as Groovy/Grails (Screencast, Download, Getting Started) but promises to do so after once he's done writing and reviewing "Grails in Action".

Read all about this story straight from Glen in this detailed questionnaire.

Wednesday Mar 04, 2009

Involver - Online video marketing platform using JRuby-on-Rails on GlassFish is an online video marketing platform that allows brands to build, promote, manage, and track video campaigns on social networks for targeted audiences. The heart of this platform is a Ruby-on-Rails application using JRuby 1.1.6 served by GlassFish v2 UR2.

They found "pack of mongrels" as inefficient use of human and machine resources. After deciding on WAR-based packaging and looking at alternatives, GlassFish was chosen because of "well-defined public roadmap and release cycle" and "high degree of community overlap between JRuby and GlassFish projects". The admin console greatly reduced the setup cost which was another key factor for choosing GlassFish.

They use JMS queues to deal with "long running" tasks in single-threaded Rails environments. They are very impressed with the performance and big fans of the web-based admin console.

The detailed GlassFish questionnaire provide additional details on all of the above.

Tuesday Mar 03, 2009

MidwifeMate - GlassFish reducing paperwork for midwifery practice management is a on-line midwifery practice management software that drastically reduces the paper work involved when family, hospitals, specialists, and midwife are busy taking care of the newborn and the mother. The information is accessible on a mobile device as well, very considerate of the parents-to-be. The application is hosted on GlassFish.

GlassFish was chosen over other App Servers because Java EE features are working as expected. They are using Hibernate as the persistence provider for the JPA layer. 

The GlassFish is front-ended using Apache Web server and proxy_ajp. Approximately 2000 hours have been spent developing the application.

They like "good support for Java EE", multiple platform support and the GlassFish plugin for Eclipse.

The detailed GlassFish questionnaire provide additional details on all of the above.

Sunday Dec 28, 2008

Clarity Accounting: Online Accounting Software using GWT and Hibernate with GlassFish

Are you a small business or self employed professional looking for a SaaS accounting solution ? Clarity Accounting provides an online accounting solution by building a simple flexible model with plenty of access to information. 

The solution is hosted on 3tera AppLogic Grid using Linux on commodity Intel hardware. The solution use traditional EJB, Servlet and Web services for the core infrastructure. Hibertate and Hibernate Search are used for database abstraction with PostgreSQL backend. Google Web Toolkit is used for the user interface.

They use GlassFish as the application server because they were recommended it is the "best one to start with". They also like it because of better standards compliance with EJB3 and dont-have-to-edit-XML-configuration file approach possible because of admin console.

The detailed GlassFish questionnaire provide additional details on all of the above.

Sunday Nov 02, 2008

Ipso-Facto: Real Estate SaaS with GlassFish

Ipso-Facto builds and delivers real estate software as a service for the French market. They've been running GlassFish v2 in production for a little while now. Enough to call it "mature, recommend (it) for professional use" and start the rewrite of older applications to run on top of this Java EE server.

This company used to be a full Microsoft shop and first moved to Java with Tomcat before they adopted GlassFish. Their largest application, LogissimoASP, uses many JSF components from various sources, and operates in a Microsoft environment: Windows 2003 and SQL Server 2005. This application recently started using the clustering and load-balancing features provided by GlassFish v2 to secure the availability of the service which now has hundreds of concurrent users and spikes at well-known moments in the day.

As always, you're invited to read the detailed questionnaire for this Ipso-Facto GlassFish production story.

Sunday Oct 26, 2008

SSOCircle Uses OpenSSO to Provide an Open Identity Provider Service

SSOCircle is an open identity provider that supports multiple protocols for federated single sign-on. One of the first production deployments of OpenSSO, SSOCircle went live in February 2007 with support for SAML 2.0, adding OpenID a couple of months later (see SSOCircle-related posts at Superpatterns).

If you're working with federation technologies, SSOCircle is an incredibly useful resource - in the case of SAML 2.0, you can register your service provider metadata with SSOCircle and test single sign-on from SSOCircle to your site. With OpenID, of course, this isn't necessary - just type your OpenID URL (something like at an OpenID relying party and you're in business.

One particularly nice feature of the site is that they have configured OpenSSO's client certificate login, so you can use a browser or smartcard certificate to authenticate, rather than username/password. Convenience!

SSOCircle's latest offering is IDPee - a white label hosted identity provider service. Currently in beta (apply here), this looks like an interesting option if you don't want to be running an identity provider in your own infrastructure.

Read the full questionnaire and Liberty Alliance case study [PDF] for much more detail on SSOCircle.


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