Monday Nov 08, 2010

Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g Ops Center

Today we're announcing Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g Ops Center .  With it, we're introducing true converged management for the Oracle hardware and systems platforms.  While the broader Oracle Enterprise Manager suite offers true "Apps-to-Disk" management, Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center is now a one-stop-shop for the System Administrator that will let them manage more effectively than ever before.


 New in this release, we've added the ability to manage Storage and Network devices -- in tandem with your servers, operating systems and virtualized guests.  We've added deep integration with Oracle's database, middleware and application management tools.  And, we've added integration with My Oracle support which will allow you to get minimize downtime in new ways.

There is a ton of things to cover about this new release, and I'll be making several postings here over the coming weeks about new features, but here is a teaser.  Here is the new network management view in Ops Center (see screen shot below -- click to enlarge) looking at a "quarter rack" Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud system.  Deep knowledge of Infiniband and Ethernet fabric management is just one of the cool new features you'll see in this new release of Ops Center.

Watch this space for a lot more detail on the release over the coming weeks.  Feel free to post questions here and I'll do my best to answer them.

Sunday May 02, 2010

Ops Center Webcast on OTN

Wednesday Apr 07, 2010

Ops Center 2.5 Update 3 Released

I'm pleased to announce that today Ops Center 2.5 update 3 is being released!  For those of you who are Ops Center users, you'll see the update become available in your console sometime today for an automatic upgrade (which can automatically upgrade the Enterprise Controller, Proxy and Agent tiers for you at your command).

 Good stuff in update 3 includes:

  • Substantial performance increases!  In fact, the performance team tells me they think it's now possible to effectively support more than 2x the number of managed operating systems under a single Enterprise Controller with good performance.
  • Support for IPMP networking with the Solaris Container management.  This allows for the creation and management of zones with full network redundancy.
  • Over 50 bug fixes

Oh, and last, but not least, when you run the upgrade you'll find that Sun Ops Center has turned into Oracle Enterprise Ops Center.   All the functionality is the same, but the headers, banners and logos have all changed.  Don't be alarmed!  Here's a preview pic of what you'll see.

Happy Virtualizing!

Thursday Apr 01, 2010

What Does Iron Man use for Cloud Computing?

It seems that Oracle and Stark Industries have hooked up in a strategic partnership.  I wonder who has more cool toys, Larry or Tony?  Tough to say.  Check out the video embedded below.

You can click here to read about how Oracle and Stark are hooking up on Cloud Computing.  Do you want to know more about Oracle's strategy for Cloud Computing?  Be sure to come to the Enterprise Manager 11g launch this month in NYC.  You can find out if Tony Stark really uses Ops Center to power his virtualized SPARC cloud computing infrastructure!

Is it wrong that I think it's so cool that I work for a company that would run this kind of marketing campaign?  I hope not, because I do think it's cool!  I can't wait to see the movie.  I loved the first one.

Tuesday Oct 20, 2009

IDC Publishes Note on Ops Center

IDC is one of the leading analyst firms in the world, and they just posted a note about Ops Center's impact in the market.  The document is entitled Sun Ops Center 2.5: Managing Mixed Environments in Virtualized Sun Infrastructure and you can download the note here.  Definitely worth a read.

Friday Oct 16, 2009

Ops Center Wraps Up Open World

Well, Oracle Open World has wrapped up.  It was (in the immortal words of Bill & Ted) Most Excellent!  The show was truly massive, spilling out of Moscone Center and onto Howard street (see pic below).

Of course, Ops Center had a demo area where we got to show of the new 2.5 release to tons of interested customers.  Here you can see Steve Stelting (Ops Center engineer) demoing the new stuff.

Also, Mike Wookey and Tony Tomarchio did a great presentation on Ops Center 2.5.  You can download a PDF of their slides here.  Too bad we didn't get to record all the demos (they took up much of the session), but you can see lots of demos here

Of course there were other surprises too.  A visit from the Governator and the Toxic Twins put a real cap on the experience! 

Monday Oct 05, 2009

Planning for Oracle Open World

I'm starting to plan for Oracle Open World, which starts this Sunday.  I find that I'm actually getting kind of excited.  With JavaOne (Sun's biggest show) I always know what to expect, and I pretty much knew all about the technologies that interested me.  This is not so with Oracle Open World.  It's massive, and there is so much new stuff to learn!

