Wednesday Aug 03, 2011

Enterprise Manager Ops Center 11g update 2

I  am pleased to let you know that Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 11g update 2 is now available.  If you're already an Ops Center customer running 11g then you should see update 2 available now in your auto update tab when logged into your enterprise controller. Update bundles will be available shortly through Oracle eDelivery and I'll post updated links to those as soon as they're available.

So, what's new in update 2?  A whole bunch of good stuff including:

  • Support for Oracle Linux 6 (for patching, provisioning and monitoring)
  • Support for Oracle VM  Server for SPARC 2.1 (formerly LDOMs).  This means you can now run Live Migration jobs from within the Ops Center graphical console!
  • Various improvements in virtual networking set up for Oracle VM SPARC guests and  Oracle Solaris Containers
  • Numerous performance and scalability enhancements for larger scale deployments

Sunday Jul 17, 2011

Important Notice for Ops Center Users

On July 29, 2011 Oracle will be making some changes to streamline the delivery of Oracle Solaris and Oracle Linux updates.  Most Oracle Enterprise Ops Center customers will not see any interruptions in the way Ops Center retrieves content. If your Enterprise Controller can reach the internet directly or via an HTTP proxy then no changes will be required. However, if you have explicit firewall openings to allow your Enterprise Controller to reach Oracle's site then you will need to add a few new addresses to your firewall rules.  

The sites listed below provide local IP addresses to optimize your content download experience. As such, you will need to locally resolve the IP addresses for each one and use those local addresses in your firewall rules. Because DNS IP address resolution can change over time, you will want to override DNS to always use the same addresses for these hosts so they match your firewall changes. The additional hosts that your Enterprise Controller needs to reach include:


Monday Jun 06, 2011

Major Upgrades to Enterprise Manager Ops Center Docs

The docs team has recently posted some major upgrades to the Enterprise Ops Center docs.  Not only are they expanded to cover the new 11g update 1 release, but there are structural changes as well.  First, they're all available now through the Oracle Technology Network website (instead of the old Sun Wiki site).

But more importantly than just a new URL, the new publishing facilities we have there allow us to publish in many more formats!  Previously, since the docs were based on a Wiki it was primarily HTML-based.  Later we added some PDF capability.  But now, we still have HTML, and we have also improved PDF and added two new formats.  All the docs are now "cross compiled" into Mobi and ePub format.  These are great for mobile devices and e-readers.

Here is what the new install guide looks like when reading the ePub version from inside iBooks on my iPad.  Click for full sized image.

Also, if you're not an Apple junky, the ePub format works great on dedicated e-readers like your Kindle or Nook.  Check it out!

Thursday Apr 21, 2011

Enterprise Manager Ops Center 11g update 1

The uptake on Enterprise Manager Ops Center 11g has been tremendous.  After it's release in November, customers began to upgrade from the previously release more quickly than in any of our previous releases.  Now, four months after the initial release, we're happy to announce the availability of 11g update 1.  It contains 140 individual enhancements and fixes, most of them specifically requested by customers like yourselves.

Key areas of enhancement include:

  • Virtualization - more and more customers are taking advantage of OC's zones and OVM SPARC management
  • Scalability - with more Enterprise Controllers now managing 1000+ servers we found several places to improve performance at scale
  • Upgrade enhancements - For any customers still on 2.5, now is the time to upgrade.  We've taken feedback from all the customers who upgraded already and have smoothed out the upgrade process for you to make it even easier than before

If you're running 11g now and your Enterprise Controller is connected to the internet then the upgrade is available to you now via the auto update mechanism.  If your EC is not on the internet, then you can download an offline upgrade from Oracle E-Delivery.  11gR1 Ops Center customers should review the 11gR1 Update Release Notes for instructions on downloading Ops Center 11gR1 Update 1.

Tuesday Jan 04, 2011

Ops Center on iPhone

One little known fact about the newest Ops Center release is that we have changed all the components (like the charts) that used Flash and now do most everything through vanilla HTML and JavaScript.  That means the Ops Center web UI will run in almost any browser.  Even Mobile Safari on iPhone -- and it looks pretty good!

Monday Nov 22, 2010

Ops Center 11g Docs Now Available

The full docs set for Ops Center 11g is now available.  You can check it out here if you want to learn more about what's in the release.

Tuesday Nov 09, 2010

Bright Talk Session

Today (Wednesday) at 2:00 PM Pacific time, I'll be participating in the Efficient Data Center Summit hosted by BrightTALK. I'll be giving a session called How to Maximize the Value of Your Infrastructure Assets.

Here is the link to register for this free session:

Registration Link:

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Please join me!

Monday Nov 08, 2010

Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g Ops Center

Today we're announcing Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g Ops Center .  With it, we're introducing true converged management for the Oracle hardware and systems platforms.  While the broader Oracle Enterprise Manager suite offers true "Apps-to-Disk" management, Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center is now a one-stop-shop for the System Administrator that will let them manage more effectively than ever before.


 New in this release, we've added the ability to manage Storage and Network devices -- in tandem with your servers, operating systems and virtualized guests.  We've added deep integration with Oracle's database, middleware and application management tools.  And, we've added integration with My Oracle support which will allow you to get minimize downtime in new ways.

There is a ton of things to cover about this new release, and I'll be making several postings here over the coming weeks about new features, but here is a teaser.  Here is the new network management view in Ops Center (see screen shot below -- click to enlarge) looking at a "quarter rack" Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud system.  Deep knowledge of Infiniband and Ethernet fabric management is just one of the cool new features you'll see in this new release of Ops Center.

Watch this space for a lot more detail on the release over the coming weeks.  Feel free to post questions here and I'll do my best to answer them.

Wednesday Oct 27, 2010

IDC Podcast on IT Ops Challenges

To get a better idea of the customer challenges we're addressing with our upcoming Ops Center release, tune in to this podcast from Mary Johnston Turner with IDC, as she discuses her perspective on key IT operations challenges, and the need for an automated and integrated management solution.  Click here to listen.

And don't forget to sign up for the upcoming Ops Center launch webcast on Nov 9.  Click here to register.

Monday Oct 18, 2010

Register for the Ops Center Launch

I'm pleased to let you know that we'll be launching the new Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g Ops Center on November 9th!  It's been just about one year since we released Ops Center 2.5 and the team has been hard at work packing in features that customers have been asking for.

Want to learn what's new in the release?  Please join us for the launch event that we're doing in conjunction with Infoworld.  Click here to register.


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