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Can EBS Nodes Be at Different Operating System Levels?

Oddly, a category of EBS architecture questions that I'd thought long-settled is starting to reemerge.  I've recently seen several queries along the lines of: Can EBS database nodes and application tier nodes be on different operating systems? Can multiple EBS database nodes be on different operating systems or levels? Can multiple EBS application tier nodes be on different operating systems or levels? Here are the answers to these questions: 1. Can EBS database nodes and...

Monday, May 29, 2017 | Server Platforms | Read More

Confused About E-Business Server vs. Desktop Operating System Certifications?

The E-Business Suite is designed to support a three-tier architecture, with functions running on a client tier, an application server tier (also called a middle tier), and a database tier.  I handled a customer question on an internal Oracle mailing list today that suggested that there was confusion about our certification policies for these tiers.  I then realized that I've answered variants of this question many times lately, so it's clearly of broader interest.  These two...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009 | Server Platforms | Read More

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