Monday Sep 22, 2008

Storage blogs translated into Simplified Chinese in September 2008

For your easier reading, here's a list of Storage blogs we've translated into Simplified Chinese in September 2008:

Bob Porras' blogs in Simplified Chinese

Tim Thomas's blogs in Simplified Chinese

Tim Foster's blogs in Simplified Chinese

Peter Buckingham's blogs in Simplified Chinese

Scott Tracy's blogs in Simplified Chinese

Sunday Mar 02, 2008

Sun Introduces New Open Archive Solutions to Better Solve Explosive Data Growth Challenges for Customers

SANTA CLARA, CA February 28, 2008 Sun Microsystems (NASDAQ: JAVA) today announced the latest additions to its open archive portfolio, adding a scalable, energy-conscious midrange modular library and fourth-generation fast-access tape drive. In addition, Sun introduced enhancements to archive data security and release of a multi-tiered archive appliance that will work heterogeneously with Solaris 10 Operating System (OS) and other leading operating systems. Sun also recently announced that is has donated the source code for the Sun StorageTek 5800 system, formerly known as "Project Honeycomb," to open source communities.

read all about it: Sun Introduces New Open Archive Solutions to Better Solve Explosive Data Growth Challenges for Customers


Wednesday Oct 24, 2007

What We're Reading: Updated

Sun's ZFS is close to perfect, but widely misunderstood (InfoWorld, Oct 24) - don't miss the associated screencast!

SNIA Demonstrates First Multi-Vendor Fixed-Content Solution Based on XAM (SNIA press release, Oct 15) 

OSD (Object-Based Storage Device) Support in the Solaris OS (SDN, October) 

Digital Repositories: A Global Work Effort (Campus Technology, Oct 10) - Sun's HoneyComb technology

Sun PASIG Unites Education and Industry for Digital Archiving (Campus Technology, Oct 8) 

Sun Microsystems and Leading Global Library Organizations Form Group to Address Digital Archiving (Sun press release, Oct 8)

Sun's Storage Platform for OpenSolaris Distributions (new graphic on

Best of open source in storage (InfoWorld, Sep 10)

SNIA Releases 100 Year Archive Requirements Survey Report (SNIA, Aug 6)

Object-Based Storage Devices (SDN, July) 

Sun Says File Systems Are An Important Differentiator (IT Jungle, Jul 18)

Indian installer prototype available (Dave Miner's blog, Jul 13) 

Sun To Split Solaris Distribution Model (InformationWeek, Jul 12) 

ZFS — новый взгляд на файловые системы (, Jun 2007)

Upstart tops NAS vendors (, Jun 2007)

CTI for TET and iSCSI test suite Released (OpenSolaris Storage:Discuss, Jun 27)

Billionaire Thinks in Trillions for His Computer Designs (Andreas Bechtolsheim in the NYT, Jun 26)

ZFS test suite released on  (OpenSolaris Announce, Jun 26)

pNFS Code and BFU Archives posted  (OpenSolaris Storage:Discuss, Jun 26)

Sun Microsystems Appoints Jeff Bonwick as New Sun Fellow (, Jun 25) 

Solaris Express Developer Edition 5/07 DVDs now shipping (OpenSolaris Announce, Jun 25)

Sun exec outlines OpenSolaris storage strategy for partners (SearchStorageChannel, Jun 20)

Das OpenSolaris ZFS Dateisystem (Constantin Gonzalez' weblog, Jun 19)

ZFS Wins eWeek's  Excellence Award (E-Business Foundations) (eWeek, Jun 11)

Web storage: Selling and supporting Web-based storage (TechTarget, May 28)

Panasas Drives Parallel NFS (Byte and Switch, May 21)

Nigel Dessau's SNW Ramblings (Sun blog, Apr 26)

Free trade: Sun cooks up open-source storage donation (Computer Partner, Apr 11) 

Sun sprinkles FISH food for storage guppies (The Register, Apr 11) 

Sun Touts Open Source Storage (InfoStor, Apr 10)

