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Oracle Access Manager 11gR2 Certified With E-Business Suite

Elke Phelps
Product Management Director

I am happy to announce that Oracle Access Manager 11gR2  Patchset 1 ( is now certified with E-Business Suite Releases 11i, 12.0 and 12.1.

Choosing the Right Architecture

If you are implementing single sign-on for the first time, or are an existing Oracle Access Manager user, you may integrate with Oracle Access Manager 11gR2 Patchset 1 using Oracle Access Manager WebGate and Oracle E-Business Suite AccessGate. If you are using Oracle Single Sign-On 10gR3 ( you may migrate to Oracle Access Manager 11gR2 Patchset 1 with Oracle E-Business Suite Access Gate.

Our previously published blog article and support note provides an overview of single sign-on integration options and recommendations:

Platforms Certified

The Oracle E-Business Suite AccessGate Java application is certified to run on any operating system for which Oracle WebLogic Server 11g is certified. Refer to the Oracle Fusion Middleware Release 11g (11.1.1.x) Certification Matrix for more details. For information on operating systems supported by Oracle Access Manager 11gR2 and its components, refer to the Oracle Identity and Access Management 11g Release 2 ( Certification Matrix. Integration with Oracle Access Manager involves components spanning several different suites of Oracle products. There are no restrictions on which platform any particular component may be installed so long as the platform is supported for that component.


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Comments ( 13 )
  • guest Friday, July 19, 2013

    Hi Can i get the list of few advantages of Oracle Access Manager 11gr2 with EBS suite compared over Oracle Access Manager 10g+EBS suite

    Primarily i am interested to find answer for below questions.

    1-What are fixes provided in 11g OAM over 10g OAM when integrated with EBS Suite

    2-What functionality changes are there in 11gr2 version over 10g

    3-Advantages we achieve in 11gr2

    Thanks In Advance..

  • Elke Phelps (Oracle Development) Friday, July 19, 2013


    Thanks for the inquiries. Please find answers as follows:

    Questions 1 & 3: The following new features are available:

    - Simplified integration

    - Automation of configuration steps

    - Use of default OAM login page

    - Use of the Detached Credentials Collector in a Demilitarized Zone

    Please refer to the following article which highlights new features when integrating Oracle E-Business Suite with Oracle Access Manager using E-Business AccessGate:


    In addition to the above, multiple language selection is a new feature provided with the E-Business Suite integration with Oracle Access Manager With Oracle Access Management language selection is supported through a drop down list of languages in the login page.

    Please also note that E-Business Suite Release 11i is now certified with Oracle Access Manager 11gR2. If you are currently an E-Business Suite Release 11i customer using Oracle Single Sign-0n, you may chose to upgrade to Oracle Access Manager 11gR2 as an interim phase as you plan your upgrade to E-Business Suite Release 12.1.3. This is advantage is highlighted in the following article:


    Question 2: For a comprehensive understanding of Oracle Access Manager 11gR2 please review documentation provided by the Oracle Identity and Access Management teams here:




  • Srini Wednesday, July 24, 2013

    hi Elke,

    As per the bug 14736219, it seems that it requires separate managed server for each e-business suite accessgate installation. For eg, If I have 50 EBS environments to be integrated with 11g OAM using e-business suite accessgate, I might require 50 Managed servers to install 50 instances of ebiz accessgate which I dont think it is practically possible to maintain. Could you please expedite to get a fix for this bug.

    I am also thinking to consider mod_osso agent in the place of ebusiness suite accessgate solution. Could you please share the limitations with osso agent, what is possible with ebusiness accessgate which is not possible with MOD_OSSO plugin?


  • Elke Phelps (Oracle Development) Wednesday, July 24, 2013


    Thank you for your comments and questions.

    BUG 14736219 is a documented known issue. We have many enhancements in the pipeline. We are working to prioritize this enhancement along with other requests. I appreciate your feedback regarding this issue. I will log your comments in the bug. Feedback such as this does make a difference as we review and prioritize enhancements. Per Oracle's revenue recognition policies, I'm not at liberty to discuss dates or timelines for new features or enhancements.

