Tuesday Sep 07, 2010

Oracle Solaris ZFS System Duty Cycle Scheduling Class

George Wilson describes a new feature of ZFS in Oracle Solaris 10 9/10.

New White Paper: Create a More Efficient Storage Infrastructure with the Oracle Solaris 10 Operating System

Create a More Efficient Storage Infrastructure with the Oracle Solaris 10 Operating System - This technical white paper explains how upgrading to Oracle Solaris 10 can help IT organizations simplify administration and make better use of storage and data management infrastructure.

Tuesday Jun 29, 2010

BNL Discusses Its Tiered Storage Solution

Brookhaven National Laboratory discusses its long term use of Oracle’s Sun Storage systems and the storage of over 15 petabytes of data.

Friday Jun 04, 2010

Visualizing System Latency

Heat maps are a unique and powerful way to visualize latency data. Explaining the results, however, is an ongoing challenge.

Brendan Gregg, Oracle

When I/O latency is presented as a visual heat map, some intriguing and beautiful patterns can emerge. These patterns provide insight into how a system is actually performing and what kinds of latency end-user applications experience. Many characteristics seen in these patterns are still not understood, but so far their analysis is revealing systemic behaviors that were previously unknown.

continue reading in ACMQueue

Thursday May 13, 2010

New White Paper: Configuring Oracle Solaris ZFS for an Oracle Database

Written by Cindy Swearingen, Alain Chéreau, and Roch Bourbonnais, this document provides planning information and step-by-step instructions for configuring and maintaining Oracle Solaris ZFS file systems for an Oracle database.

· Planning an Oracle Solaris ZFS for Oracle Database Configuration

· Configuring Oracle Solaris ZFS File Systems for an Oracle Database

· Configuring Your Oracle Database on Oracle Solaris ZFS File Systems

· Maintaining Oracle Solaris ZFS File Systems for an Oracle Database

Download the pdf here.

Tuesday May 04, 2010

Oracle Storage Bloggers

Here are some of the folks who blog actively about storage at Oracle, listed roughly in order of popularity.

(If I'm missing someone, please let me know in the comments - more sources are always welcome!)

Jeff Bonwick - the big daddy of ZFS

BigAdmin - Rick Ramsey's funny and very useful blog about what's going on in the world of admins, which includes, of course, storage - BIG storage

Brendan Gregg - the man who shouts at JBODs on Fishworks, storage, and performance

Adam Leventhal - Fishworks

Oracle Solaris Video - many, many technical videos about all aspects of Solaris storage

Bizarre ! Vous avez dit Bizarre ? - Roch (rhymes with Spock) Bourbonnais : Kernel Performance Engineering. What to know how to get the best performance out of ZFS? Roch's your man.

The Observation Deck - Bryan Cantrill, one of the daddies of DTrace

Fishworks - what it says

Erick Schrock - "Musings about Fishworks, Operating Systems, and the software that runs on them"

On the Edge of the Open Storage Frontier - Tom Haynes brings 'em back alive

Dominic Kay - beneath that self-effacing British exterior lurks a man who really knows file systems

Internal Affairs - Dave Pacheco on Fishworks

Monday Jul 13, 2009

Live Video Stream: Kernel Conference Australia, July 15-17

Starting July 15th at 9 am (local time in Brisbane, Australia - GMT +10), we'll be streaming the Kernel Conference Australia. Go to our UStream page for the live stream and to participate and ask questions via chat.

Of particular interest to the storage crowd: Jeff Bonwick and Bill Moore on ZFS Deduplication! 9:15 am tomorrow. 

Thursday Feb 19, 2009

Storage News, Feb 19: Belated Valentines for the Sun Storage 7000

Test Center: Sun's stellar NAS in a can - "...after only a few minutes of use, I was smitten. It's very attractive and very accessible. In fact, it may be the most complete filer interface I've ever seen, blowing the doors off Network Appliance's Web-based manager..." - Paul Venezia, InfoWorld Test Center

Flash vs Cash - "...both Sun and its competitors are selling flash - but with Sun your cash gets you cache, and with the others it just gets you flash..." - Paul Murphy, via Joerg Moellenkamp

Wednesday Feb 18, 2009

Storage News, Feb 18: ACLs on Shares, Storage Summit

ACLs on Shares  - "With build 109 of Open Solaris, a new feature has been added to the CIFS server - ACLs on Shares..." - Doug McCallum

Countdown to the OpenSolaris Storage Summit - "We're wrapping up the final details for next Monday's OpenSolaris Storage Summit and hope to see you there! We have some great talks lined up (SmugMug, GoGrid, SETI along with the latest information on Sun's Open Storage efforts) and a Community Marketplace where you can chat with companies who are part of the OpenSolaris Storage community..." - Lynn Rohrer