Sun Steps Up Storage Open Source (CBR Online, Apr 10)

Sun Opens Up on NAS (Byte and Switch, Apr 10)

QLogic First Fibre Channel HBA Provider to Participate in Sun Microsystems' OpenSolaris Storage Community (press release, Apr 17)

Apple's new kick-butt file system (ZDNet, Apr 15)

Was I Too Tough on RHEL 5? (EWeek, Apr 13)

Video Clip Firm Sticks with Tape (, Mar 19)

Open Source 

The Emerging Economic Paradigm of Open Source


Monday Oct 15, 2007

Storage arrays that automatically work with mpxio

Updated: Torrey provides additional info  on mpxio and Sun's driver stack with other HBAs, and responds to questions/comments (and goes to buzz parties).

Torrey McMahon provides a useful table of non-Sun arrays that automatically work with mpxio.

Sunday Oct 14, 2007

Where We'll Be: Storage Networking World


Don't miss us at Storage Networking World in Dallas this week. Monday morning (10:15-11:00 am) our own Mark Carlson will be speaking on the Extensible Access Method (XAM) Storage Development Kit (SDK).


Tuesday Oct 09, 2007

Solaris Storage Blogs

Our list of storage bloggers continues to grow, so here's an updated set.

Note that there's an aggregated RSS feed of all these blogs available on the Storage Administration Wiki.

Some of the fine folks who bring you Sun's Solaris storage software are also bloggers. Some of their blogs are technical, some are personal, most are a mix (as reflected in their categories/tags, included here for your convenience). We think you'll find them all interesting and/or useful. Happy reading!


Title Author Categories / Tags
Aaron's Weblog Aaron Dailey FibreChannel China Solaris
Adam Leventhal's Weblog Adam Leventhal Open Solaris Dtrace ZFS Software
Alok Aggarwal's Weblog Alok Aggarwal NFS
AmyO's Blog Amy O’connor Personal Sun
Variations on a Theme Bev Crair Music Solaris Java
blogbert.. Blogbert NFS Music General Java
Bob Porras' Blog Bob Porras
Chalfant’s Blog Chalfantblog \* All \* Personal \* Sun
The Long Purple Line Dan Maslowski
Dave Weibel Dave Weibel
The Robinson Factor David Robinson OpenSolaris NFS Huh? Politics General
David Zhang’s blog David Zhang
Debster's Delights Deb Smith Sun
Dominic Kay Dominic Kay Oddities Performance Visualisation Paper Boy Open Source Storage Filebench
Don Traub's Weblog Don Traub Personal Humor General
Doug McCallum's Share Manager Weblog Doug McCallum Music General Java
Emily Pollock Emily Pollock
Eric Kustarz's Weblog Eric Kustarz NFS SETUP ZFS
Reflections on OS addiction Erick Schrock OpenSolaris Dtrace ZFS Software Solaris
Grant Zhang - Snapshot of life Grant Zhang
Storage Stop Group blog
/devices... James McPherson
Jeff Bonwick's Weblog Jeff Bonwick Slab Allocator ZFS
Weblog of Jeff Cheeney Jeff Cheeney Solaris
The "Availability Suite" Jim Dunham
Jim Walker Jim Walker Open Solaris ZFS
Ken Gibson's Storage Networking Blog Ken Gibson Java
Lin Ling Lin Ling ZFS
Lori Alt's Weblog Lori Alt ZFS
rohrer@borealis Lynn Rohrer Storage Software
Management Monogatari Mark A. Carlson
Mark Maybee Mark Maybee ZFS
Mark Shellenbaum Mark Shellenbaum ZFS
Matthew Ahrens Matthew Ahrens ZFS, Solaris
Neelakanth Nadgir's blog Neelkanth Nagdir Sun ZFS Ruby
Neil Perrin Neil Perrin ZFS
Nigel Dessau Nigel Dessau
Paul@Sun - Musings about my life at Sun. Paul Kasper Sun Wikis
Reed's Online Notes Reed Liu
Ramblings from Richard's Ranch Richard Elling availability baseball braves cluster cows developer diversity ecc fma freebsd hpc java javaone jogl m4000 m5000 m8000 m9000 memory mtbs mttdl opensolaris oracle padres performance rac raid ranch ras sheep solaris sparc storagetek thumper x4500 zfs
Bizarre ! Vous avez dit Bizarre ? Roch Bourbonnais ZFS
数据管理 Roger Dong Sun
SAMF Sam Falkner NFS Music Solaris General
Quickstick Scott Tracy
Ling-Jun Wang Simon Wang:
theShepler Spencer Shepler NFS Personal Music General
Sumit Gupta's HBA Insights Sumit Gupta Music Java
Sumit Gupta's Blog Sumit Gupta
Tim Foster Tim Foster OpenSolaris Translation, language and tools ZFS Off-topic
As Good A Place As Any Tim Thomas
Kool Aid Served Daily - For the Adrenaline Junkie Tom Haynes NFSv4 OpenSolaris Fiction Unix Coaching DIY computing Personal Telecommuting Blogging ZFS Culture Serialized Science Fiction Laptops Music
Eet Not Crang Torrey McMahon
Umang Kumar's Weblog Umang Kumar


