Monday May 05, 2008

Check Out the New Open xVM Site

Just in time for CommunityOne, we've put up a new and improved version of the website.  xVM is made up of parts drawn from many open source communities, and Open xVM is designed to act as the hub for Sun's open source virtualization and management strategy.  This site is going to start evolving and growning very quickly now that we have the basics in place.  Go check it out and let us know what you think.

Monday Apr 07, 2008

Open Service Tags now under GPL 3

In April of 2007 we announced a new concept in IT asset tracking.  We called it Sun Service Tags.  These small software assets offer the capability to discover and introspect hardware and software assets.  About a month later we introduced Sun Inventory.  A free, hosted service that allows individuals and teams to track and manage their IT assets.

Since this introduction less than a year ago, we've seen an explosion in these use of this technology.  Product teams from across Sun have started to take advantage of this technology and it's now built into most of Sun's hardware and software products.  In addition, customers have started to use it.  We now have almost 300,000 individual assets registered into the Sun Inventory system!

Now we're ready to take the next step with this technology.  We'd like to see companies outside of Sun start to take advantage of it.  We did ports of Sun Service Tags to operating systems like Microsoft Windows and RedHat Linux, so that people can track those assets in the Inventory system.  However, we think this can go much farther.  Thus, we've decided to free the source code to these little technological gems.  Now, as part of the Open xVM community, you'll find a sub-project called Open Service Tags.  Complete source code is available there under a GPL v3 license.  Go check it out and participate!

Wednesday Nov 14, 2007

Open xVM Launches

Today we're opening the doors on a new community hub for developers interested building leading edge technologies in data center virtualization and automation.  To get started you can surf over to the landing page at  This page will act as the central router for several related projects going on around the web that together form the basis for running next generation data centers much more efficiently.  There are three projects that initially make up the core of Open xVM.

The xVM project at OpenSolaris is developing an industrial-grade, x64 hypervisor using a combination of code developed by the OpenSolaris and Xen communities.  The Logical Domains project is building an advanced hypervisor that takes advantage of functionality unique to the newest SPARC microprocessors.  Both of these communities are currently active and interested developers and administrators can get access to binaries and source code to try today.

The newest part of this growing community of communities is the new Open xVM project at The community is the place where we will be releasing the code used to build Sun's xVM Ops Center product and we will be looking for partners, collaborators and contributors who want to be involved in the most advanced, open source data center automation tools anywhere.  Starting in December, we'll begin to post code for these leading edge management technologies into  The first component we plan to post is the Common Agent Container (CAC).  CAC is at the heart of the management infrastructure for many of Sun's products including the Java Enterprise System Management Framework (JES MF) the N1 System Manager and the forthcoming Sun xVM Ops Center.  Here is some high-level information on CAC.

  • A cross-platform Java-based management daemon
    • Solaris
    • Linux,
    • Windows
    • HPUX
    • Java SE
    • Java ME
  • Supporting standard management models and protocols 
    • JMX
    • SNMPv1,v2,v3
    • CIM
    • WS-MAN / WS-CIM
  • Integrated pluggable security. 
    • TLS
    • PAM
    • RBAC
    • SBD
    • auditing
    • Sun Java Access Manager
  • Dynamic Extensibility 
    • Modules can be deployed, undeployed and managed at runtime
  • Simple to develop for and to use. 
    • Full netbeans integration for new agent module developers
    • The easy learning curve of JMX
Welcome to Open xVM!  Come an join us.



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