Tuesday Feb 17, 2009

Storage News, Feb 17:

Not the Bandwidth... It's the Latency That Gets You - "Data needs to be stored or retrieved for devices that span from the small mp3 player to that large cloud that you provide and/or utilize.  Specific to the storage of your data, performance fundamentally comes down to how you manage your reads and writes." - Bob Porras

ZFS Mandates - "While making ZFS required for court and police NAS/SAN devices it would be nice if people would use ZFS because it is so obviously better, not because its use is mandated." - Mark Musante

OpenSolaris Community Lending Project on Kiva - "...This is exactly why global communities are valuable: people who are passionate embrace opportunities to solve problems in new ways. If people are empowered and able to connect, they self organize and get things done. They just do it. So, want to help change someone`s life? Just jump right in." - Jim Grisanzio

Friday Feb 13, 2009

Storage News: Feb 13, 2009 - DIY, NFS, and the Open Storage Summit

DIY your OpenStorage device - words and pictures from YD Zhang

Playing with 'sec=none' and using AUTH_NONE - "AUTH_NONE is one of the least understood security flavors you can use with NFS (see nfssec(5) for more details). When you share a resource, you can specify the security flavors with 'sec'. You can also specify an anonymous uid with 'anon'. I mention that because the two interact..." - Tom Haynes

and... if you'll be in the Bay Area on Monday, February 23rd, please join us at the Open Storage Summit!

Tuesday Feb 03, 2009

Storage News: Feb 3, 2009: Ships, L2ARC Screenshots, and Ikea

Follow the Ships in Singapore... - "Flying into Singapore, one of the worlds largest ports, I noticed something odd.  There seemed to be too many ships anchored in the waters..." - Bob Porras

L2ARC Screenshots - "Back before the Fishworks project went public, I posted an entry to explain how the ZFS L2ARC worked (Level 2 Cache) - which is a flash memory based cache currently intended for random read workloads. I was itching to show screenshots from Analytics, which I'm now able to do. From these screenshots, I'll be able to describe in detail how the L2ARC performs..." - Brendan Gregg (that sexy cub)

What have L2ARC and a furniture shop in common .... - "In the last week i´ve got some questions how the L2ARC works. I thought a moment about it and came up with the following description. The whole model of caching with two layers is similar to IKEA..." - Joerg Moellenkamp

Friday Jan 30, 2009

Storage News, JN 20, 2009: Assumptions, and the 7000 Series

Be careful of assumptions - "I had been working on fixing 6775211: mirror mounts use the zcred; should use caller's cr augmented w/ PRIV_SYS_MOUNT before the Xmas break. I had it down to unit testing and thanks to Nico Williams, I even had some great unit tests. I just ran out of time to work on the bug.

Well it jumped in priority from a P4 to a P2 and was impacting other engineers. So I thought it might be easy to dust off and finish. I was wrong..." - Tom Haynes

Sun Storage 7000 for Oracle- "Jeffrey T. Wright and Sridhar Ranganathan wrote an excellent whitepaper about the Sun Storage 7000 series for Oracle. It´s really worth a read for everybody thinking about databases on NAS: Sun Blueprint - Configuring Sun Storage 7000 Systems for Oracle Databases." - thanks, Joerg!

Sun Storage 7110 Unified Storage System - "The 7110 delivers a complete network storage solution with no hidden catches. Both NAS and IP SAN are supported, performance is very good, and Sun won't be beaten on value..." - PC Pro magazine

Thursday Jan 29, 2009

Storage News: Jan 29, 2009

Sun's Open Storage play: Do unto others... - "Sun Microsystems spent a decade getting pummeled by lower-cost, commodity Linux servers. It wants to spend the next decade doing the same to its storage rivals..." - Matt Asay (thanks, Joerg!)

Video: What Open Storage can do for your HPC environment - via the HPC Watercooler.

Connectathon 2009 Talk schedule posted - "We've posted the talk schedule for Connectathon 2009. They will be presented for a 3 day period of Feb 23rd - 25th..." - Tom Haynes

Wednesday Jan 28, 2009

Storage News: Jan 28, 2009: The OpenSolaris Bible, a Home ZFS File Server

The OpenSolaris Bible: Hop on over to Jim Grisanzio for a full list of related links. Warmest congrats to Nick, Jerry, and Dave!

How To Build A Home ZFS File Server - ZFS Setup - Mark Musante points us to an excellent article by Jermaine Maree: "After getting the fancy new file server put together it is time to install the operating system. There are several options, but I decided to keep it simple and install OpenSolaris 2008.11. The other version (there are several) that many seem to download is OpenSolaris Express Community Edition, but it included extra applications that I did not want. For my needs I wanted a basic OS and planned to install the extra stuff as needed. So, what do you need to do?..."


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