I spent part of the day yesterday scouring the program to find all the sessions that interested me.  There were really too many to possibly attend (several times there were two sessions at exactly the same time I wanted to attend).  Below you'll find my personal list of sessions I'm going to try to go to.  I may try to hit a few more, and may miss some of these, but this is my personal target this.  I hope to see some of you at these too.  It should be a blast.

Session ID Time Room

Welcome to SUNday--Larry Ellison and Scott McNealy

17:45 Moscone North / Hall D


Solaris Virtualization for Application Consolidation S312622 11:30 Marriott Hotel / Salon 6
Managing Physical and Virtual Sun Systems with Ops Center S312605 13:00 Marriott Hotel / Salon 6
Getting Started with Oracle Enterprise Manager: Tips and Tricks S308083 14:30 Moscone South / Room 303
Get the Most Out of Virtualization: Manage Top-Down from Application to Disk S311846 16:00 YBCA / Novellus Theater
Comprehensive Linux Lifecycle Management Made Easy S307463 17:30 Moscone South / Room 302


Oracle Enterprise Manager: The Complete Oracle Ecosystem Management Tool S308065 11:30 Moscone South / Room 303
Optimizing Your Oracle Deployments with the Solaris Operating System S312609 13:00 Marriott Hotel / Salon 6
Oracle's Virtualization Road Map S312775 14:30 Moscone South / Room 302
Designing Better Desktop Environments with Sun Desktop Virtualization S312617 16:00 Marriott Hotel / Salon 6
Linux Administration Best Practices with Oracle Enterprise Manager S308079 17:30 Moscone South / Room 307


Oracle Unbreakable Linux: Everything You Need to Know in Just 30 Minutes S307460 13:00 Moscone South / Room 302
Oracle VM: Everything You Need to Know in Just 30 Minutes S307461 13:45 Moscone South / Room 302

Sunday Oct 04, 2009

Platespin and Ops Center

Platespin is one of the companies that most effectively rode the first wave of virtualization mania.  It became the most popular Physical to Virtual (p2v) solution for VMware and has since branched out from there into other areas.  Then, last year Platespin was acquired by Novell.  Platespin continues to operate as a fairly autonomous division of Novell and to be hugely popular.

Back in July of this year, it was announced that Platespin's flagship product Migrate would support automated p2v migrations for bare metal Solaris 10 instances into Solaris Containers.  This is a huge boon to Solaris customers interested in consolidating multiple, older hardware systems onto a more modern Sun server.  Now they can p2v their Solaris workloads using exactly the same well-loved user interface they use to consolidate Windows and Linux work-loads onto VMware.

The timing of this release from Platespin couldn't have been better for Ops Center customers.  We've been certifying our recently announced Solaris Container management capabilities with Containers created by Platespin, and are really excited about the potential.  Just to give you a taste of what the combination can do I've put two screenshots below.  The first shows the Platespin interface migrating a system into a Container.  The second shows Ops Center managing the zone after discovering it and adding to it's managed asset list.

Thursday Oct 01, 2009

The Upgraded Ops Center Info Exchange

As we've upgraded Ops Center, our Information Exchange for docs and training has also been upgraded.  The info exchange includes links to training and docs.  Click on the image below to check it out.

Wednesday Sep 30, 2009

Bridging Ops Center and Oracle Enterprise Manager

Yesterday's big announcement was Ops Center 2.5's availability.  However, at the end of the press release, there was a short paragraph about how we plan to demo at Oracle Open World some new technology to connect Sun's and Oracle's systems management tools.  This technology isn't ready for production yet, but it is far enough along to help demonstrate how valuable Ops Center can be to customers using Oracle.

At Open World we'll be showing the first phase of the Ops Center to Enterprise Manager bridge.  In this phase of the project, we've built a plug-in to Enterprise Manager that allows Enterprise Manager to pull detailed hardware information from Ops Center up into Enterprise Manager.  Why is this interesting?  Because now customers using both EM and OC will be able to correlate information from higher levels of the system (like database and middleware stats) to lower level information (like hardware performance counters and component failures).  Here's a screenshot that shows some of this detailed hardware information displayed inside Enterprise Manager.

This is just the begining.  Longer term we'll start to pass information in both directions and do more complex linking between the products.  It should offer us a very powerful solution for customers of both products.


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