Tuesday Apr 20, 2010

Financial services on the go - GlassFish for Fundamo and profit

ISV Fundamo is using GlassFish as the technical foundation for its Enterprise Platform, a comprehensive set of mobile financial services (wallet, banking, debit card modules, ...) offering a flexible multi-bank and multi-operator environment to enable different scenarios ranging from service as a platform to a mobile operator owned service.

As with any banking environment, performance and availability are key and Fundamo uses a couple of GlassFish clusters with integrated OpenMQ and reports that "The performance of the GlassFish server with OpenMQ is excellent. Our product runs extremely high volumes of banking transactions and we require very high throughputs. GlassFish seems to be coping well with this." (see the full Fundamo GlassFish questionnaire for more details as well as this earlier short video interview).

While Fundamo currently still uses GlassFish version 2.1.x, the lightweight, highly modular, and extensible nature of GlassFish v3 can only make the product an even better fit for software vendors and OEM's. Also, a new and welcome feature is the branding capabilities (see javadoc) which offers the ability to skin the admin console and customize the product name as you may see fit (product name, log, etc.).

Make sure you read the Fundamo detailled questionnaire for further information on how GlassFish is used to solve their business problems.

Friday Oct 24, 2008

CDOVaR.net does online Risk and Pricing with OpenDS

CDO² is a a provider of innovative pricing and risk technologies. Hosted on Sun Network.com infrastructure, CDOVaR.net is a service provided by CDO² for structured credit pricing and risk, which allows financial institutions to transparently harness grid computing to manage their portfolios.

For user management, authentication and authorization, CDOVaR.net was looking for a Java based LDAP directory server, mainly to reduce the dependence on native code. After a trial period in the staging environment, replacing the existing LDAP product, OpenDS was adopted and allowed significant improvements in the systems deployment and the use of directory services.

As Dominic Cleal of CDO² writes: "We found OpenDS much simpler to deploy to a new environment, with far less dependencies and far easier to configure out of the box."

Make sure you read the full questionnaire for OpenDS adoption by CDOVaR.net for additional details on all of the above, and more.

Tuesday Dec 18, 2007

Another customer banking on GlassFish - Banque Degroof Luxembourg

GlassFish is used by a small but fast-paced team of developers from Banque Degroof Luxembourg. Their portfolio management application has been in production for a few months now and they've already experienced the value of being a supported customer to work around a critical bug (fixed in GlassFish v2ur1/SJS Application Server 9.1ur1).

The administration tools seems like the key argument that helped this customer make the GlassFish choice. They are using a Sybase database and also Java CAPS, Sun's SOA offering largely based on Java EE and GlassFish.

As developer Olivier Gerouville puts it: "It is good to work with products that have strong on-line communities, it does make our work easier". You can read the full GlassFish Adoption Questionnaire for more details.

Tuesday Oct 23, 2007

Numera trusts GlassFish v2 for several payment applications

If you hear that a credit card holder website, a payment gateway, a web application for bank branches, and a call center web application are all running on the same application server software, you might think that this is because it took a lot of persuasion by the software vendor. As it turns out, the software is GlassFish and the effort is really only about making an easy-to-use product.

These particular applications are running on Windows, using mainly the Metro stack to interact with .Net Web Services. They also make use of the Java Persistence API with a MS SQL Server back-end.

Learn how Carlo from Numera, a subsidiary of Banco di Sardegna specializing in IT services, discovered GlassFish, started using it to develop Java EE 5 applications and went into production for those four different applications in this full questionnaire.


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