Tuesday Sep 11, 2007

What We're Watching: ZFS in Motion


"Previously, I mentioned a movie. OK, so perhaps it isn't a movie, but an animated GIF."

and:  Talking storage systems with Sun's ZFS team - Robert Scoble interviews Jeff Bonwick and Bill Moore.


Tuesday Sep 04, 2007

Where We'll Be: SNIA Storage Developer Conference

Many of Sun's Solaris Storage Software team will be speaking at and attending the Storage Networking Industry Association's Storage Developer Conference in San Jose, CA, Sept 10-13. Hope to see you there!

Tuesday Aug 28, 2007

What We're Watching: ZFS, the Last Word in File Systems

ZFS, the Last Word in File Systems - presented by Bill Moore and Jeff Bonwick at the BayLISA General Meeting, Sept 2006 (1.5 hr Google video)

Tuesday Aug 14, 2007

iSCSI FAQ on the Storage Admin Wiki

 To launch our new Storage Administration Wiki, we've got a brand new goody for you: the iSCSI FAQ, authored (and moderated) by our own Jeff Wen. If you've been seeking the answers to questions like What is iSCSI?, What do I need to use iSCSI?, or What is an iSCSI initiator and what is an iSCSI target? - this is the place for you.

If you'd like to see more topics covered in this FAQ, or have thoughts of your own to add, please leave a comment on any of the iSCSI FAQ pages. To do that, you'll need to log in to - see our wikis registration page for instructions.

Friday Aug 10, 2007

Sun Storage Administration Wiki Launched!

We have just launched the Storage Administration Wiki, a new gathering place for people and information related to Sun Solaris Storage Administration and Software. 

This will be a dynamic, fast-growing part of the Sun web family, and will soon play host to several pilot projects in collaborative documentation. Please drop by and say hello to our new baby at

Friday Jul 27, 2007

What We're Watching: OpenSolaris NFSv4 Namespace Extensions Screencast

NFSv4 Namespace Extensions Screencast

Check out the demos for the new NFSv4 namespace extensions (mirror mounts and referrals) available in OpenSolaris.  If you are managing a lot of ZFS shares, you'll want to check this out.

Thursday Jul 19, 2007

Where to Download Partner Software

Below we list some storage landing pages for Sun Windows and Linux drivers to power Sun-branded HBAs. The drivers on these pages are the latest and greatest, and you should be using them in place of any earlier versions. Of course the Solaris version of these are shipped with the operating system.

Tuesday Jul 17, 2007

What We're Watching: OpenSolaris Screencasts

Dual Boot Installation of OpenSolaris on a Laptop

Wondering how you can try out Solaris on your Windows XP laptop? Here are step-by-step instructions. 


Solaris Storage News


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