Tuesday Jun 29, 2010

BNL Discusses Its Tiered Storage Solution

Brookhaven National Laboratory discusses its long term use of Oracle’s Sun Storage systems and the storage of over 15 petabytes of data.

Tuesday May 04, 2010

Oracle Storage Bloggers

Here are some of the folks who blog actively about storage at Oracle, listed roughly in order of popularity.

(If I'm missing someone, please let me know in the comments - more sources are always welcome!)

Jeff Bonwick - the big daddy of ZFS

BigAdmin - Rick Ramsey's funny and very useful blog about what's going on in the world of admins, which includes, of course, storage - BIG storage

Brendan Gregg - the man who shouts at JBODs on Fishworks, storage, and performance

Adam Leventhal - Fishworks

Oracle Solaris Video - many, many technical videos about all aspects of Solaris storage

Bizarre ! Vous avez dit Bizarre ? - Roch (rhymes with Spock) Bourbonnais : Kernel Performance Engineering. What to know how to get the best performance out of ZFS? Roch's your man.

The Observation Deck - Bryan Cantrill, one of the daddies of DTrace

Fishworks - what it says

Erick Schrock - "Musings about Fishworks, Operating Systems, and the software that runs on them"

On the Edge of the Open Storage Frontier - Tom Haynes brings 'em back alive

Dominic Kay - beneath that self-effacing British exterior lurks a man who really knows file systems

Internal Affairs - Dave Pacheco on Fishworks

Monday Jul 13, 2009

Live Video Stream: Kernel Conference Australia, July 15-17

Starting July 15th at 9 am (local time in Brisbane, Australia - GMT +10), we'll be streaming the Kernel Conference Australia. Go to our UStream page for the live stream and to participate and ask questions via chat.

Of particular interest to the storage crowd: Jeff Bonwick and Bill Moore on ZFS Deduplication! 9:15 am tomorrow. 

Wednesday Oct 01, 2008

Open Storage Summit: Ben Rockwood's Opening Keynote

1:07 hr

Ben Rockwood, Director of Systems at Joyent, speaks on "Storage in the Cloud" at the first OpenSolaris Storage Summit, held Sept 21, 2008, in Santa Clara, CA.

Open Storage Summit Ben Rockwood Keynote (for iPod)

Friday Jul 11, 2008

OpenSolaris Storage Community Now Translated

Just a quick note to let all of you know that the OpenSolaris storage community pages have been translated to Spanish, French, Japanese, Portugues, Russian, and Simplified Chinese.  You can change the language from the left-hand nav bar or the Important Links section.

We hope this will help our storage community reach more of you around the globe.

If you have any questions or comments, send your thoughts to the storage community.  Also, let us know if you'd like to get involved in any future translation efforts.

Monday Jul 07, 2008

Storage Videos from the Open Solaris Developers' Conference, Prague

My bud Rich Brueckner has posted rough-cut videos from the Open Solaris Developers' Conference that many of us attended in Prague a couple of weeks ago.

Of specific interest to storage devlopers:

Examining ZFS On-Disk Format Using mdb and zdb

...more on the way!

Tuesday Jun 10, 2008

Storage Blogs

Our list of storage bloggers continues to grow, so here's an updated set. Note that there's an aggregated RSS feed of all these blogs available in the Open Solaris Storage community.

Some of the fine folks who bring you Sun's Solaris storage software are also bloggers. Some of their blogs are technical, some are personal, most are a mix (as reflected in their categories/tags, included here for your convenience). We think you'll find them all interesting and/or useful. Happy reading!




