Wednesday Feb 20, 2008

What We're Reading: Dan on Symbiosis with Hitachi, Richard on Clusters

Symbiosis "Over the last couple of months my team has been working hard with our partner and OEM, Hitachi Data Systems to help get native support for the AMS 500 in the operating system. MPxIO, our core path state and encapsulation technology with responsibility for high availability on a wide range of storage arrays now just works with the AMS as of build 84 of Open Solaris." - Dan Maslowski

Big Clusters and Deferred Repair - "When we build large clusters, such as high performance clusters or any cluster with a large number of computing nodes, we begin to look in detail at the repair models for the system. You are probably aware of the need to study power usage, air conditioning, weight, system management, networking, and cost for such systems. So you are also aware of how multiplying the environmental needs of one computing node times the number of nodes can become a large number." - Richard Relling


Video: An Introduction to Developing in OpenSolaris

Charles Baker gives "an Introduction to Developing in OpenSolaris" to the Front Range Solaris User Group.

31 mins.

download the presentation on An Introduction to Developing in OpenSolaris

Friday Feb 15, 2008

What We're Reading: More Storagey Goodness

Open Season - "The STK 5800 has open-sourced the code base to three different open source communities... What can you do with this? You can run it, modify it, and contemplate the future of storage that is a very different paradigm from what we know today..." - Scott Tracy

My experience in Indiana 2 - "I'm an early'ish adopter of technology and I like to live what I talk about, so when Sanjay dropped by my office and told me about the latest release of Indian I had to give it a try. The ability to install off a memory stick was really cool, so I jumped in with both feet..." Jeff Cheeney

Sun Grid Engine on the Autobahn - "A few weeks ago I was in Germany for a HPC planning session... I had the pleasure to experience some results of HPC  in action..." Bob Porras


Tuesday Feb 12, 2008

Video: pNFS in OpenSolaris

A presentation from Spencer Shepler and Siddheshwar Mahesh on pNFS in OpenSolaris - SNIA Storage Developer Conference (September 2007)

48:38 mins.

pNFS in OpenSolaris - download the presentation (ppt pdf)

Wednesday Dec 05, 2007

New OpenSolaris Project: VSCAN Service

The VSCAN service project provides an integrated real-time virus scanning service to support OpenSolaris as a storage operating system.

Read all about it on!

Tuesday Nov 13, 2007

Video: Brian Wong on Open Storage for OpenSolaris


Brian Wong speaks at Sun Tech Days, Milan, Sept 26.

44 mins. 

Coming soon:

  • Jeff Jackson's Keynote Speech at Sun Tech Days, Milan, Italy

Tuesday Nov 06, 2007

New OpenSolaris Project: Media Management System

The Media Management System (MMS) is a new magnetic tape and tape library managment facility based on IEEE standard 1244, Media Management System. The primary function of MMS is to provide a removable media mounting surface in a distributed environment.

Read all about it on

Monday Oct 22, 2007

OpenSolaris Self-Service Testing Released

The OpenSolaris Self-Service Testing application is now available and ready for use by OpenSolaris contributors.  

Self-Service Testing allows you to run fully automated functional and performance tests on your code prior to integration into the OpenSolaris code base. You can upload binary code and select your tests and benchmarks. You can view test results online, and you'll be kept informed of progress via email. 

The Self-Service Testing application can be accessed directly at

Both user and guest access is available. Guest access allows any OpenSolaris registered user to view test results. In addition,  
OpenSolaris contributors are automatically added to Self-Service Testing at the user level which allows them to upload code and submit test runs.  

OpenSolaris Self-Service Testing was jointly developed by Sun's Solaris QE, Solaris ON Pre-Integration Testing, and Solaris Performance Pre-Integration Testing groups.  

Friday Jul 27, 2007

What We're Watching: OpenSolaris NFSv4 Namespace Extensions Screencast

NFSv4 Namespace Extensions Screencast

Check out the demos for the new NFSv4 namespace extensions (mirror mounts and referrals) available in OpenSolaris.  If you are managing a lot of ZFS shares, you'll want to check this out.


Solaris Storage News


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