Storage News: Nov 12, 2008 - More on Sun Storage 7000

Press coverage on Sun Storage 7000 family - Terri Wischmann publishes a roundup of what the "real" media are saying.

...and more from our prolific herd of bloggers:

Kiosk Users: Observability for Everyone - "...Our revolutionary analytics interface helps storage administrators understand how the box is performing. The dashboard page provides a summary view of key metrics, including a weather metaphor for each statistic. While this information is useful to storage administrators, it can also be useful to application developers who are actually using the storage. With this idea in mind, we created a new kind of administrator: a kiosk user. Kiosk users are created using the normal user dialog..." - Bill Pijewski of the Fishworks team

IT Guy is at it again - "The IT Guy. He's the biggest YouTube sensation since Soulja Boy. (not really but it makes for a good story so just work with me, would ya?)  :-) He's at it again..." - Mary Mary

Session Annotations - "One of our larger beta customers requested the ability to tag the audit log with a user-defined string which annotates that particular session. Certain users, upon logging in, must provide a session annotation..." - Bill Pijewski

Phase 3 of the Sun Model - "...deliver, for a fee, the means to create value between deploy and scale, for those who need it. I've had a number of comments and questions about that third phase. It can include all kinds of value-creation, depending on the product in question. Here are some examples of delivering value for people who have already deployed and are heading towards scale..." - Simon Phipps

Database Performance and Sun Storage 7410 Unified Storage Array - "The Sun Storage 7410 Unified Storage Array can be used effectively by customers requiring NAS storage for their databases. A variety of performance measurements are presented from tests run in an Database environment..." - BM Seer

Sun Storage 7000 launches today ! - "...The Storage 7000 brings the best of Open Storage (ZFS, CIFS client in kernel, dtrace, fault prediction) to what is truly an open storage appliance. Yes, the web interface gives you information about your storage you have never experienced before, and it is based on dtrace. Get more info here.  And we are just getting started..." Alain Geenrits

ANSYS using Sun Storage 7410 with the Sun Blade X6250 - "The HPC MCAE application ANSYS V11.0 Standard Benchmarks on the Sun Blade X6250 with Sun Storage 7410 show good performance Relative to the Sun Fire X4540 Storage Server and to Direct Attached Storage (DAS)...." BM Seer

Follow The Amber Brick Road - "...What is different about this storage system?? Everything!..." Aaron Newcomb

If you really want the inside story on Amber Road... "For the past couple years, in an "undisclosed location," an elite team of hot shot techon celebs at Sun  Microsystems have been at work.Today, their innovation came to the market. There's a full-blown launch event that gives you the 4-1-1. But if you really want the inside scoop..." - Mary, Mary

Thanks - "It takes more than a single engineering team to put together a product as large and complicated as the Sun Storage 7000 series. While we developed the appliance software, we relied on countless others to build the base technology in Solaris, test our software, and the countless other jobs required to bring a product to market. While there are obviously too many to name everyone in one post, what follows is a (woefully incomplete) list of those who went above and beyond the call of duty in helping us make this project a reality..." - Fishworks team

Fun with replicating the Sun Unified Storage Simulator on my Mac - "I was there when they launched the Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems ("there" being the CEC conference in Las Vegas). Within an hour of the launch I had downloaded the Sun Unified Storage Simulator for VMware Fusion and started playing with this ultra-cool software stack on my MacBook Pro..." - Multiple Threads

ISV reaction to Sun Storage 7000 - "...Presented with the vision of building storage appliances from industry-standard hardware components, OpenSolaris and open-source software, the most common reactions was that it's about time that all the innovation happening in server land is being transplanted into the storage world by a major IT vendor. The time for closed, proprietary storage devices has come and gone..." - Georg Edelmann

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This stuff is fantastic! I can think of a dozen clients just off the top of my head who can immediately benefit from this. On top of that, you've got a free VMware image to download to play with it - awesome!

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