devices... James McPherson amd64 Coding Conferences General Java Music OpenSolaris Solaris Travel ZFS
Aaron's Weblog Aaron Dailey About Me China FibreChannel General Solaris
Adam Leventhal Adam Leventhal DTrace | OpenSolaris | Other | Software | ZFS
Alok Aggarwal's Weblog Alok Aggarwal Music | NFS
AmyO's Blog Amy O’connor Open Source Personal Storage Sun
As Good A Place As Any Tim Thomas Miscellaneous NAS OpenSolaris Personal SAMBA Storage Archive Manager Sun Sun Fire X4500
BG Blog Barry Greenberg
Bizarre ! Vous avez dit Bizarre ? Roch Bourbonnais General | ZFS
blogbert.. Robert Gordon
Bob Porras' Blog Bob Porras Personal Sun
Chalfant’s Blog Randy Chalfant Personal Sun
Dave Weibel Dave Weibel\*
David Zhang’s blog David Zhang
Dominic Kay Dominic Kay Filebench Oddities Open Source Paper Boy Performance Visualisation Storage
Don Traub's Weblog Don Traub General | Humor | Personal
Doug McCallum's Share Manager Weblog Doug McCallum General Java Music
Eet Not Crang Torrey McMahon General Music Storage What I Do
Eric Kustarz's Weblog Eric Kustarz FileBench | NFS | SETUP | ZFS
Event Horizon Dave Hollister \* COMSTAR \* JDS \* MPxIO \* OSD \* OSS
Grant Zhang - Snapshot of life Grant Zhang
Jeff Bonwick Jeff Bonwick General Slab Allocator ZFS
Jim Walker Jim Walker
Ken Gibson's Storage Networking Blog Ken Gibson\* General Java Music
Kool Aid Served Daily Tom Haynes
Lin Ling Lin Ling
Lori Alt's Weblog Lori Alt Personal Sun ZFS
Management Monogatari Mark A. Carlson
Mark Maybee Mark Maybee ZFS
Mark Shellenbaum Mark Shellenbaum ZFS
Matthew Ahrens Matthew Ahrens General Solaris ZFS
Multithreaded Musings Mark Musante
Neelakanth Nadgir's blog Neelkanth Nadgir
Neil Perrin Neil Perrin Solaris ZFS
Nigel Dessau Nigel Dessau\* Personal Sun Storage
Paul@Sun - Musings about my life at Sun. Paul Kasper c c++ developer edition education express games networking social solaris students studio sun teacher temple tools web wikis wikis.sun.com
Quickstick Scott Tracy
Ramblings from Richard's Ranch Richard Elling availability baseball benchmark braves cluster cmt cows developer diversity ducks ecc eco fire fma freebsd hockey hpc indiana java javaone jogl m4000 m5000 m8000 m9000 markov memory mlb.com model mtbs mttdl niagara2 opensolaris opensparc oracle padres performability performance pet-peeves rac raid ramona ranch ras rascad reliability repair sdosug server serviceability sheep solaris sparc storagetek t2 t2plus t5120 t5220 tarantula thumper ultrasparc v490 witch worldwind x4500 zfs
Reed's Online Notes Reed Liu
Reflections on OS addiction Eric Schrock DTrace General OpenSolaris Software Solaris ZFS
rohrer@borealis Lynn Rohrer
SAM-QFS Ted Pogue Personal Sun
SAMF Sam Falkner DTrace | General | Music | NFS | SMF | Solaris
Storage Stop Group blog \* All \* OpenSolaris \* Sun \* Tools \* Video
Sumit Gupta's Blog Sumit Gupta
Sumit Gupta's HBA Insights Sumit Gupta\*\* General Java Music
Taylor's Take on Sun Storage Taylor Allis amazon disk eco emc honeycomb ibm open opensolaris openstorage saas solaris storage storagetek sun sunstorage tape thumper virtualization vtl web2.0 x4500 zfs Storage Intelligence
The "Availability Suite" Jim Dunham
The Long Purple Line Dan Maslowski
The Robinson Factor David Robinson\*
theShepler Spencer Shepler
Tim Foster Tim Foster Off-topic OpenSolaris OpenSolaris Monthly Translation, language and tools ZFS
Umang Kumar's Weblog Umang Kumar
Valdis Filks Valdis Filks
Weblog of Jeff Cheeney Jeff Cheeney Open Source Storage Personal Solaris Sun
数据管理 Roger Dong

Wednesday Apr 30, 2008

Where We'll Be: OpenSolaris Developers' Summit, CommunityOne

Jeff, Lynn and I will be all over the Bay Area the first week in May, for the following events:

OpenSolaris Developer Summit, on the UCSC campus in beautiful Santa Cruz, May 3-4

CommunityOne in San Francisco, May 5

Grid & Cluster, Oakland, May 12-16

Hope to see you at one or more of these events!


Sunday Apr 27, 2008

What We're Reading: AVS and ZFS blog posts

This morning while trolling through the blogsphere we encouterned some enlightning blog posts.

Storage, Storage, Storage - "Using ZFS you can now build high-capacity, redundant storage systems for as little as $.25-.50/GB, which is pretty close to street price for the drives themselves. Alternatively, you can build tier-1 high-performance redundant storage systems, roughly equivalent in quality to enterprise solutions, for as low as $2/GB, which is practically unheard of." - Randy Bias from neoTactics.

Less known Solaris Features: Point-in-time copy with AVS - Joerg Moellenkamp presents a detailed tutorial on the enterprise critical feature Availability Suite (blog).



Tuesday Apr 22, 2008

Video: Introducing the OpenSolaris Data Migration Manager

Mark Cruciani introduces the OpenSolaris Data Migration Manager in an informal "Birds of a Feather" session at Usenix FAST, in San Jose, CA, February 2008.

~10:30 mins

Also available for iPod

Wednesday Apr 16, 2008

New for iPod: The General Purpose Storage Revolution

Jeff Bonwick speaks at the Storage Networking Industry Association's Storage Developer Conference (held September 10-13, 2007, in San Jose) about the coming revolution in storage, and why resistance is futile.

"The General Purpose Storage Revolution" video is now available for iPod

Wednesday Mar 19, 2008

Video: Open Solaris as a Storage Platform

Jeff Cheeney speaks at a Usenix FAST Birds of a Feather session (Feb, 2008) on "Open Solaris as a Storage Platform".


11 mins.

download video for iPod of Open Solaris as a Storage Platform here

Thursday Feb 21, 2008

Where We'll Be: FOSDEM and FAST

Tim Foster's heading over to FOSDEM  tomorrow - join him for a beer!

Jeff, Lynn, and Deirdré will be at FAST next week, where Drew Wilson will present on The New and Improved FileBench.

We're also having a Birds of a Feather session on Wednesday, February 27 at 8pm  in the California Room at the Fairmont in San Jose; we'd love you to drop by to meet some project leads and chat about OpenSolaris as a storage platform.

We look forward to meeting you on one side or the other of the Atlantic!

Wednesday Feb 20, 2008

What We're Reading: Dan on Symbiosis with Hitachi, Richard on Clusters

Symbiosis "Over the last couple of months my team has been working hard with our partner and OEM, Hitachi Data Systems to help get native support for the AMS 500 in the operating system. MPxIO, our core path state and encapsulation technology with responsibility for high availability on a wide range of storage arrays now just works with the AMS as of build 84 of Open Solaris." - Dan Maslowski

Big Clusters and Deferred Repair - "When we build large clusters, such as high performance clusters or any cluster with a large number of computing nodes, we begin to look in detail at the repair models for the system. You are probably aware of the need to study power usage, air conditioning, weight, system management, networking, and cost for such systems. So you are also aware of how multiplying the environmental needs of one computing node times the number of nodes can become a large number." - Richard Relling



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