    In regards to E-Business Suite AccessGate vs mod_osso:

    Our recommendation is for customers to integrate Oracle E-Business Suite with Oracle Access Manager 11gR2 using E-Business Suite AccessGate. Oracle Access Manager 11gR2 with E-Business Suite AccessGate is our strategic single sign-on integration solution for Oracle E-Business Suite. You may find additional informataion regarding our recommendations in the following article:




  • Phillip Brown Wednesday, October 23, 2013


    per MOS Doc ID 1485033.1

    "Oracle E-Business Suite only supports Oracle Access Manager 11gR2 with mod_osso for customers migrating from Oracle Single Sign-On Server (OSSO) 10g."

    However, according to MOS Doc ID 1484024.1

    "Single sign-on for Mobile Field Service is currently provided through the mod_osso agent only. Support for WebGate and Oracle E-Business Suite AccessGate is planned for a later date."

    So, if I want to use Mobile Field Service, and fresh install of 11gR2 OAM, how do I go about configuring mod_osso?

  • Susmit Roy Tuesday, December 24, 2013

    Hi Steven,

    We are using 10g IDM(SSO+OID+DIP) with Microsoft AD 2003 with our ESB 12.1.3. Now we are planing for FMW 11g Solutions and we find the upgrade path for IDM 10g to IDM 11g(OID+DIP)+IAM 11g(OAM 11g) is not that easy. Rather we find if we re-implement the entire SSO+LDAP solution with this FMW 11g and then discard the old 10g solution that would be easier for us. Have you seen/experienced other customers/Oracle internal systems taking such approach?? Is this approach is fine in terms of support and certification?

  • Steven Chan Tuesday, December 24, 2013

    Hi, Susmit,

    >... re-implement the entire SSO+LDAP solution with this FMW 11g

    Premier Support for Oracle Single Sign-On ended in December 2011 and no Extended Support is available. I'm assuming that you're planning to switch from Oracle Single Sign-On 10g to Oracle Access Manager 11g.

    I haven't heard from other customers debating whether to upgrade or reimplement their Identity Management setups. Both approaches are feasible and certified for E-Business Suite environments. You can use whichever approach seems easier for you.



  • Chirag Patel Monday, January 6, 2014


    I am reviewing Note 1484024.1 (Integrating R12 Oracle Access Manager 11gR2 using Oracle E-Business Suite AccessGate), which highlights supported Access Manager version and OID version is

    Does it mean OID from Fusion Middleware 11gR2 is yet not certified with R12.1?



  • Elke Phelps (Oracle Development) Monday, January 6, 2014


    Thanks for the inquiry. To date the most current version of Oracle Internet Directory that is available is



  • Dak Tuesday, December 2, 2014


    Did Oracle Access Manager 11gr2 Patchset2 ( is certified for EBS SSO?

    Also the most current version of Oracle Internet Directory available is



  • Steven Chan Tuesday, December 2, 2014

    Hi, Dak,

    I've published a one-page summary of all of the latest E-Business Suite techstack certifications externally here:


    That listing summarizes the official CERTIFY database on My Oracle Support. The CERTIFY database is the official and authoritative reference for all E-Business Suite certifications.

    And, yes, OAM is certified. See:

    Oracle Access Manager Certified with Oracle E-Business Suite


    Yes, OID is the latest available. It is certified with EBS.



  • mark Thursday, March 26, 2015

    We implemented SSO for EBS R12 with OAM 11gr2, WNA, AG, WG.

    Is there a roadmap explaining how to develop custom authentication module. We would like to have something similar to zero sign with Kerberos, but instead using our custom authentication.

    Thank you

  • Elke Phelps (Oracle Development) Thursday, March 26, 2015


    Oracle E-Business Suite development does not provide documentation for custom single sign-on integrations. We also highly recommend that customers not create a custom single sign-on solution.

    Please refer to the following regarding support implications when using customizations with Oracle E-Business Suite:




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